Ivanka Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook visit Idaho school

“Ivanka Trump, senior adviser and daughter to President Trump, joined Apple CEO Tim Cook in a visit to an Idaho school district Tuesday to see how it was integrating technology into education,” Chris Mills Rodrigo reports for The Hill. “Apple has donated iPads to students and Macs to teachers in schools in the Wilder District.”

“The stop was one of many in Ivanka Trump’s tour as part of her work with the National Council for the American Worker,” Rodrigo reports. “White House spokesperson Lindsay Walters noted that in July Apple signed the administration’s Pledge to America’s Workers, ‘committing to train an additional 10,000 people as part of their ongoing initiatives with community colleges in the U.S.'”

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“Several students lined up inside Wilder Elementary School on Tuesday morning each held up an iPad displaying a letter of the alphabet to spell out the word “welcome” as one of their two special visitors walked through the school’s doors,” Cynthia Sewell reports for The Idaho Statesman. “Cook and Trump then embarked on a nearly hourlong tour of the school, visiting classrooms and watching students demonstrate their technological skills on the handheld devices Apple provided the school district nearly three years ago.”

“‘In the past year I have visited 20 states across the country … these are states that are often called the laboratories of innovation,’ Trump said during her visit. ‘You come into districts where you have superintendents like [Wilder] Superintendent [Jeff] Dillon who is so deeply passionate about bringing innovation and making a system that works for his or her students,'” Sewell reports. “Cook gestured around the classroom: ‘You notice in this classroom there is no teacher, there is a mentor. It makes the learning process for students very different because in a classroom where there is a mentor, people can move at different rates. This is life. We all learn things at different rates.'”

“‘What that allows is you can push the person who learns faster onto building the next skill and the person who needs a little more help can get a little more help,’ Cook explained. ‘This school and the leadership in this school are doing just an incredible job of bringing that to life,'” Sewell reports. “Trump agreed. ‘This is what is so exciting, the harnessing of technology in conjunction with incredible educators to create this type of really personalized learning experience … [to] prepare students for a world where digital literacy is absolutely critical but at the same time enable them to move at their own speed.'”

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MacDailyNews Note: Information about the “Pledge to America’s Workers” — including Apple’s 10,0000-person commitment along with other companies’ pledges — is available via the White House here.

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  1. It’s good to see Senior Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump’s excellent work for the country continues with vigor even as she takes no salary just like her father!

      1. Ironic how you pretend that Ivanka’s plea of ignorance should keep her out of jail, not to mention her Samsung phone using daddy, or half a dozen officials from both parties who ignored government restrictions for private electronics. Only the other tribe should be penalized?

        Never forget… what? That in war there are casualties? That repeating empty phrases will somehow change complex realities? That some situations cannot be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction? That economic realities are now forcing the USA to prioritize where it needs to police the world? That most people who chanted misogynistic hate against the previous democratic presidential candidate cannot locate Benghazi on a map nor articulate specifically why America should escalate their involvement in sectarian religious spats that have been happening for over a millennium? That Obama kept Americans safe, incurring no major terrorist event on US soil for 8 years?

        Whatever your pro-military solution stance is, you just made the mistake of electing the most isolationist president you have had since the 1920’s. The difference between then and now is that America then was pro-trade. Now it is alienating itself needlessly. It stands alone in the world and, like ancient China behind its Great Wall, will dramatically fall behind other nations in all measures if Trump’s reckless policies are followed.

        With regard to education: maximum profit per child is a stupid way to go about it, as is mandating that self-conflicting 2000 year old neo-jewish texts be used to train kids for 21st century jobs. The Trumps and Devoses can screw themselves. They know nothing of educational reform since they are tone deaf to all advice from experts who know what they are talking about.

      2. Yes, indeed.

        Never forget Benghazi when Hillary stood down while Americans were killed and pleas for help went unanswered.

        Never forget the Russian uranium deal arranged by Hillary.

        Never forget the private e-mail server that violated government regulations to hide classified e-mail breaches, destroyed subpoenaed e-mails and used the server to hide funding transfers from foreign governments to the Clinton foundation.

        Never forget the greatest feminist hypocrisy of the 20th century. Hillary during the meeto uproar proclaiming every women should be heard. But in the the 1990s she ran the “Bimbo Eruption Unit” from inside the White House to destroy the reputations in the media of over a dozen women all sexual assault accusers of her husband.

        Ivanka certainly made a mistake with her e-mail handling, now corrected. The stark differences are no private server, not one e-mail destroyed and everything archived and available for review. Rookie mistake for the first time working in government, nothing more. Not intentionally lawyerly designed to hide nefarious behavior, Hillary’s specialty.

        So auramac, enough of your stupid partisan hate…

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