Apple’s HomePod likely to get Calendar support in iOS 11.4

“The lack of Calendar support for Siri on HomePod has been a glaring issue of Apple’s home speaker since its release earlier this year,” Guilherme Rambo reports for 9to5Mac. “Now new evidence suggests that will soon change when iOS 11.4 is released.”

“Siri Personal Requests on HomePod currently only work for Messages, Reminders and Notes,” Rambo reports. “These are associated with the iPhone that was used to set up HomePod and only work for a single user when both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.”

“A few months after release, HomePod appears to finally be catching up with a feature you would expect from day one,” Rambo reports. “With iOS 11.4 beta 3, the setup interface now shows Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Notes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Slowly, Apple is getting HomePod to where it should have been at launch.

Fingers crossed for stereo paring and multi-room audio finally, too!

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  1. There was a time when Apple was top notch on software / OS, leaving companies like Samsung, Sony and others to be deeply indebted to Googles Android. Now, such software superiority is not always the case, and the homepod is a glaring evidence of it. Let alone the bugs on iOS / OSX and iTunes

  2. I’ve got four HomePods. I control them via iTunes on an iMac. They sound great! Can’t wait for stereo pairing to improve sound and simply volume control in different rooms. Looking forward to a third pair once functionality improves. Would be interested in seeing what Apple could do with a larger HomePod Plus or Pro. Time will tell.

  3. Apple makes money, lots of money, Tim is good at that. But that is only going to last for only so long. Apple is “skimming” off of past innovations. You can cut product offerings only so far. You can introduce half finished new products only for so long. You can forget to excite your loyal customers for only so far before the “skimming” is not enough and that loyalty disappears.

  4. Every 1st gen Apple product ships without some features that everyone seems to think they should have. See: iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch and now HomePod. I bought each one and was/am thrilled with them and even happier when features were added later, usually free with software updates.

  5. How do HomePods work currently with Messages, Reminders and Notes, in a home with multiple people and several iCloud accounts? I think the answer is, it doesn’t. Does anyone know? Specifically, can people with different iCloud accounts use the same HomePod to access their individual Reminders, Messages and Notes or does it only work on a single user basis, which would be pretty much worthless in a home with more than one iCloud account. Please let me know. Thanks.

    1. TS,

      YES, It can work with multiple iCloud accounts!!!

      Step One: Reset the device each time you wish to use it.

      Step Two: Pair with new iCloud account every time you send a message.

      Step Three: There is no step three…

      1. Apple wants you to line up a row of Homepods for every person in the family. Heaven help you if you have multiple iTunes music collections with different tastes.

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