Alex Jones: Infowars has racked up 5.6 million new subscribers in the past 48 hours

Infowars motor mouth Alex Jones has issued a ‘never surrender’ battle cry to his army of alt-right followers after a string of tech giants hammered him over his controversial views,” Ryan Parry reports for The Daily Mail. “In an exclusive interview with he launched an expletive-laden laden rant claiming the Democratic Party staged the ‘desperate’ onslaught and says he’s a ‘sacrificial lamb’ who has been likened to Hitler for the purposes of a wider attack on free speech.”

“What’s more he claims the publicity surrounding the action taken by the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Apple – who have blocked his content and removed his channels – has gained him millions of subscribers – not lost him followers,” Parry reports. “Jones claims 5.6million people have subscribed to the Infowars newsletter and free podcast in the past 48 hours.”

Parry reports, “Branding what’s happened ‘bull***t’, the 44-year-old Texan said… ‘Because I play devil’s advocate, because I play both sides, they’ve taken me out of context, they are using me as a test case to try to bring an EU style web censorship. They’ve got mainline Democratic senators saying they ought to restrict Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Matt Drudge, the President himself. They are misrepresenting what I’ve said and done and are using that to set a precedent for internet-wide de-platforming, censorship beyond what Russia does, what China does, ahead of the midterms (election). The whole thing is fake… The good news is Infowars has had the highest traffic it’s ever had – 5.6 million new subscribers in the past 48 hours – and so has my radio show.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hoo boy. What was that we wrote when Apple yanked the links to Jones’ podcasts? Oh, right:

Of course, the inherent danger of censorship is that you make the censored more alluring by elevating their musings into ideas too “dangerous” to hear.MacDailyNews, August 6, 2018

Always being right is both a boon and a curse, but we’re unfailingly happy to share our gift with you, dear readers. 😉

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      1. Most hateful comments and behavior come from the left… ( it been more than evident and documented in the past few years ). yet those hypocrites try to pin it on the right….. they are banking on the freeloader lemmings to jump on board… and ohhh boy do we have a stampede of freeloaders.
        Political landscape in US is in Shambles and absolutely Dismal .. thanks to the big divider.. the all talk no walk the planted puppet brainwasher… the ‘O’ dude.
        And lemming are blindly runnig off the cliff ….

        The funniest irony is the the most ‘nondemocratic’, ‘close minded’ and ‘intolerant’ people have a party named ‘Democratic’… and are associated with being ‘Progressive’ ‘Liberals’….. LOL
        Talking about misnomers, hypocrisy, and deceit ……and the poor brainwashed lemmings that blindly fall in their trap !

        Sad… worrisome… and dangerous… Very !

    1. None of them are real, he’s an entertainer and it’s NOT his job to indicate reality in any way. In fact, I can report he actually obtained 10 million subscribers, he’s just reporting the lower number so the deep state doesn’t take him out tomorrow, they have that power you know.

      Q told me.

        1. Why would I tell you? For all I know, you’re a deep state informant keeping tabs on MDN for the shadow government. All the information you need is out there, you just have to want it bad enough.

          Q will enlighten you.

  1. If he’s being censored, how is it he has MORE subscribers. That’s the exact opposite effect of censorship. The web is still free, nobody’s shutting him up. But if you agree to certain terms in exchange for distributing your content, and you violate those terms, you have to expect consequences. No one has an obligation to help this guy get his message out.

      1. I am going to ask you again, prove what Apple was doing apologist.

        Since you are going to guess and offer opinion as fact, gee what a surprise, I’ll gladly clear it up for clueless TXUSER.

        Apple fully intended to CENSOR FREE SPEECH! Got it?

        That’s easy when it comes to a liberal company denigrating the right. And your pathetic fanboy obfuscation will NOT change the facts. Hard to believe how DISHONEST you are.

        On second thought, NOT! …

        Look up the definition of hypocrisy and double standard fake conservative…

      2. I have no duty to provide additional evidence that Apple is telling the truth about their motivation; I simply choose to believe them. If you want to say they are lying, the burden is on you to provide evidence of that.

        Similarly, I have no duty to provide evidence that Apple is free to control its own platform; I simply choose to believe that the Constitution protects their property and free-expression rights from government interference. When you claim that Alex Jones has a right (constitutional, legal, or moral) to make Apple post links to his podcasts, the burden is on you to cite some recognized authority for that.

        It is becoming increasingly clear that you not only believe that people like Alex Jones and You-Know-Who have the right to hold whatever opinions they like (which is true), or even that they have the right to make up “facts” that are demonstrably false (which is not true), but also that the rest of us have no right to oppose them. Sorry, but we do not have a duty to actively assist people who have literally profited from attacking the parents of dead children. Perhaps we have a duty to oppose them.

        If you disagree, I would be interested in hearing your reasons. “Reasons” includes rational evidence grounded in the real world. It does not include personal insults.

        1. Might want to add that it doesn’t include requests, commands and orders cause several STFU missiles have recently been launched. None of them have hit of course, a testimony to the effectiveness of the “aim for Bin hit Saddam” guidance system but several more of them might be launched.

          As per usual, your posts are great. Keep up the great work. Oh that’s an encouragement, far be it for me to tell you what to do, free will and all that.

        2. “I have no duty to provide additional evidence that Apple is telling the truth about their motivation”

          Translation: I have no proof.

          Once again was called out for peddling opinion as fact and could not provide supporting evidence to prove anything.

          “I simply choose to believe them.”

          Believe what? Please provide the Apple statement “you choose to believe.” I’m calling your bluff.

          The rest of the post is more of the same — defensive deflection and opinions …

    1. Failure? What failure has ‘censorship’ wrought here?
      Those 5.6 million were not created by these moves, they were already there, ready to be led by the nose to Infowars, driven by fake outrage.
      Good, keep all the conspiracy theorists, flat earth era, UFO abductees et al in one corralled space where they can do themselves all the harm they desire without lowering the tone everywhere else where, I’m sure, everyone else will not miss their absence.

          1. Who in Hades ever said candidate Clinton “invented” that word- Stop putting words in others mouths.
            What everyone rightfully said, was that candidate Clinton “used” that word.
            Revisionism much?

            1. No revisionism. It’s just so overused in reference to her that it’s getting sickening. She wasn’t calling all Trump supporters deplorable. She was specifically talking about the racists/nazis/white nationalists that overwhelmingly support Trump. And I’d have to agree that those people are deplorable.

      1. No, this proves that this was never censorship.
        Jones is proving he many options and Apple, and others, to not need to leave themselves legally vulnerable being complicit to Jones’ threats.

    2. Precisely. Censorship works in mysterious ways and this time helped the person being censored — grand poetic justice!

      That said, if the numbers hold that is an absolutely stunning number in two days. Quite possible both achievements are all-time records. #ironydesert

      The NRA was founded in 1871 and just this year reported 5 million members. So, please keep it up until the elections liberal political tech firms it seems your censorship practices are the most effective recruiting tool around these days …

    1. No argument there, a war mongering nation for sure, just look how they are at each other’s throats these days. Bright side though, as long as they are fighting each other the peace loving nations can enjoy a break.

        1. I refer to the Global Peace Index for that, and Australia is in 13th spot overall. Personally their island could sink and it would not bother me one bit but they are considered a peace loving nation. Hard to believe I know.

        1. I sure do and it’s not hate, it’s pity, pity to see such a great country lose its way.

          I think it’s absolutely sickening to see such a once great nation embrace torture as it did. Guantanamobushobummertrumpo on the Bay resort still open? That’s sick.

          Still looking for a weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, killing lots and lots of innocents, invading under false pretense and after 15 years that country is still there killing people? That’s sick.

          When the status changes, I’ll change. It’s as simple as that.

    2. MDN’s ACTUAL take, not soo long ago…
      “Of course, the inherent danger of censorhsip is that you make the censored more alluring by elevating the musings of run-of-the-mill crackpots into ideas too “dangerous” to hear.”
      See how “crackpots” used to be there? I’m sure they weren’t referring to Alex…

    1. Another example of standard Jones behavior:

      Last week, InfoWars posted a video with the caption, “Mark Randazza joins Alex Jones to explain how Alex won his anti-SLAP suit against the Sandy Hook lawsuit levied against him, but he graciously waved the fees he was entitled to be rewarded with.”

      The 13-minute video itself contains no such thing. It simply says that Jones has offered to waive the fees IF he wins the currently pending lawsuit. I had somebody earlier today cite the caption against me as evidence that Jones had already won a court judgement against the greedy alleged parents who had wrongfully sued him.

      If Apple had linked to that video Podcast with that caption, it would have been helping Jones spread a falsehood.

      1. So, you don’t know if the caption is correct or not? No benefit of a doubt, got it.

        Yet you make the leap and immediate rush to judgement:

        “If Apple had linked to that video Podcast with that caption, it would have been helping Jones spread a falsehood.”

        Apple would be allowing access to free speech, right, wrong, positive or hateful. They could easily issue a blanket disclaimer stating their position. Let the marketplace decide while defending the first amendment and dropping censorship, shall we? …

        1. Yes, I KNOW THAT THE CAPTION IS WRONG! I watched the entire video and it says what I said, not what the caption says. There is no doubt to give anyone the benefit of. There is no “leap to judgement” involved. The lie is directly observable. If you claim otherwise, you are a liar like Jones.

          The First Amendment protects unpopular opinions. It does not grant a license to harm other people with deliberate lies about readily discoverable facts. The legal definition of “actual malice” is “reckless disregard for the truth.” The InfoWars caption falsely states as a fact that Jones has already won a lawsuit against the Sandy Hook parents and was entitled to damages. That false statement was aimed at influencing the public, including the jury pool for his multiple pending trials.

          If you think that we should “let the marketplace decide” what the truth is, you either don’t know what truth is or you don’t care. Even if Apple were bound by the First Amendment as if it were a government agency, it was justified in not publishing the lie, because it could have been liable for the foreseeable consequences. In fact, it is not a government agency, so it has no duty to spread hateful opinions, either. That isn’t censorship, it is protecting your commercial good will, the biggest asset that any business possesses.

          Another definition: A socialist is someone who believes that the government should control the means of production. When you advocate the nationalization of Apple and other social media, you are acting as a socialist, GeoB, not as a conservative.


            I did not watch the video, no interest in the guy. Was simply replying to what you said, and misread so a simple misunderstanding. Relax.

            The second part of my post is the meat of the matter. You did not comment on it. Your normal MO is sift through to point out something wrong, ignore the rest and then launch a tedious lecture fest according to liberal orthodoxy.

            Very aware of the details in the First Amendment as it applies to free speech and unpopular speech.

            I am certainly no defender of the crap out of Jones mouth, he has no credibility with me and handled the Sandy Hook debacle badly and is insensitive to the families.

            That said, will defend his right to say it as long as it is legal and hurts no one.

            I don’t need a lecture from you on Apple’s legal status and there legal obligations in this debate. Well known to me for decades and posted many times before, guess you missed it.

            “In fact, it is not a government agency, so it has no duty to spread hateful opinions, either. That isn’t censorship, it is protecting your commercial
            good will, the biggest asset that any business possesses.”

            Yes, it is “censorship.” Everyone knows it with the exception of Apple apologists and the clueless left, like you.

            Legally, Apple can censor and discriminate against right wing conspiracies all day long. Put on your big boy pants, suck it up and call it for what it is. But honestly, never going to happen.

            But the fact remains that Apple allows hate speech, far, far worse from the LEFT — and then censors only the RIGHT — is the biggest hypocrisy of our time. SJW Cook’s legacy: censoring right hate speech and selling more foul and disturbing hate speech from the left for profit. How far you have taken Apple, Tim.

            You just don’t see it and I don’t care how loud and long the apologists deny it. Personally, I will not purchase from iTunes indefinitely until fair and balanced practices are enacted that give equal treatment to both sides …

            1. I guess we are at an impasse. You want to call me a leftist even while you are calling on Big Government to crack down on Apple’s use of its own property. You claim I am opposed to free speech even while you want Apple to be forced to publish lies that have already incited to violence.

              Clearly, we do not share a common intellectual universe. We both want to make America great again, but my dream of a country where we all have equal opportunities regardless of race, sex, or ethnicity is your worst nightmare. A return to the early 1950s is one of mine.

            2. “I guess we are at an impasse.”

              Yes, for three reasons: you refuse to answer my posts directly and go off on tangents and deflection; you put words in my mouth misrepresenting my beliefs and positions; you call me a liar and accuse me of being a socialist (the best laugh I’ve had this year).

              Sterling fresh example:

              “Big Government to crack down on Apple’s use of its own property.”

              For the SECOND time, stop putting words in my mouth! Never said that nor do support it.

              There you go again, TWICE in the same post!

              “but my dream of a country where we all have equal opportunities regardless of race, sex, or ethnicity is your worst nightmare.”

              My worst nightmare?!?!?! No other way to say it, you LIE.

              See? Understand? Capisce paisan?

              Because you are such a snide elitist know it all who keeps mischaracterizing me, selective reading according to your narrow stereotyping and political beliefs, will NOT admit you are wrong, forget an apology I’ll win the lottery first, and until you stop, yes the “impasse” stands.

              If you read this far, which I highly doubt — blowing off my post in 3… 2… 1…

  2. I’m just going say this, and will not entertain any discussion (everyone is well aware of my opinion on this loathsome individual).

    Why in the world would anyone, let alone MDN believe anything that comes out of this persons mouth with regards to his own traffic or business? He makes up literally everything he talks about on a daily basis. So why should this be any different? Download are one thing, that’s traceable, but sibsrichers? Seriously? His own website flaslifies those numbers and has been proven in court to do so… so why in the hell would anyone take anything this jackass says seriously?

    1. Well said. Snowflakes don’t need nannies, government handouts or tech company censorship to protect them from the real world. They need to LEARN, take personal responsibility, discern fact from fiction and most importantly — learn the difference between right and wrong. Admittedly, it has become more difficult with poor education standards, Hollywood upsetting standards now celebrating bad guys and the daily fake media. Certainly, not difficult to overcome …

    2. Sure, all we need is for the government to establish a Ministry of Truth to prohibit Fake News (anything that shows the government in a bad light) and to require private companies to publish Real News (anything that furthers a xenophobic agenda). Perhaps Comrade GeoBbels could serve as Minister.

      Government censorship would be terrible for Alex Jones, but it is clearly required for outfits that upset alt-right snowflakes. /s

      1. 2014: “The Obama Administration’s Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is poised to place government monitors in newsrooms across the country”

        Is that the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” you are referring to?

        “Perhaps Comrade GeoBbels could serve as Minister.”

        No, socialism exists on your leftist side, no sarcasm here.

        “alt-right snowflakes”

        Oh look, you found a cute new fake term. Ahhh, no such thing …

          1. Clear explanation, LOL!

            MJ: “In April 2013, the consultants at SSI proceeded to produce a jargon-filled, mind-numbingly boring 78-page proposal that included surveys to (a) assess the “Critical Information Needs” of the American public, and (b) assess whether our nation’s local broadcasters were meeting these needs.”

            Under Obama, gee, what a surprise.

            MJ: “Among other things, this project would include interviews with a few news directors, general managers, and so forth, asking them probing questions like “What is the news philosophy of the station?” and “Who decides which stories are covered?” They also proposed to ask HR managers about the demographic makeup of each station’s staff. Once again—you guessed it—no one cared.”

            Obama administration did not care? Right, the article neglected to address that even though it was conducted under the Obama administration. Democratic Party certainly cared introducing two or was it three bills after 2000 to revive the Fairness Doctrine that went nowhere.

            Talk about Big Democrat Government intervention and disrespect for the Constitution and First Amendment regarding the newsroom intrusive SSI study. Despicable. Not surprisingly, Democrats have been roundly defeated trying to regulate or rewrite the Second Amendment for decades. Even the phony Assault Weapons ban signed by Clinton was put out to pasture and lead to Republicans taking control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 45 years in 1994.

            MJ: “Once again—you guessed it—no one cared. Public comments were officially solicited, and eight sleepy months later Republicans on the House Communications and Technology subcommittee sent the FCC a letter protesting the study. Beyond that, no one cared.”

            Talk about selective opinion. No one cared? Well, eight “sleepy” Republicans cared. Sleepy WTF, crafted to denigrate not to enlighten. How about it was time to act and they were up to the task. No mention of the results of public comment survey. Possibly the survey participants were not that sleepy.

            MJ: “Beyond that, no one cared.”


            This is irresponsible writing and I won’t insult journalists by calling it journalism. This is Leftist opinion propaganda tripe and irresponsible selective reporting. You write exactly like they do which is why this is your favorite source, quoted before, and that speaks volumes ABOUT YOU.

            My post was about circa 2014, not 2013 backward. Noted, you did not comment on it or the other points in my post.

            Mother Jones is a known tool for the Democratic Party and have zero standards when it comes to the whole truth. Fake news …

            1. Ok, so which factual assertion in the article was incorrect? The Federal Communications Act makes broadcasters trustees of the public frequencies that they use. They have a primary legal duty to serve the public interest, unlike a company like Apple that enjoys the freedom to do as it will. That duty remained, even after the Fairness Doctrine was abolished.

              Broadcasters must affirmatively demonstrate, every time their license comes up for renewal, that they have served the needs of the entire community where their transmitter is located. The FCC generally relies on self-reporting, so non-renewal is fairly rare. They proposed having a group of academics conduct some interviews to see how seriously broadcasters take their legal responsibilities. The idea came from the FCC, which is an independent bipartisan commission, not from the Obama administration. As is often the nature of academic grant proposals, it was not very exciting and it ultimately went nowhere.

              That would have been the end of the story if the current FCC Chairman had not chosen to distort it into a full-blown conspiracy theory, with the literally Dark Eminence in the White House stationing observers in every newsroom in the land. It is a fable fully worthy of InfoWars.

            2. If tedious deflection was an Olympic sport, you would win gold every time for just showing up.

              You don’t want to debate Liberal MJ whores and pretend factual reporting, fine. I understand why, you have nothing to defend and know it. So, off onto more tedious deflection.

              Well, you don’t want to debate MJ article, fine. I don’t want to read the rest of your post and under “no duty” to respond to it.

              What goes around, comes around …

            3. This isn’t about Mother Jones. It is about whether YOU told the truth when you alleged a Obama conspiracy to “place government monitors in newsrooms across the country.”

              You didn’t. You lied. You are a liar. By advocating a government takeover of Apple’s right to control its own message, you are a socialist. A lying socialist.

              That isn’t an ad hominem argument in an attempt to prove something else. You yourself have proved that you are a lying socialist.

            4. Knew it in advance, more deflection coming.

              The game works this way. I directly answered your MJ post, particularly pointing out the left wing dubious credibility of Mother Jones. Hard to believe people still take them seriously, but then again, people also believe The Onion and in the tooth fairy.

              Now, it’s your turn for rebuttal. THEN we can move on and I will gladly discuss the Obama related quote from the Internet.

              “advocating a government takeover of Apple’s right to control its own message”

              Your first mistake: Never said that and you are putting words in my mouth.

              Your second mistake: Called me a liar with no evidence. What happened to evidence, Mr. prosecutor and innocent until proven guilty? Your opinionated self righteous accusations are just that, certainly not fact.

              Your third mistake: “You yourself have proved that you are a lying socialist.” Had to pause for a couple minutes because I was laughing so hard, thought I was going to bust the buttons on my blazer and drop my iPhone. Nuff said …

              Suspected the day would come when a measured elitist writing in pseudo-intellectual style.just blows up and becomes irrational, it just happens …

            5. I, at one time, was a reader of Mother Jones. I unsubscribed from their newsletter. I found it too far left for my taste. Whiny would be the keyword and full of glorious narcissism. Why would I continue to read such tripe…

            6. Same here. Read it in the beginning and dropped it for veering too far left. Don’t forget the PC cancer, but your description of MJ is spot on …

  3. So forbidden fruit displays it’s magnetism again. The tin foil hat crowd will just lap his stuff up.

    The sad part is that this nonsense and stuff like it has come to dominate the news cycle and just feeds the dysfunction of our system of government. Just like The Donald’s Tweets, the spectacle distracts while the real stuff is going on elsewhere.

  4. Its amazing that so many Mac users support BS !! If Apple built POS computers like Alex Jones spreads news you people would not use them… they would be crap.. nothing would work correctly.. they would advertise features that don’t even exist but you would believe they do.. it is not a badge of honor to support people that put out fake news and treat them like hero’s! You only do it because you don’t think it affects you.. right up until it actually does.. Tim Cook supports LGBTQ rights because he knows what its like to be discriminated against.. I suspect many over privileged white people that post here don’t know what that is like! Why would Steve jobs live his company in the hands of this person if he didn’t trust this person even knowing his LGBTQ relationship ? You all want to hold Steve as a saint.. yet he chose this man to take over his company… that says a lot about his political and social values.. Alex jones is not free speech.. he is hate speech.. and needs to be eliminated from social media.. he can set up his own server..why does public media need to support him.. if people love him .. pay to support his own web server.. out STFU about your freedom of speech !

    1. “Its amazing that so many Mac users support BS !!”

      You miss the whole point. It has nothing to do with supporting BS. It has everything to do with the Apple worm has turned supporting CENSORSHIP.

      Twitter NOW upholds the U.S. Constitution freedom of speech, Apple does not. Sad.

      Your support of gays and hate for white people has nothing to do with it. Rational my ass …

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