“Android and iOS may be destined to do battle forever, but when it comes to apps, the relationship is a little friendlier. Countless iOS users enjoy Google’s services on their iPhones, and in fact, the acclaimed Gboard keyboard actually began its life as an iOS exclusive before making its way to the Play Store several months later,” Michael Simon writes for Greenbot. “While Apple hasn’t been nearly as generous with its offerings, it does offer Apple Music and Beats Pill as a concession to former Beats Music subscribers.”

“However, there’s a load of untapped potential in the Play Store,” Simon writes. “After all, Apple doesn’t just sell iPhones, and many Android users have other Cupertino-made products that they use on a regular basis. So here are some Apple apps I’d love to see show up in the Play Store.”

• AirPort utility
• Remote
• TV app
• iCloud Drive
• Facetime
• Messages: Now, I understand all of the reasons why Apple wouldn’t want to release Messages for the Play Store, but here’s one why it should: spite. Google has struggled mightily to create a uniform messaging system on Android, and with one fell swoop, Apple could undermine their entire effort with any app that not only syncs across all Android phones but also works across all Apple devices, too. If Apple wants to keep some of the cooler features like apps and stickers exclusive to the iOS version that’s fine, but even the staunchest iPhone haters would appreciate a combination SMS and over-the-top messaging app on Android that just works.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: At one point, as a source told us last June, Apple was planning to deliver Messages to Android. Perhaps they still are? Perhaps we’ll see it at WWDC 2017?

Such a move would be welcomed by those of us who have to communicate with those who’ve settled for a lesser, derivative platform and would love to finally be able to do so via Wi-Fi and without having to be subjected to those horrid green bubbles from the Hee Haw demographic.

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