Chinese stocks end at 2-year low, Apple suppliers sink on trade-war concerns

“Asian exporters took a heavy hit Tuesday, with China stocks suffering their lowest close in two years, following President Donald Trump’s announcement of potentially $400 billion in additional tariffs against imports from that country,” Dow Jones Newswires reports.

“China stocks closed at their worst levels since June 2016 following Monday’s holiday and amid increased trade tensions with the U.S.,” Dow Jones Newswires reports. “The Shanghai Composite fell 3.8% to and the Shenzhen Composite slid 6% to 1,666.66, its worst finish since September 2015.”

“Apple Inc. suppliers’ stocks were hit hard around the region, despite a report that U.S. tariffs would spare iPhones produced in China,” Dow Jones Newswires reports. “iPhone-camera maker Cowell E Holdings slumped 12% in Hong Kong to fresh record lows, while smartphone-lens maker Sunny Optical pulled back 5.3% and acoustics firm AAC Technologies dropped 3.3%. In Taiwan, Sunny peer Largan Precision ended down 5.2%. Apple product assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry dropped 2.4%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Emotion is a necessary component of negotiation.

When the final result is expected to be a compromise, it is often prudent to start from an extreme position. ― John Maynard Keynes

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  1. This is certainly a great opportunity to develop trade relationships with others. It might be said that when the final result is expected to be a compromise, it is often prudent to start from an extreme position though sometimes that can lead to someone holding an empty bag.

    1. “Most people think small because they are afraid of success, afraid of making decisions, afraid of winning.” ― Donald J. Trump

      “The best thing you can do is deal from strength, and leverage is the biggest strength you can have. Leverage is having something the other guy wants. Or better yet, needs. Or best of all, simply can’t do without. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, which is why leverage often requires imagination, and salesmanship. In other words, you have to convince the other guy it’s in his best interest to make the deal.” ― Donald J. Trump

        1. You lie.

          1. I lie? Where is my lie?

            Even if, as the tweet says, the photos are not from the current situation, we wouldn’t know, would we, since the press is not allow to see inside the detainment facility. Refusing the free press is, itself an agregeous affront to the constitution and American values.

            Secondly, if the photos were a lie, I didn’t post them, ipso facto, not my lie.

            Thirdly, the tweet is from Trump, from whom lies flow like water from a tap so why should we believe what he says.

            Fourthly, even Lyin’ Trump’s tweet says the Democrats’ tweet was a mistake. He never says it is a lie. So where is the lie? Mistakes aren’t lies, they’re mistakes.

            It sounds like you are implying that it is not true that children are being separated from their parents for illegally crossing the border. If that is what you are saying then you are the liar.

            I’ve seen previous examples of you attempting to dismiss people who have a different opinion than you with the phrase, “You lie.” as if you have settled the issue with a swift swing of an axe. Your phrase settles nothing. Your Trump tweet means nothing.

            What does mean something is the pressing issue that children from infants to teens are being cruelly separated from their parents by the Trump regime under the guise of Making America Great Again. MAGA is the greatest overarching lie spewing forth from the greatest pathological liar of our times. And that is not a lie, it is an easily supported opinion.

            It seems apparent to me from your many twisted, outrageous posts that you have little ability in differentiating lie from fact and lie from opinion.

            No lie.

          2. I have checked into enough of your links and assertions over the years to know that you based the majority of your posts on falsehoods.

            With respect to a Trump tweet…how could I take any of his tweets seriously? Trump lies incessantly and contradicts himself so frequently that it is impossible to know where he truly stands. The only thing certain with Trump is his ego – he wants to be praised and worshiped, even though he is unworthy of either.

          1. Hmm, sounds like this a lie of false equivalents and misdirection. What are the facts? We’re the children being held during the Obama Administration separated from their parents? Of course not. Were the families who were being held, being held as intact family units? Of course they were.

            See that is the monumental difference. It is the difference between a compassionate American administration, and the unconscionable acts of a brutal administration of a morally bankrupt politition who would harm children and the sanctity of family to advance his despicable political agenda.

            For one who is quick to point out real or imagined lies, do you see the lie here?

          2. Good to read you pointed out the facts as others like Think have done. This is nothing more than irresponsible media behavior revising history and only attacking Republicans. They should be sued into oblivion …

      1. It’s quite telling to see just quotes without any personal thought added to it.

        I wonder why that is? Oh yeah.

        “Because we’re so stupid.”

        Donald Trump

        1. The topic is Asian stocks, brainless. Not the same out of context quote you post over and over again. Your hatred for President Trump and repeated attempts to make him look bad is OBVIOUS …

          1. Trump requires no additional help to look bad. He gets full credit for that. His own wife finally even spoke out against him. Amazing. One wonders if she, an illegal immigrant, will also be deported.

            1. He only looks bad to irrational detractors and blame specialists working in the media. To the rest of us that are fair and apply common sense — HE IS MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

    2. This is an opportunity to develop trade relationships with which countries?

      Most of America’s long standing trading partners have been messed around by America recently. It has become an opportunity for other nations to fill the vacuum which has just been created, by forging new trading alliances which don’t involve America.

      If we’re quoting Keynes, it’s always worth mentioning “You have not, I suppose, ever mixed with politicians at close quarters. They are awful… their stupidity is inhuman….”

        1. Then we can add that Trump is not a genius, either. Nor is he very stable. Nor is he a true businessman – he is a mostly-failed developer who has bribed or extorted or threatened or paid off to get what he wants. His family has done the same – fraudulent tactics with the SoHo tower, for example. Leveraging the White House to enrich himself and his family. Appointing other billionaires to positions of power so that they can tear apart the fabric of our government for their own ends. Appointing people for judgeships that are deemed utterly unworthy by their peers. Trump meant what he said about when he stated that he wanted his people to stand at attention for him just like the NK “supreme leader” demands from his people. We have elected an egomaniacal, would-be tyrant as POTUS, and we are rapidly paying the price.

          Not everything that Trump does is awful, but most of it is.

        2. by definition, Trump is a politician.

          we understand you have only a weak grasp of reality but come on. you’re just embarrassing yourself.

          whoever is paying you to troll for Trump must be very good to you. Trump could be caught redhanded committing felonies in broad daylight and you would still come here to fellate, defend, and troll for the idiot. and blame everybody else, of course.

      1. Well the way Apple’s home nation is evoking a sense of isolationism and protectionism I think we are seeing a lot of new trade possibilities such as the One Belt One Road initiative by China and the Trans Pacific Partnership. EU will be eyeing new trade initiatives, and certainly the UK, especially as it is leaving the EU block.

        I like the quote about politicians, nice.

  2. Negotiating from a position of strength? Let’s look at another of Trump’s negotiations…

    Separating children and infants from their mothers in the name of obtaining political negotiating leverage against one’s opponents, is not negotiating from a position of strength but instead negotiating from a position of extreme weakness…moral bankruptcy.

    And make no mistake, that is exactly what is happening as there is no requirement in any law to separate families illegally crossing the US boarder. This is negotiating by blackmail against citizens of conscience!

    And then, for the monster, Trump, to blame Democrats for his own despicable actions is tantamount to holding a baby up by the neck and squeezing till it’s face turns blue and saying, “See, this is your fault! You’re making me do this!” It is a political negotiation tactic and it is immoral and unconscionable!

    Many of these good people are only trying to escape gang wars and turmoil in their own countries and are looking for safe harbor and a better life in the US. Would you deny your neighbor in crisis from seeking shelter in your house? To do so is a most heinous and un-Christian form of selfishness and neglect. Is this the America you want? Most immigrants work so hard to succeed and contribute greatly to our society when they get here. What is the matter with you people?

    If you voted for Trump, this stain is on you! If you accept this monter’s actions, this stain is on you! This is nothing less than politically motivated, state-sactioned child abuse and all who stand silent are equally guilty of this wrongness. Shame on you! You will be held accountable.

    1. And not only is it state sanctioned child abuse, it is also torture for the parents on the level of Sophie’s Choice. Except there is no choice here, all your children are taken away by the government with no information as to what will happen or if they will ever see their children again. Imagine if this happened to you! How sick is it that our elected officials are using a family’s children as a weapon of psychological torture against them for illegally crossing the border into our expansive country and great society! I ask you lockstep Trump supporters, is there no room for them here? Is there no room in your black hearts you compassionless shits! Is this making America great again?

      The Trump regime spits upon American values.

        1. Donald Trump is a pathological liar and his tweets are the tweets of a president attempting to become a dictator. If you use his tweets to make your arguments, then you have made no meaningful argument.

          This tweet is him attempting to put the blame on Dems by holding a baby up by the neck and squeezing until it’s face turns blue while saying, “See, this your fault! You’re making me do this!” “Give me my wall or I’ll hurt children and torture their parents until you do!” Great way to govern…if you are a dictator.

          No, Donald, YOU are doing his. You are despicably traumatizing children to bend Dem’s to your will. What could be more utterly heinous? And by the way, I thought Mexico was going pay for your unneeded, resource wasting wall.

          1. Your HATE for the president and multiple factual errors mixed with opinion makes you a “pathological” MORON. President Trump has done more for the economy in 1.5 years than Obama has done in a lifetime. Chew on the statistics blind, deaf and dumb …

            1. Sorry GoeB-
              I disagree. The tax breaks by and large go to the wealthy and they will eventually lead to the lack of resources to do public works and support our many government systems and services. Seems good now, but will hurt the economy in the long run.

              The mere fact that Trump got elected is the reason for the run up in the stock market. No real accomplishment but one that trump did caused that positive outlook on wall street. The one of which I am speaking is the one-time tax holiday that even Clinton was planning to do. But the stock market is fickle. They may like trump when he is eliminating regulations and letting the foxes rule the hen house. But they will not like a trade war one bit.

              If you cannot see Trump’s leanings toward authoritarianism, then it is you, my friend, who are the blind, deaf and dumb person of little brain.

    2. If you are smuggling a child then we will prosecute you, and that child will be separated from you as required by law. If you don’t like that, then don’t smuggle children over our border.

      If the Democrats would sit down instead of obstructing, we could have something done very quickly — good of the children, good for the country, good for the world. We have the worst immigration laws in the entire world. Nobody has such sad, such bad… and actually in many cases, such horrible and tough [laws]. — U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

        1. The stain on American history, the torture of immigrants, the destabilization of the world economy and our trusted alliances, and the sunset of our beloved democracy, all acts of a hopeful despot executing master Putin’s directives (you think he comes up with this shit himself), are, as a Trump supporter, on you, my friend.

          As a willful follower of Trump, you too are a clueless Putin puppet.

          What a genius chess player Putin is sitting and plotting in the Kremlin, pulling the strings of Donald Trump to shape world events like sowing seeds of division at the G7, making sure Kim gets his nukes, arranging an unlikely summit with same, telling Trump to start a trade war with the world, disrupting and influencing free elections around the world. Wow! When he is done, the world will be ruled by dictators put in place by Putin, and fully beholden to Putin. It’s easy to see.

          Putin does loves manipulatable fools like you.

          Or maybe you are not a fool at all. Maybe you take us all for fools. Maybe you disdain America and what it stands for. There are many Putin nationals living in the US and abroad engaged in a campaign to cyber-disperse anti-American ideals and opinions. Perhaps you are one.

          If you live in the US, perhaps you are one a group of immigrants in the US that truly are a threat to our national security pounding away daily on your keyboard sowing fear, confusion and chaos. Perhaps you and your family should be rounded up and have your children separated from you. Perhaps you should be labeled as an enemy combatant and sent to Guantanamo to be water boarded for your treason to the the United States of America.

          The stuff you put out there is certainly an affront to American ideals and fits the conspiracy theory I described above.

          Trump calls people who stand up to him, traitors. Trump has stated that he would like it if he could be permanent president; he has attacked our precious cornerstone of democracy, the free press; he has assailed our judicial system, our law enforcement institutions and our allies; he regularly praises and admires murderous dictators; and he has stated that he would like it if the citizens of the US could be made to stand at attention in his presence. Sounds like a traitor at best, or a monster at worst. You are an acolyte, what does that say about you?

      1. “Crime in Germany is up 10% plus (officials do not want to report these crimes)…”

        …Because THEY DIDN’T HAPPEN. Crime rates in Germany are at their lowest level since 1982, and are down quite substantially this year as compared to the same point in 2017. The facts don’t fit the Trump narrative that immigrants are dangerous criminals, so he lied.

        A native-born US citizen is roughly twice as likely to commit a crime as a legal immigrant. Even an undocumented immigrant is significantly less likely to commit a crime (other than misdemeanor immigration violations) than a US citizen. If we want to start excluding people from the US because they might be criminals, we should deport our citizens first, not the immigrants. The facts don’t fit the Trump narrative, so he lies.

        I can come up with no explanation for Mr. Trump’s over-the-top attitude towards immigrants apart from self-loathing. As the first US President to have two parents who learned English as a second language, he is ashamed at the blot on his claim to be the most American president since George Washington.

      2. Jeff Sessions AG and typical southern racist piglet with too much power.

        Why would you quote such a piglet who mischaracterizes desperate families as children smugglers to justify repugnant policies?

        You’re like the bow on the basket of deplorables that are the supporters of this dangerous man.

  3. Well as I stated, it is a conspiracy theory. Conjecture. And yes it is my opinion. And yes it is partisan as is the political climate in this country.

    Am I a moron? Probably no more so than you.

    Factually incorrect? Remains to be seen. I hope I am factually incorrect.

    True, the world economy has not been damaged yet. But thanks to Trump’s tarrifs, it is not an unlikely scenario.

    Did Kim get some serious nuke tech from Russian sources? Yes. Was Putin involved? Maybe. Probably.

    Is Kim beholden to Putin? Likely.

    Are Russian operatives posing as ordinary citizens working the social media to disseminate fake news and disinformation? Yes.

    Not sure what specific things I said at that you think are factually incorrect. But with the flood of factually incorrect info and mischaracterizations pouring out of Trump’s tweets. I think I should be afforded a bit of leeway.

    It easy to dismiss a person’s arguments with straight up rejection and insult. More difficult to explain the reasons for your point of view. Show me where I’m wrong. Put up or shut up.

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