Apple hires police to stand guard at Sacramento stores amid rash of robberies

“You might see new faces at Apple stores across the Sacramento region because Apple has contracted with several local police departments to bring police officers in as extra security,” Angela Musallam reports for CBS Sacramento. “This follows a months-long rash of store thefts by a criminal ring. So far, that ring is suspected of stealing a million dollars worth of Apple products. Sacramento police say the Apple store at Arden Fair Mall was targeted in the last month.”

“Apple is contracting with Sacramento police for tighter security, and so far, it’s helped thwart potential robberies. Unfamiliar but friendly faces now stand behind glass windows at Apple stores in Roseville and Sacramento,” Musallam reports. “The police officers are paid by Apple and are privately contracted, no taxpayer dollars at use.”

“‘I feel much safer with him in there,’ said Dennis Morin. Morin was waiting for his appointment at the Apple store inside the Roseville Galleria. If the officer wasn’t inside, he said wouldn’t have stuck around.,” Musallam reports. “A rash of Apple store robberies, up and down the state, over the past few months is taking law enforcement by storm… Both the Roseville and Sacramento Apple stores have been robbery free for several weeks now. Officers are putting many consumers at ease, and some are even walking up for a friendly chat. ‘It just makes me feel comfortable,’ said another Apple consumer.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Apple squirt gun emoji

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Not a good move for a company with premier Liberal credentials. One arrest by an off duty cop (brown v white faces) and Apple will be smeared by the Left.
    Perhaps tethering their devices again?

  2. I agree with you, CALB. The other two comments are ridiculous partisan trash unworthy of a preschooler.

    Personally, I would have used plainclothes officers. Make the criminals think that they are safe, then nab them. This just pushes them to some other area or some other type of robbery until Apple ends the special security provisions.

    Apple is a high tech organization. The company ought to come up with a high tech solution.

    Personally, if I am in an Apple Store and one of these groups comes in, I intend to help ensure that at least a couple of them do not leave and are arrested.

    1. I disagree with the sentiment expressed here.
      1. I firmly believe that Visible uniformed Police with gun presence will thwart even group robbery.
      2. The idea that they will move somewhere else is not always as predictable as the blanket statement you made. People/thieves do not go after PCs, Samsungs and the likes when they can’t get Apple products. These specific Apple Product thieves are not your regular run of the mill thieves.

      People who steal a BMWs or Porsches are not going to steal a bottom of the line Ford or Chevy. Different category of thief.

    2. Can they be legally apprehended before they leave the store? I thought maybe they’d have to be outside the door before they could be arrested or else it would cause some sort of false arrest problem.

    3. Two things. First, snatch and grab thieves target many retail stores, so to highlight Apple is to shine a jaundiced spotlight. Second, Apple has the technological chops to find and seize these jackasses, if they would take the trouble to deploy them. Apple, of all people, should understand the equation of trust and move decisively to cement that in the popular imagination. They could do that by being more open about their cooperation with law enforecement agencies.

      1. I imagine they are working on that….but first some new emojis for their SJW tweets (you know, priorities…)

        Meanwhile they realized they could risk customers getting injured trying to stop some of this crap so maybe the cops are just temporary.

        The obvious reason for uniformed police it to DISSUADE the perps before anything can happen. In a rare departure from his “I’m not A Liberal, But I Play One In Real Life”, KingMel argues against this common sense (as he so often does) then claims he would step up to abuse a minority (yes I say this confidently) which is EXACTLY what Apple is trying to keep from happening.

        To me this is just another example of the Far Left rationalizing away what anyone with common sense knows you do; in a high crime risk area post additional police and let the losers know they can’t just walk into a store and take stuff like they “deserve” it.

        1. You say you imagine that they are working on that but only as a secondary priority to creating new emoji. I realise when you say that you are joking, but it still leaves me cold. You have a mordant sense of humour, not meant to arouse laughter but to needle snowflake nation. I have never found political humour appealing, because I regard it as a psychological weapon. But I don’t expect a marksman like you to stop deploying your rapier wit just because I crinkled my nose.

  3. I was just talking to a Roseville cop at the Galeria Mall Apple store last night about this and Apple is even paying them their overtime rate.

    It boggles my mind that we as a society will protect everyone and everything we cherish that is important or has value with guns, except our children at schools, at least here in California.

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