Early reviews of Magic Leap’s AR headset suggest we’re years away from Apple Glasses

“The Magic Leap One augmented reality headset is finally available, though only to developers, only within certain US cities – and with a $2,295 price-tag,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “Magic Leap has been letting a number of tech writers test it, and early reviews aren’t exactly encouraging.”

“There’s a common thread to the reviews: it’s impressive tech, but not as impressive as the hype, and it’s unclear why anyone would want one,” Lovejoy writes. “For me, augmented reality only makes sense out there in the real world – and it’s abundantly clear that the Magic Leap One is a clunky system you’d never wear while out and about.”

“Which brings us to Apple and its own rumored interest in creating an augmented glasses product,” Lovejoy writes. “Reports back in 2016 suggested we might see the result as early as this year. That now seems, well, not just incredibly unlikely, but more like downright impossible. Magic Leap has been working on this idea for eight years, and the result is something that still looks years away from anything I could imagine Apple launching.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When your AR glasses come in a box the size of a suitcase, you’ve got issues.

When you put them on and immediately assume the mantle of The Emperor King of Planet Dork, you’ve got another.

When you tell us you dropped $2,295 on them…

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The only company that’s going to make a magic leap in AR glasses for the masses is Apple Inc.


  1. Maybe for the time being to recoup some of the development costs they’ll follow Google and some other 3rd party AR wearable companies and sell to specific niches like manufacturing and medical schools.

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