If President Trump and Kim Jong-un are texting each other, it’s probably on an Apple iPhone

“If Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are texting each other, it’s likely being done using a device made by an American company,” Julie Verhage reports for Bloomberg. “This week, the two leaders met in person, kicking off a significant summit between the nations and marking the first face-to-face encounter between a U.S. president and a leader of North Korea. As they spoke, they probably checked emails, texts and made phone calls on something like an iPhone, according to research from U.S. cybersecurity firm Recorded Future.”

“‘Our analysis reveals the overwhelming presence of American hardware and software on North Korean networks and in daily use by senior North Korean leaders,’ the report says. Most North Koreans, by contrast, only have access to a limited number of sites using state-sanctioned tools —though the design of those tools is often distinctly Mac-like,” Verhage reports. “In particular, Kim Jong Un himself seems to be an avid Apple user. The leader has been photographed several times using devices from the tech giant, here with an iMac and here with a MacBook Pro.”

“As of Tuesday afternoon in Singapore, the two leaders said they had decided to “leave the past behind,” and signed what they called a ‘comprehensive document,'” Verhage reports. “The agreement, according to Trump, will put North Korea on a path to denuclearization ‘very quickly.’ In exchange, the U.S. could loosen its sanctions —maybe even on iPhones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Trump and Kim are texting each other, we’d love to read those messages, but since they’re very likely using Apple’s secure end-to-end encrypted iMessage system on iPhones, that’d be virtually impossible!*

*Unless GrayKey and short non-alphanumeric passcodes were involved

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    1. The answer is: from NK operatives operating in multiple countries. NK has numerous “business owner” operatives in quite a few E. and SE Asian countries that own and run pachinko like parlors along with other businesses. Profit money sent back to NK, along with purchases of latest technology. Common knowledge for those living in the area.

  1. This is exactly why it’s important for Apple to do business with anyone. If Apple had turned their decided not to sell their phones to leaders who run decrepit fifth rate torture state nations neither of them would have an iPhone.

    I wish both of them good luck in their budding bromance. Who knows they may actually do more than talk the peace, they may walk the peace. It would be great to see both sides get rid of their nuclear weapons but I seriously doubt that both will, too much of a level playing field. Still optimism is in the air.

      1. Ah that’s good to hear, I wonder about whether or not I’ve lost my touch. I miss botti, he’d have something nice to say. Anyway, the potential for peace is good news.

  2. The difference between Trump and Obama is perfectly illustrated here. Obama used Samsung, was in favor of screwing Apple with his south korean judge Lucy Koh, and hated Steve Jobs bc Steve was too honest with him. During his tenure NK developed its nuclear program.

    Trump on the other hand uses American designed superior products by Apple, met with Tim Cook, and got the respect of NK leading to a safer and more peaceful world.

    1. Yes, what a stark difference! Not popular with the PC Police, but I’m praying North Korea reforms and joins the free world. Thank you, President Trump for making the effort …

    2. I thought North Korea had already joined the free world. Our own Dear Leader just assured us that Chairman Kim is smart, loves his people, and wants to see wonderful things for his country. Surely Mr. Trump wouldn’t say something that isn’t true about somebody he gets along with so well?

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