Apple supplier Hon Hai posts all-time November revenue record

“Apple Inc.’s two largest Asian suppliers unveiled decent jumps in monthly revenue, potentially assuaging investors who fear the worst about iPhone demand,” Debby Wu reports for Bloomberg. “Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. both posted a 5.6 percent rise in November sales.”

“Hon Hai’s November revenue of NT$601.4 billion ($19.5 billion) was a record for the month and takes January-November sales growth to almost 16 percent — on track for its fastest pace of annual growth in years,” Wu reports. “Apple accounts for close to half of main iPhone-assembler Hon Hai’s revenue and about a fifth of TSMC’s, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

“Executives at the chipmaker — a bellwether for the industry as well as an early barometer of iPhone demand — have said they expect demand for premium devices to help offset crypto-sector lethargy in the second half,” Wu reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll just leave this there, too. It pairs nicely with this.

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  1. There …another indicator for all the Fud out there …
    Panic is a self fullfiling prophecy folks…

    One should make their minds up on basis of factual information …not the other way around

  2. Ho…. Another one…

    Could it be that Mister pipepline is soooo agile, nobody knows exactly what is going on anymore? So many channels… Look so staged now for some to hop in…

    Merry Christmas to some!

    1. “Mister pipeline” and his buddy luca are laughing all the way to the bank with this massive discount they got for their buybacks.. beneficiaries of which will be those shareholders with a long term horizon and conviction.

  3. Sadly if all the FUD does turn out to be just that and AAPL posts huge earnings the stock won’t see much of a recovery maybe a few percent. The amount that it has lost over the past weeks will likely take years to regain

    1. I doubt years…. but maybe a year or even sooner.. depends on how strong of an earnings they report come end of jan.. plus guidance.. and the new product lineup 2019 of course.

      But for those who were on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity to get in or add…..This is truly a rare moment to jump in for some healthy returns.. where otherwise it would not have been …

      Stepping back and looking at the big picture though… the spike in the recent months was a bit too much… it went up way too fast! Ironing out that spike and looking at the trajectory of 90 day (1q) average price.. things look even more promising a reasonable recovery…
      (plus lets not forget .. the market as a whole is in shambles .. it is not jut Apple)

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