Apple’s macOS Mojave removes integration with third-party internet accounts like Facebook

“When Apple released iOS 11, the company removed built-in integration with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo, a feature that allowed iPhone and iPad users to store their third-party account information and access it within apps that needed to use those services,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors.

“The equivalent integration remains in macOS High Sierra,” Hardwick reports, “but Reddit user Marc1199 has noted that Apple appears to have removed support for third-party accounts completely in macOS 10.14 Mojave.”

Hardwick reports, “Dropping support for third-party social network accounts fits into Apple’s vision of enhanced privacy protections in macOS 11.14 and iOS 12, both due to release in the fall.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good.

Apple should excise the Facebook cancer from being included by default in their products. If users want to add Facebook to their sharing capabilities, they should be able to do so, but Zuckerberg’s POS privacy-trampling perversion should not the built into Apple’s products as it is wholly incompatible with Apple’s unwavering stance on protecting users’ privacy.MacDailyNews, April 2, 2018

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  1. A benign Facebook is not a bad thing and has it’s useful purposes but any corporation that isn’t regulated to prevent abuse will most certainly succumb to abusing their privilege if there is nothing to stop them. They are like children that way trying to get away with as much as possible before angering their parents (the people & the government).

    Well the anger is here so let’s put protections in place neutering a-hole Data android imitators like the sociopathic unfeeling Zuckerberg.

    1. JD,A is an NSA plant. Pretends be an artist, but really he’s a spy for Google’s Facebook NSA division. JD, Android is what it should really say.

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