Mystery abounds with Apple’s upcoming Macs

“Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported Apple will launch a new low-cost MacBook and and updated version of the Mac Mini for professional users sometime later this year,” Todd Haselton reports for CNBC. “But there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the new computers.”

“It’s unclear, for example, how Apple will price what’s supposed to be a refresh to the 13-inch MacBook Air, and what it will include in the professional version of the Mac Mini, a computer that hasn’t been refreshed in years,” Haselton reports. “I’m not the only one who’s confused on how these Macs will play out. Apple watcher John Gruber recently posed the same question about the MacBook lineup.”

“Apple’s Mac lineup has been in flux for the last few years. Professional users have complained that Apple has been slow to update its pro line of Mac desktops. And there have been a lot of complaints with the MacBook Pro’s redesigned keyboard and lack of ports,” Haselton reports. “As Apple gears up to refresh its Mac lineup again this year, it’s still unclear how the new computers will fit in. Let’s take a look.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A little mystery has never hurt Apple.


  1. Mystery is fine as long as it results in timely updates instead of defections in disgust to other platforms. I long for the day when new Macs were greeted with excitement instead of trepidation, exasperation and boredom.

  2. “I long for the day when new Macs were greeted with excitement instead of trepidation, exasperation and boredom.”

    Perfect summation of what I have been feeling about Apple since the passing of Steve …

  3. Let’s be clear: Apple’s mismanagement of the Mac goes far beyond its inability to offer regular updates to its basic models. It has also abandoned any pretense of flowing out technology consistently.

    Examples of poor product management:

    1. To sync or charge a new iPhone to a new MacBook (any model except the antiquated air), you need to buy an adapter. And all the things one would like to do with an iOS device hooked up to a Mac are not enabled. Wacom has nothing to fear from the hapless Cupertino idiots who can’t figure out that an iOS device could be a good input device for a Mac.

    2. Two years ago Apple pushed out a touchbar. Poorly supported by software, including Apple’s own software, it hasn’t been a huge selling feature. If Apple wanted it to become a compelling feature, why is it not offered on new desktop keyboards? Why is there no TouchID on desktop trackpads or mice? Why is FaceID not built into every Mac with Facetime camera?

    3. Default software used to be better than what Windows offered out of the box. Not anymore. For example, iTunes has come to represent a frustratingly bad mess of software. Once a super handy and efficient piece of software, it now performs too many duties very poorly.

    4. Apple still sells computers with Thunderbolt 2 ports and 5400rpm hard drives. It is an insult to computer buyers at any price.

    5. Apple seems eager to kill off MagSafe, a valuable feature that no other laptop maker offered.

    6. Apple can’t make a decent keyboard on its laptops anymore. Talk about a self-inflicted bonehead move.

    7. No Airports, No Displays, No Aperture, no NAS or server of any kind… No reason to trust in an all-Apple office. Apple feels entitled to pull the plug on value-added products without warning or let them die on the vine with neglect. That kills off any faith most businesses or high-level household should have in trusting Apple to support their needs down the road.

    8. Negligible new pioneering technology on any Mac for over a decade. They don’t get credit for pushing USB-C (not an Apple innovation) out in a single leap without a well planned transition period. Think about how incrementally slow Apple’s progress has been on the hardware front: Apple no longer is first to market with the best chipset or hardware, and when it finally is released, it’s thermally constrained and has major firmware bugs. Touchbar isn’t new, it’s just a tiny overpriced touch screen input, other computers have entire screens with touch capability to cover with fingerprints. Apple was late with fingerprint readers, late with high resolution screens, always late with GPU performance. The only effort Apple has made to Macs is to make them unrepairable.

    What Apple has done with the Mac in the last several years — basically raising prices and squashing profiles to thin solid state unrepairable units- is absolutely disgusting.

    The loss in Mac market share under Timmy’s reign is an indicator that should not be ignored. Apple has been on the wrong track for WAY too long. It needs to clean house and hire competent product managers.

    If Apple refuses to produce a superior value product, it will lose loyal customers. Hackintosh, Linux, or Windows is going to be the future if Apple wastes another opportunity to offer Mac innovation and user value.

      1. and they all making me ask, why? Why Apple, why Mr. Cook are you permitting, endorsing or not able to see (impossible) the decay encroaching at all ends?

        “Making products that delight” used to be a phrase that led the way. Now, limited and unpredictable and minimal (not as in “less is more”) seem to fit.

        I know the company just past a zillion dollars and the stock hit all-time records this week. Please put the auto-retort down and try to consider the two realities are happening simultaneously.

      1. it fits to what’s happening…albeit a lucrative chaos.

        B/c it’s lucrative chaos, it supports the idea leadership knows what’s happening, but it’s awfully hard to understand why it’s permitted.

        Jettison the dross, or clean it up and let it represent Apple well…is what I expect from VPs of the richest company in the World.

        1. You hit on as to why: Because the corporation is lucrative and, as many have already observed, that’s like the very wealthy MS before its decline. I hope I am wrong to think that Apple is on this cusp too, ready to decline. It’s already declining in quality as is in its vision, it seems to me. Apple may be tackling too many individual projects to keep them all straight. I hope that it will remedy this, now that the Apple Campus is mostly done, and assuming that the Campus was the hold up.

    1. Beautifully written. While I hold Pipeline forever in contempt for his abuse of the Macintosh product line, it is also Apple’s board of directors who have been complicit in Pipeline’s criminal neglect of the Mac. They just rewarded Pipeline with 120 million worth of AAPL. Good God, he should be shitcanned, not praised!

      1. Both beautifully written. I suspect he has ignored and allowed more products to die than introduce new ones. So obvious his attention span does not move far from the iPhone cash cow to keep his job. Any caretaker CEO can ride that gravy train. We need a new CEO with creative vision to move Apple forward …

  4. LISTEN- Every time there is rumors about this or that (MAC) A huge $h!t Storm of Rumors abound and nothing comes about from that. There are always rumors about a new mac or that mac, and we are left Disappointed. If you’d pay attention to Intels releases you’d know what’s possible. The past few years EVERYONE has hoped for something Great but we got left disappointed again. We hoped for a Gaming machine, zip. We Hope for a Apple TV Screen, Nothing. New Mac Pro, Nada. What are they doing with all those employees, a new building, Billions in R&D and Manufacturing up the Wahzoo? Eh? I bet the Next Announcement will blow. Update to Quicktime? Haha, nope. Totally Lame.

  5. It is inexcusable for a company with the resources of Apple to have let the Mac business twist in the wind for as long as it has.

    As to the clueless comment as to what a Mac mini update should be, one need look no further than the H-P Z2 Mini. It scales from Core i3 to Xeon, offers BTO up to Nvidia Discrete graphics, user access to the chassis to add wireless, memory and storage.

    Plenty of ports to include DisplayPorts capable of driving any display you could want.

    1. Mac problem.

      The weight of Mike’s posts goes WAY beyond the bizarre tardiness of the Mac refreshes. He lays out a carelessness that points to the Apple cultural mindset. Macs can be refreshed in time and people will be happy and, largely forget the past frustration.

      A company’s changing/changed, or eroding gestalt/paradigm is like cancer. Severe measures are needed to abate or turn around the huge ship. If no change is introduced, the result is prescripted and, it seems more here would say, it’s not good/desirable.

    2. Yes indeed, DG. I vividly remember the video you posted of the Z2 Mini and it blew me away. The size, the look, the power, the expandability, the options, the ports for under a thousand dollars! And what has Apple been doing in the meantime? …

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