Why Apple made the 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max and why I quickly fell in love with it

“Apple, as is its custom, under promised and over delivered,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer. “I ordered a Space Gray iPhone XS Max at 0830 in the morning of September 14th with an estimated delivery of September 28th. Instead, it arrived on September 24th. The Scotty Effect.”

“Yes, it’s larger than most of the iPhones of the past. (The iPhone 8 Plus is slightly bigger.) And I think the feeling that iPhones are gradually getting bigger is weighing on people. Where does it stop?” Martellaro writes. “There are, I think, two other factors that weigh on people’s minds. First, how does one wear the iPhone? … A second factor is that many people expect to be able to operate the iPhone with one hand. This is, I think, a cultural/technical adaption born of the days when the iPhone was [3.5-inches] — and even slightly larger. There’s no way most people with smallish hands can comfortably operate an iPhone XS Max with one hand. But one-handed use is just an evolutionary adaption that can change. It can’t hold back technology development.”

Martellaro writes, “While 4K is a waste and completely unnecessary at this 6.5-inch diagonal screen size, the suite of things we can do with this kind of display seems to make considerations of wearability and one-handed use less and less relevant in my book.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s beautiful, gorgeous, lightning-fast and, overall, simply stunning. Plus, it’s physically smaller than our old 5.5-inch iPhone Plus models. That’s why we love our iPhone Xs Max units!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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  1. As an EMT, I cannot carry a phablet with me at work. Apple clearly is marketing to the rich selfie video crowd – can’t blame them. I wish they would throw us workers a bone by upgrading the SE thou.

  2. Apple can keep the giant phones, I moved to an iPhone SE and it’s the best iPhone I’ve ever owned. So easy and comfortable to hold and use.

    I’ll never own another phablet, they are not my cup of tea at all. I’ll hold onto my SE until Apple releases another small phone. If they don’t then I’ll find an alternative to iPhone that can be easily used with one hand and carried around in a front shirt pocket.

    1. I upgraded to the Xs Max from the SE. there are benefits to each that the other doesn’t have.

      Having used the Max for about a week I won’t go back to the small screen.

  3. A friend recently got the Max, and I wasn’t so much surprised at the size (it’s really not that much bigger than my iPhone 8), but I was surprised how heavy it felt, compared with my iPhone.

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