A bezel-less iPad with Face ID could look like this; no inelegant kludge (notch) required

“An iPad with Face ID, or at least a model without a physical home button, is very likely to come out this year or next,” Milen Yanachkov writes for phoneArena. Several changes introduced in iOS 12 for iPads, including a host of gestures straight from the iPhone X, seem to corroborate the many reports claiming that a bezel-less iPad is coming.”

“Furthermore, well-regarded market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has gone on record to say that he believes upcoming iPad Pro models will support Face ID, which has opened the floodgates for speculation about a ‘notched’ iPad,” Yanachkov writes. “Having read through countless reports and leaks, we thought we’d offer our two cents and explain why we don’t think the iPad needs a notch, and why we do think an iPad with much narrower bezels and no physical home button is very mcuh a possibility.”

“A notch would be needed only if the bezels are so slim that there’s no room left for [the TrueDepth Camera system], and we don’t think it would be such a great idea to have an iPad with bezels as slim as those of the iPhone X,” Yanachkov writes. “The iPad is a two-handed operation, you need some bezels to be able to hold it comfortably. Palm rejection on current iPad models works wonders, but if you narrow the bezels so much as to match those of the iPhone X, you’re asking for trouble… However, smart UI design, in combination with advanced palm rejection, could potentially allow Apple to reduce the bezels of the iPad to be about as thick as the notch of the iPhone X.”

Thin-bezel TrueDepth Camera-equipped iPad design concept (via phoneArena)
Thin-bezel TrueDepth Camera-equipped iPad design concept (via phoneArena)

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, no inelegant kludge is necessary to deliver the TrueDepth Camera system to iPad Pro, enabling Face ID, attention detection, Portrait Mode Selfies, Animoji, Memoji, and more to come!

Bring it on and spare us the kludgey you-know-what, please! Just put it in the bezel where it belongs. — MacDailyNews, March 7, 2018

As for losing the Home button, we can’t wait! After iPhone X, we’re ruined for all other iOS devices. They feel clunky. Operation is maddeningly staccato. We cannot wait until the rest of Apple’s iOS lineup catches up!

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  1. They’d get a bunch of crap for bezels that oddly sized. I know I’m in the minority on this forum but I actually like the notch, it doesn’t bother me on my iPhone X at all, and it gives it some distinction. An edge to edge display with a notch would be ok on an iPad, ideally it wouldn’t be there, but it could be lived with. All they’d really have to do is the same type of thing they did with the 4” iPhone and 4.7” iPhone with 1/16” black border on either end which would be imperceptible in usage. 10.5” iPad Pro would turn into 11.6 or 12.1”, 12.9 would turn into 14” inside the same chassis. Or they could shrink the chassis and keep the same screen sizes.

    1. Is this worth the time spent to write and then for the public to consume this article?

      Innovation at its highest level. By the way, as a balding man, I may be a little more critical most about this article, as the notch has done a lot for my community.

  2. The best reason for NOT including a notch on the iPad is that many people use the iPad predominantly in landscape mode, as opposed to an iPhone which is most often used in Portrait mode.

    That said, it baffles me that Apple hasn’t made landscape the default view, positioning the cameras and Apple logo appropriately.

  3. With black bezels that will be just fine.

    I do wonder with split screen, if a change is screen ratio would not also be good idea, maybe 16:9 instead of the current 4:3?

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