Did you blink? You might have missed the most important tech story of the year

“Adobe Photoshop is coming to the iPad,” John Brandon writes for Inc. “Not the truncated version, a light version that lets you retouch a photo on the fly. Not a second display that helps you sketch out ideas for the ‘real’ app.”

“At a conference this week, Adobe announced that the full version of Photoshop–with all of the most powerful photo editing features–will come out next year,” Brandon writes. “This will be a huge milestone for computing, because it’s the first time a desktop app I use almost every day like Photoshop will debut on a mobile device like the iPad. And, it’s a sign of things to come. There’s a confluence happening between mobile and desktop unlike anything we’ve seen before, such that the phone in your pocket or a tablet like the iPad will be as powerful, fast, and useful as any laptop or desktop.”

“The reason this is such a big announcement is that Photoshop is really one of the last apps I use on a laptop, the one that keeps me from switching over to an iPad for many computing tasks,” Brandon writes. “And, it’s good timing. Apple is holding an event on October 30 where the tech giant will likely announce an even more powerful iPad Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

Here come the desktop-class apps to Apple’s iPad Pro!MacDailyNews, October 15, 2018

Adobe’s Photoshop move is yet another stamp of legitimacy for iOS and iPad Pro, the combination of which has for some time now, even before Photoshop, equaled “real computing.”MacDailyNews, October 17, 2018

We find that there are many older users longing to make iPad work like a laptop, because that’s what they know.

Take a look at a twelve-year-old who’s only really ever used an iPad for personal computing. It’s an eyeopener. It’s like looking into the future.

The answer isn’t to try to make the iPad into a MacBook. The answer is to provide all the tools possible in iOS for developers to make robust apps that can take advantage of the multi-touch paradigm. — MacDailyNews, May 16, 2017

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  1. “tablet like the iPad will be as powerful, fast, and useful as any laptop or desktop.”

    Wow. A new epic low for clueless. That said, fanbois it’s time to party…

        1. I hear that. My ex-husband used to drive me crazy with accusations like “you always leave the toothpaste cap off” and “you always take forever to dress for the concert.” I’d silently stew at his lying illogic and self-serving rhetorical switches, like “the exception proves the rule.”

          But what really made my life a living hell was when he did the exact opposite. As an academic administrator, he never, ever uttered or penned an absolute; every sentence was laden with conditional clauses, like a lawyer’s brief. He never, ever said anything factual, since particulars could be attacked; and his descriptions of events were always alleged by others and footnoted into oblivion. Like a politician, he was downright wishy-washy, gutless.

          I thought of him as both stupid and brilliant. The toxic combination of the two is difficult to live with, because such a mind most closely resembles a functional schizophrenic or a garden-variety sociopath. Some of my female friends uncharitably offered that, after all, that’s pretty much the definition of a man! But I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

  2. Not that this isn’t a good thing, but personally I’m still disappointed that I can’t use an iPad Pro for app developement. I still need to have a laptop or desktop for that while the low hanging fruit that is the surface, has had visual studio available for a while now.

  3. That is somehow an important story?

    Wake me up when there’s a 15″ iPad (or better a 17″ iPad, since I’m still using a 17″ MBP) with a real keyboard and trackpad, with an Intel chip that lets me run VMs, and lets me have multiple app windows open so I can drag and drop between them.

    An iPad is NOT a substitute for a real computer. iOS is NOT a substitute for macOS. Photoshop doesn’t change that.

    1. The only “milestone” is a great PR move for the iPad and overpriced Adobe. Serious pros know the limitations of iPad processing power, screen size and battery life.

      A Mac or PC pro with serious processing firepower and dual large screen monitors fits the bill. I can’t imagine any serious Photoshop professional giving that up for an underwhelming small screen iPad just to be hip. Time is money.

      That said, to the PS newbies and light users on iPad, wish you the best of luck…

      1. Adobe isn’t suggesting that many pros are going to use a tablet as their primary production machine. The main use will be for demonstrations and making changes while on location. It isn’t very practical to haul a big desktop with dual monitors into the field. Because of the Adobe subscription model, the added flexibility will probably come at no added expense.

        The same thing applies to word processors like Scrivener, Ulysses, Pages, and Microsoft Word. The iPad versions allow writers additional options for working while away from home or office. They were never intended to replace the desktop/laptop programs for most heavy users.

        It is always a milestone for Apple when a major vendor makes it easier to live entirely within the Apple ecosystem. Remember, it was Adobe’s failure to update Photoshop for Mac, as much as anything else, that drove users to Windows.

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