“A couple years ago, an unnamed Apple executive told veteran tech journalist Walt Mossberg that the company wasn’t interested in bringing iMessage to Android,” Jared Newman writes for Macworld. “His explanation was obvious to anyone who understands how Apple operates: Excluding the popular messaging software from other platforms helps Apple sell more of its own hardware.”

“Maybe that’s not true anymore. In light of last week’s news that Google is backing a next-gen version of text messaging with iMessage-like features (officially called RCS, but nicknamed ‘Chat’), the time is right for iMessage to arrive on Android, and not just as a self-defeating goodwill gesture,” Newman writes. “For Apple, releasing iMessage on Android would also benefit its brand and business.”

“Releasing iMessage on Android would also yield strategic benefits for Apple, ones that would far outweigh the minuscule risk of people abandoning their iPhones for Android,” Newman writes. “And with Google rallying carriers and phone makers around an alternative, now would be the perfect time for Apple to make its move.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A little birdie tells us Messages for Android already exists (and has for some time), Apple just needs to decide when/if to release it.

When/if they do, they should educate the public via blanket marketing that Apple’s Messages offers end-to-end encryption while Google’s “Chat” initiative is unencrypted and therefore woefully insecure.

Bottom line: Google builds an insecure messaging system controlled by carriers who are in bed with governments everywhere at exactly the time when world publics are more worried about data collection and theft than ever.Walt Mossberg, April 20. 2018

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