Barclays: Apple’s 2018 iPhones won’t come bundled with Lightning to 3.5mm headphone dongle

“Apple’s widely rumored trio of new iPhone models expected to launch in September might not include a Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter in the box, according to Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis and his associates,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “‘We currently model no dongle this year,’ the analysts predicted, in a research note obtained by MacRumors today.”

“At this point, it appears that the Barclays analysts are merely guessing that the adapter will no longer be bundled, as in previous research notes, they have mentioned it may take until May or June to find out for certain,” Rossignol reports. “Barclays does have some credibility in this area, as last year, the investment bank accurately predicted that Apple would continue to include the adapter in the box alongside the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.”

Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter
Apple’s US$9 Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Rossignol reports, “The analysts routinely visit with Apple’s supply chain partners in Asia to gather information like this.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That dongle retails for just $9, so if one’s not included in the box, it’s not going to require breaking the piggybank of any iPhone buyer who’s still using non-Lightning wired headphones/earbuds.


  1. A $9 subsidy per unit to a company that has overcharged it’s customers by $200 billion for a stub of wire that allows the company to increase profitability while delivering absolutely zero benefit only inconvenience to the customers.


      1. Exactly and the point here being that Apple just continues to take stuff away they don’t even give you a power plug anymore in certain cases it’s really ridiculous. They charge exorbitant prices, the software is fading fast and has been for several years now. The company truly is on the wrong path.

      2. is easily reversed. Logic asks, iff no big burden, why not include the dingle (no offense Artist)? It would go far in respect to customer Respect. In addition, it might lessen the offense of pulling port in the 1st place.

    1. I am rather tired of hearing people complain about prices on this forum. All too frequently, I see posts about how Apple is gouging us for this or that, often accompanied by some random guess about how much the product actually costs to manufacture. Guess what? It doesn’t matter.

      As far as eliminating these dongles, it makes sense. Apple often includes the cables and adapters for the first couple of generations, then stops because there are *already plenty of them floating around out there*. After a while, my family had plenty of iPhone and iPad chargers and USB-to-iDevice cables for a lifetime. Why should Apple keep saturating the market with those items?

      In this particular case, eliminating the dongle also supports Apple’s objective to promote wireless earbuds and headphones. If you need one of these dongles, just ask a friend with AirPods to give you one. They don’t need it.

  2. Man i am getting tired of:

    Apple Wont this, Apple Wont That… wont wont wont ….. shambles …
    WTF ….

    Becoming way to dictatorial and inconsiderate ..
    i feel imprisond ( imprisoned) .. not liberated . !

    They cant even get spell check right !!!

    The most valuable tech/computer company’s spell check does not correct or understand:
    ‘Imprisond’ … does not offer correction to ‘imprisoned’ but offers ‘imprisond’ as a replacement for ‘imprisoned’ …

    I dont know if i should Laugh or Cry ….sigh …

    There are million examples like this! and we are talking a f-ing basic spellcheck… its horrible.. let alone more sophisticated AI processes like contextual understanding, search, personalization, voice recognition….. Siri..etc..

    Apple AI is Miserably Embarrassing .. and no one cares … unreal.,… Baffling!!!.

    How many times in a day, while working in Apple Ecosys, do i have to resort to Google to get things done…

    I post this again..
    Apple is becoming everything it Mocked. … Arrogant, dictatorial and careless .

        1. … you should have learned how to spell in school and you wouldn’t have to depend on technology to bail out your lazy ass. You’re a friggin’ retard.

          1. Lol… you can actually hold a job with that logic?? ( pardon me for being presumptuous … maybe u dont ..)

            Why then even bother to have spell check algorithms.. … its is an unnecessary bloatware . Right !? Everyone .. including all nationalities should spell english perfectly right? Doctors… scientists, artis, etc….

            Why are u using a computer… im curious. ( are u actuslly depending on technology ? Ohhh my 😱)

            Maybe, at the least, you should have bothered to even go to school… it is obvious there isnt much between those two ears.

            1. in the past and told spell check to ignore it or add it? I have done that by accident, and that mistake follows you forever!

  3. Has Apple lost their collective minds? If they think that they can boost Beats and AirPod sales with this crass move, they have another thing coming. Apple thinks its good business to screw anyone who requires headphones to fit their ears using another brand. The idiots running Apple now won’t get the message until people stop buying their overpriced, underfeatured products. Don’t just write letters: boycott white Apple accessories. They won’t get the message if we don’t tell them in a way they understand.

  4. I’m sure Steve had that planned all along. “Hey there Tim, old buddy, old pal. Let’s show the foolish masses what we’re really about, the money. And if you’re asked, just say “we’re not in it for the money” to make the Apple fans happy and feel good and warm and attached to us. Now, this is how you do it. You know the headphone jack on the iPhone? Replace it, not with another Lightning port, but just one Lightning port. That way, when the AirPods are released we get another $150 off the sheeple. Yeah Tim, even when I’m gone, Apple will still be a juggernaut. Just act nice and dedicated like I taught you, and everything will be smooth as butter.”

    Oh, Discordia. >

  5. So … this is where we are at today is it. Pipeline and his team pouring over the fateful decision … do we put a stinking dongle in with the phones or not. That is the state of affairs today at Apple. Atta boy, pull in all your VPs, slick marketing cucks with their Starbucks in tow, heck, will a little luck maybe you can get Ahrendts to chime in on this … and then, and then, and then ….. PULL THE TRIGGER.

    FOOLS. Dump Pipeline NOW.

  6. In related news: Apple no longer sells a Lightening to USB power and Lightening splitter cable! Not-a-one is available through the Apple Store! Great work Belkin. EVERYONE hated that POS.

    Thankfully, for those who want to bother, there IS reportecly and excellent, actually functional Lightening splitter cable from HFHOBANG at Amazon for $12:

    Lightning Audio Charging Adapter Splitter for iPhone 7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X, USB to Lightning Charger Cable Cord with Headphone Jack Support Music Data Sync Calling

    It getting ALL 5 star reviews so far. I don’t work for them.

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