5 ways Apple can up its game in services

“Twelve years after the first iPhone arrived, smartphones are a mature product category. As a result, people don’t feel the need to upgrade their current iPhones – or other smartphones – as often as they used to,” Michael Grothaus writes for FastCompmay. “In order to continue its growth for the immediate future – short of breakthrough new hardware like AR glasses or a car – Apple will have to grow its subscription-based products, or create new ones. In essence, Apple needs to become a services company on the scale of Netflix, Spotify, and Dropbox.”

“If Apple really wants to become a services company of significance, it needs to up its game,” Grothaus writes.

  1. Apple Must Rethink Its Video Content Strategy: The worst-kept secret in Hollywood is that later this year Apple is going to launch a video streaming service to compete with Netflix and Hulu. However, the company may be getting off to a wrong start before the service even launches. If rumors are to be believed, it is planning to launch a ‘family friendly’ streaming service. That means no original content with sex, too much violence, or heavy-hitting subjects… That would leave Apple’s service feeling like it’s the place to go if you want plain vanilla, middle-of-the-road, prime-time network programming. And we already have basic TV for that.

MacDailyNews Take: Those are old rumors. More recently,
Apple is reportedly close to inking deal for Richard Gere to star in remake of Israeli series ‘Nevelot’.

There’s nothing like two vets going on a millennial killing spree to nuke the idea that Apple is only pursuing milquetoast family fare.MacDailyNews, December 6, 2018

  1. It Should Become A Leading News Platform
  2. It Needs To Make Icloud Pricing More Appealing
  3. It Ought To Bring iMessage To Android
  4. It Could Turn The Iphone Into A Service: Apple could scrap the current iPhone Upgrade Program altogether in favor of launching a true iPhone subscription service. Imagine a flat $30 monthly fee for the latest Apple flagship–and you get a new flagship every year?

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: As for 2-5: Yup, yup, yup, and yup.

As per “Messages for Android,” Apple needs to finally do this. We know the product exists already, it’s just not released. Appel need to get over their fear that Messages is the only thing keeping iPhone users from defecting to Android. If it already existed on Android, it’d be much easier for Android settlers to finally upgrade to real iPhones, too! Plus services like Apple Pay Cash would gain users exponentially! Do it, Apple.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. Nope. There are many people on the border of affording Apple products who are in the ecosystem for the “prestige” of being able to communicate to friends inside blue bubbles. Green bubbles are embarrassing to these folks. That is a big deal to many people, as silly as it sounds.

  2. Apple won’t bring Messages to Android until they can monetize it. A subscription service is one option, but that would NOT be looked upon favorably.

    Google monetizes its app by selling your data… that’s why they launch Google Apps for Apple users and it’s why those apps are generally well designed and well thought out.

    After a while, you’re using several Google apps because they’re well-made… and you think to yourself… why not just switch to Google Android for the full experience? Google gets even MORE of your data… but it’s a sales conversion.

    Google tries to put you more and more into their ecosystem… Use Google in Safari and it’s… “Oh have you tried Chrome, Google is better in Chrome…”

    But importantly, Google’s STILL making money off you as an Apple consumer, so there’s no reason to hold back important features (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ENABLING SPLIT-SCREEN in your iPad apps, GOOGLE!!!!).

    Apple wouldn’t be making money putting iMessage onto Android… they’d only be buying mindshare… and what if it doesn’t take off on Android?

    It’s not that it’s a BAD idea to put Messages onto Android… it’s that there has to be a compelling “services” reason to do it… and there USED to BE one… before Vyber, WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, WeChat, etc. took off… there was an opportunity to turn Messages into a platform and they toyed with it, by adding pay-for-stickers etc. But it wasn’t really front and centre.

    It also wouldn’t work by just texting your friends on Android… as that would go through regular texting channels. So your friends would still be green text bubbles when they initiated the conversation from SMS.

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