Apple Watch Series 4 to drive strong upgrade cycle

“When I first saw the new Apple Watch presented at the Steve Jobs’ Theater I immediately said it would drive a strong upgrade cycle, and now we, at Creative Strategies, have brand new data from a study we conducted across 366 current Apple Watch owners in the US the week leading up to in store availability,” Carolina Milanesi writes for Tech.pinions. “The study was an international one that cut across several geographies touching a total of 557 consumers. For this article, I will focus on the US data only.”

“Our panelists were self-proclaimed early adopters of technology with 64% of them owning an iPhone X. Eighty-Four percent of the people who answered our online questionnaire were men, very much in line with the average composition of the early tech adopter profile,” Milanesi writes. “Our panel owned a good mix of models: 41% has an Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular, another 13% owns an Apple Watch Series 3 Wi-Fi only, and 15% has a Series 2. What was a surprise, considering how early tech this base is, was to see that 30% still owned an original Apple Watch.

“Apple Watch Series 4 seems to hit both upgrade requirements for original Apple Watch owners as 76% say they plan to upgrade with 41% who have already pre-ordered while another 32% plan to do so in the next three months,” Milanesi writes. “Apple Watch Series 3 owners… intention to upgrade is also more cautious with 29% saying they are planning to upgrade (54% already having preordered) with some users being concerned about using the old bands on the new model and some uncertainty on which size they would prefer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We agree strongly with Milanesi who states, “While many could see Apple Watch as an accessory, I firmly believe that users who are looking at it as an essential tool to manage their day and their ecosystem of devices and services are the ones who get the most return on investment.”

Apple Watch Series 4 is going to open a lot of eyes.MacDailyNews, September 17, 2018

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  1. AppleWatch “supercycle?” Yeah, that would be something. Apple really needs to work on those insurance companies and getting AppleWatch discounts for their subscribers then we’d really see AppleWatch sales take off. That would be a sweet deal for potential AppleWatch users. If it were Amazon selling AppleWatch, those deals would have already been made.

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