Consumer Reports: iPhone Xs/Max have better battery life, improved cameras, and speedier performance

“Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most, even when you’re talking about the biggest smartphone on the market,” Bree Fowler writes for Consumer Reports. “Aside from the super-sized 6.5-inch display, the iPhone XS Max and its smaller sibling, the iPhone XS don’t include any big changes from the iPhone X, which was introduced last year and is now being retired. But as Consumer Reports testing has revealed, what Apple did add makes a big difference.”

“The most noticeable improvement is in battery life… now rating among the industry’s leaders,” Fowler writes. “Apple also managed to make its already top-rated cameras just a bit better, and boost the phones’ overall performance with a new, faster processor.”

“In our testing, the iPhone XS lasted 24.5 hours, and the Max made it to 26 hours. That’s a big step up from the iPhone X’s 19.5-hour performance,” Fowler writes. “When it launched last year, the iPhone X featured the highest-rated camera we had ever tested. But the iPhone XS and XS Max managed to improve on that performance, if only just a little. The phones received slightly better scores when it came to the quality of the still and video images taken by their rear cameras.”

MacDailyNews Take: The camera quality is actually very significant and noticeable to anyone whose main task is not rating vacuum cleaners for geriatrics.

Fowler writes, “Apple says the idea behind its custom-built A12 Bionic processor was to make the phone run faster without sucking the battery dry.”

More insipid fare in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Even a broken clock is somewhat right twice a day.

Regardless of this positive report (which is likely just a set up for some anti-Apple hit-whoring to come), don’t rely on Consumer Reports for tech advice. Or vehicle advice. Or advice on anything at all. It’s an anachronistic garbage publication with idiotic arbitrary testing methodology (or lack thereof).

They’ve also got more “Android Tourettes” (we cut them all out in our excerpts) than Walt Mossberg on his worst day.

BTW, if you want a vacuum cleaner that will last decades and still work perfectly, get a Miele.

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  1. As a former owner of every plus sized iphone, the X and the XS max for about 2 weeks+ now–i can unreservedly state–Hell. No. it does not have better battery life than the X. Now that could change w/ a software update *but* right now the battery life is NOT great at all and roughly 1 hour *less* than the X so far. On the other it does not get nearly as hot as the X did on the wireless charger–so that’s a plus.. Don’t @ me..just my 2 cents

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