Apple hits new all-time high while much of the rest of tech tanks on Facebook woes

“Apple withstood the tech plunge Thursday, holding tight to its all-time highs even as Facebook drags the sector lower,” Sara Salinas reports for CNBC. “Shares of Apple were essentially flat in midday trading, down a fraction of 1 percent. Earlier in the day, the stock reached a new high of $195.96.”

“Meanwhile, Facebook is on pace for its worst day ever after its second-quarter earnings report. Amazon, which reports earnings after the bell Thursday, fell nearly 2 percent. Twitter fell almost 4 percent after a shot from President Donald Trump, and Microsoft fell roughly 1 percent,” Salinas reports. “By noon ET the S&P tech sector was down 1.5 percent.”

“Apple reports its quarterly earnings next week, as it nudges closer to $1 trillion market value,” Salinas reports. “The stock is up 15 percent on the year and more than 25 percent in the last 12 months.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Q318 results are scheduled to be revealed on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, at market close. Check our homepage right around 4:30pm EDT for the results report.

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  1. Amazon missed on revenue but stock surged 3.11% to $1862. After hours. Needless to say Amazon rallies every day Why?. Because blah blah you know the answers why?.

    1. The CNBC article states, “Twitter fell almost 4 percent after a shot from President Donald Trump…”

      The Tweet is the “shot” from President Trump.

      Not sure why anyone would fail to figure that out, but there you go.

    2. because Trump Daily News thinks Donald J. Drumph walks on water. They enable factfree trolls to carpet bomb this site pretending to be conservatives when they are just dumbass political propagandists ultimately doing what Putin is attempting: dividing America into two bickering extremes, distrustful of everything that America used to stand for.

      Nothing in this article has to do with Apple, it’s clickbait to serve up more google ads.

      The market didn’t tank because of Facebook. It’s in churn with every lie Trump utters daily. The administration can’t even keep up with the constantly changing tunes that echo inside Trumps empty orange head. The market is starting to feel it though. Small business, agriculture, and importers are being set up for a major downgrade. Worst of all, no policy goals or guidelines exist. Just a monkey tweeting away at what he hates today. Nobody can trust the Administration to follow up on threats, nor competently execute prior policies that actually worked well in the past. It’s a tin pot dictator reality show. Forget to suck the orange cock and the dictator wannabe will tax you to oblivion with protectionist tariffs that hurt the US more than the overseas suppliers. Praise and kiss the hand and suddenly special exemptions will be promised, though soon forgotten.

      Of course there are exceptions to the market dropoff. Amazon is flying high despite Trumps pathetic anti Bezos tirades because they are killing it in both wholesale and web serving. Best of all, Bezos can take his AWS anywhere he wants, and your data with him. Out of US jurisdiction if needed. Welcome to the real world.

      Apple is the definition of conspicuous wannabe wealth demonstration to a generation addicted to social media and mobile apps, so living is easy for caretaker Cook. Of course he’s missing the next big thing because all he cares about is subscrptions and app sales. For example AAPL has no cloud service presence, they are a middleman renting servers from companies that are competent enough to make the backbone of the internet and powerful servers. As a mere gadget maker, Apple will continue to be at risk of a trade war because Apple chose to put all its supply eggs in China’s basket. Look how that works out: In less than 1 year, Apples latest iPhone is completely ripped off and sold in China. Sales in the USA are high, but not necessarily in the rest of the world. Tariffs won’t help.

      Trump’s answer to perceived trade unfairness is an 1820’s economic vision that will tax products Americans buy that he doesn’t like. As a samsung user, that puts Apple in the front line of his next arbitrary 25% cost hike. Who knew that making America strong would also make America poorer and more stupid?

      And it’s only getting more weird by the day as the administration tosses out stupid proposal after stupid proposal from the dwindling cast of rotating swamp creatures. Well we can all rest happily knowing that endangered species are now practically guaranteed to go extinct in the name of corporate greed, US tax payers will keep shelling out for agricultural welfare, Trump will blame the Fed if anything bad happens to the stock market, oil price shocks may return as the stupid saber rattling in the middle east continues, humanitarian crises including cruel treatment of children by a deranged border policy will not end, clean air and water will be things of the past, and American coal miners, all 200k of them, will enjoy… nothing. Because Trump lied to them too. Is this all great or what?

      1. I’d give this a dozen stars if I could. The people confused about what it takes to make an economy the size of the United States actually change course, the time, the sheer volume of dollars simply don’t get it. Mr. Trump, even if he made the economy better (a genuinely arguable point since the debt has reached truly frightening levels) is not a worthy national leader. This is not to suggest that anyone the Democrats might put forward would be better. This is not and should be an US vs. THEM scenario. It should be about honesty, honorable action, respect, actual compassion, fairness, and other traditional American values. Yes of course immigration should be properly controlled, yes of course we need more reasonable equity with our international trading partners, yes of course we should be talking with Russia, China and North Korea, yes of course we should be promoting American products, companies and people. But those things SHOULD be possible without the blizzard of untruths, dissembling, foreign entanglements, self aggrandizement, and history of sexual peccadilloes. We can do better as a nation with a leader MOST of us (not just the members of the Electoral College) can respect and follow with pride.

    3. there is a precinct south of south glens falls, east of route 9, that voted for trump 58% to 35% according to the online article in the ny times yesterday.

  2. Any company whose product is its users is going to face more and more friction. That’s especially true in the new markets these tech companies are developing.

    Would you use a Google autonomous vehicle, or an Apple, knowing that one of them will be tracking, examining, and attempting to monetize every single trip you take?

      1. The difference is one (Google) will be tracking and examining to do the monetizing (selling consumers’ shopping trips, commuting, and road trips to who-knows-who). Apple will do those things to improve the experience, and charge their customers a fair price for their cars or the use of them.

          1. This is not controversial. Apple has a proven track record of advocating for privacy rights and for building their products and services i ways that fundamentally protect their customer’s data. Google has a solid track record of doing the opposite.

            Maybe it doesn’t matter to you if it’s just your online footprint (web browsing, shopping, social graph, etc.) But it will matter to many people when it’s their every movement through physical space.

            1. It’s not controversial because I trust no company. There are no angels in my book. With Google I’m aware and it’s the price I pay for their stuff, like I watch commercials during shows, though I do t lie them.

              And don’t even think of calling differential privacy privacy unless you can opt out. They are getting info without paying for it otherwise. You are contributing without being compensated.

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