Analysts see Apple’s long-term potential despite recent overwrought selloff

“Apple Inc. analysts expect continued volatility as the company grapples with the prospect of slowing iPhone sales and tariffs against mobile devices made in China, but they also see an opportunity emerging after the biggest monthly decline for the stock in more than a decade,” Ryan Vlastelica reports for Bloomberg. “”

“Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives cut his price target to $275 from $310 on Wednesday, the latest investment bank to do so on iPhone demand concerns,” Vlastelica reports. “However, he affirmed his outperform rating and wrote that Apple remains one of its ‘favorite tech names heading into 2019 despite the horror show over the last month seen out of Cupertino.'”

“The comments echoed a recent report from Morgan Stanley, which also touted Apple’s services business and argued that the recent decline had been overdone,” Vlastelica reports. “Apple shares have plunged almost 25 percent from a record high in early October, a slump that ended the company’s multiyear streak as the largest stock by market capitalization. The stock has dropped more than 20 percent thus far this month, putting it on track for its biggest monthly decline since September 2008, during the financial crisis.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Unit sales figures that no other major tech company offers (or have ever offered) are worth $300 billion in market value?

As we wrote yesterday: We’ll gladly accept a nice AAPL discount sale that benefits not only smart investors but Apple’s buyback program as well. Tim Cook et al. are wise to clam up and let the manipulators and fools speciously talk down the stock in their fact-free echo chamber as loudly as possible before Apple reports all-time record holiday quarter earnings in January.

Eventually, the so-called analysts will wise up. As we all know, they’re always well behind the curve.

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  1. The market is once again savagely beating AAPL today. Week after week since earnings call, Apple has been b!tchslapped by the market.

    Investors are not stupid. They know Pipeline is firing nothing but blanks now.

  2. Overwrought indeed.

    But hey..
    I love the fact that Apple is getting 25% discount on their buybacks..beneficiary of which are shareholders in the long run.

    I just hope they are gobbling up shares hand over fist.

    With every share that is retired. .. my share of owbership and profits get bigger… and profit is someting Apple makes a lot of.

    And id like to remind you of two things Tim said at last CC:
    Our user base is growing in double digits! very important, yet so ignored.
    We are extremely confident of our future. ( something he did not have to mention and does not always make a point of )

    On the negative side… to me , Luca’s tone seemed a bit nervous…
    wich made me a bit uneasy.

    At the end in two months.. we will get a better idea….
    I have and am in it for the long run.. been through bigger bumps several times already.
    Nature of the beast.

    1. But but but MAGA! Why are we talking about selloffs? The clown circus is just an act, Trump has everything completely figured out. He’s going to sell indulgences to the highest bidders. Everyone is happy with the corrupt permanent corporatocracy, right?

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