Apple hired scores of ex-Tesla employees this year, and not just for its car project

“Apple has attracted scores of employees away from Tesla since late 2017, including manufacturing, security and software engineers, and, more recently, supply chain experts, according to several current and former Tesla employees and LinkedIn data,” Lora Kolodny reports for CNBC. “This Tesla talent is not only going to Apple’s stealthy vehicle initiative, Project Titan. Apple also generally needs software, display, optics and battery-tech talent for its other products.”

“In 2018 so far, LinkedIn data shows Apple has hired at least 46 people who worked at Tesla directly before joining the consumer electronics juggernaut. Eight of these were engineering interns. This year Apple has also hired former Tesla Autopilot, QA, Powertrain, mechanical design and firmware engineers, and several global supply chain managers,” Kolodny reports. “Some employees joined directly from Tesla, while others had been dismissed or laid off before joining Apple.”

“Some ex-Tesla employees who joined Apple this year have not yet updated their public social media profiles with their new career info. That includes Apple’s most noteworthy hire, Doug Field, Tesla’s former Senior Vice President of Engineering,” Kolodny reports. “Earlier this month, John Gruber reported that Field had returned to Apple to work on Project Titan. Several current and former Tesla employees said that morale dipped among engineers and technicians in Tesla factories and its Palo Alto headquarters when it became clear that Field was not coming back from a leave of absence. But employees say that, even before Field left, they saw more colleagues voluntarily leaving than they had in prior years at Tesla.”

“One current Tesla engineer said former co-workers who discussed the matter with him — and encouraged him to apply for jobs at Apple — were won over by the company’s leadership, competitive pay and products,” Kolodny reports. “Several people familiar estimated that Apple pays about one-and-a-half times the salary for technicians, software and manufacturing engineers than Tesla does today.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Plus, they now work for a winner versus a whiner.

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  1. I would think Tesla employees would jump to Apple if they’re being offered higher pay. At least Tim Cook seems a lot more stable than Elon Musk. Certainly, working at Apple would appear a lot less risky than working at Tesla. Apple has an awful lot of cash and other resources.

    1. Indeed I have no love for Edison and his own antics but you can’t help but admire that aspect of his business mind. Musk is rapidly on the way from Hero to Zero and mostly of his own making. People and Investors love an infallible genius but the latter in particular hate with a vengeance one who starts to break up before their very eyes.

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