Hands-on with iOS 12’s Memoji shows they’re great

“Everyone’s making avatars now: Nintendo started it with its Mii in 2006, on the wildly popular Wii console. Microsoft quickly ‘borrowed’ that idea for Xbox Avatars. Bitmoji — first an independent company, later purchased by Snap — popularized the personalized emojis on mobile devices. And Apple’s Animoji, Samsung’s AR Emoji and Facebook’s Oculus VR avatars all followed,” Scott Stein and Shara Tibken report for CNET. “In that light, Apple’s new Memoji are hardly surprising. But what they are is pretty fun. ”

“They’re a make-your-own avatar toolkit expanding off of Apple’s Animoji, which launched on the iPhone X in November. The feature works by scanning your face and letting your chosen 3D character mimic your facial movements and expressions,” Stein and Tibken report. “Instead of unicorns or robots, Apple’s new Memoji are meant to look like you.”

“They’ll be available on the iPhone X and its high-end successor, or successors, when iOS 12 hits the market this fall,” Stein and Tibken report. “We got to play with Memoji and make our own on Monday at Apple’s WWDC. It works well even with little time to fully customize the avatar. It’s weird, but people probably will love using it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple does it right and makes it fun. We’re not sure why everyone comes out looking like a kid, but we assume some psychological research went into that; everybody wants to look young!


  1. EVERYONE’s a cartoon character! With my own personality though I wish those varmints would license Looney Tunes characters so I could emote & communicate more like an angry Yosemite Sam – which I am. Or as a loud-mouthed schnook like Foghorn Leghorn. (Ooh yeah they should have mood adjustments and not just smiley faces all the time otherwise you have emoji not emoting.)

    OK OK, get a life I know…

    1. I really don’t see how, with the higher quality face tracking, that what you suggest is not the logical result 🙂 I for one welcome our new cutely animated overlords! And then, someone create an animation program that would put THOSE heads on animated bodies. For fun… AND profit!

  2. I can’t wait to try Memoji on my big fella… Dongmoji… we’ll see how accurate that tongue detection is… should be able to detect my dong as one heck of a tongue…

    They don’t call me John Dongler, Dongliste for nuttin’… Yee haw… 8=====================o

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