South Carolina Gamecocks inundated with Apple iPads

“Usually, coaches don’t want players glued to their technology. While that’s true for the majority of the time in meetings and during instructional times, when the players are away from the facility coaches want them glued to their devices,” Collyn Taylor reports for GamecockCentral. “That applies specifically to the Gamecocks’ iPads, which players are expected to use on a daily basis.”

“Every player on the team is issued an iPad that’s loaded up daily with video from practice the player is expected to go over at night on his own before walking into the facility the next day for practice and team meetings,” Taylor reports. “[Offensive line coach Eric] Wolford, and every other coach on staff, is able to get reports to see which players are spending the most, or least, amount of time studying. ‘Every night you’d be expected to look over your install and watch one-on-one pass rush, critique yourself and the stuff we don’t get to cover in film,’ Wolford said. ‘If you have a bunch of missed assignments and you’re not looking those things over, you’re sending the wrong message to this organization.'”

“The Gamecocks have been putting an extra emphasis on making sure players are spending a little extra effort in their down time in learning the playbook,” Taylor reports. “Having it on an iPad helps, with the information more readily available for players to access in their apartments and away from the facility.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Then the lucky, talented few get to the NFL and find themselves stuck with crappy Surface slabs that Microsoft has paid off the NFL to foist on their players and coaches. They should be going from iPads in college to iPad Pros in the NFL, but no! They get a disappointed step down instead thanks to the greedy NFL.

Whereas millions choose iPads, nobody uses Microsoft’s Surface junk unless they’re paid to do so.

(In closing, we’d be remiss without: Go, Syracuse!)

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Pirate” for the heads up.]


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