WWDC 2018: What to expect in iOS 12

“Apple’s WWDC developer conference takes place next month,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Whispers earlier this year claimed Apple plans to focus on stability in the release. If that’s true, it means we shouldn’t expect too much in the way of all-new features but can expect some enhancements, alongside battery, performance, and security enhancements.”

“I’m predicting battery, performance, and stability enhancements because the latest claim is that iOS 12 will be compatible with the 5-year-old iPhone 5s,” Evans writes. “I’m not particularly convinced by that claim or the source. However, any move to support the OS on older devices strongly suggests overall performance and stability tweaks that will be of even more benefit when using more recent iPhone models.”

“Apple promised two key improvements (AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud) within iOS 11 at WWDC 2017. Neither of those have yet appeared, so it seems possible these have been held back for iOS 12 or for introduction during a surprise spring event (unlikely),” Evans writes. “Apple is also working on new features for iOS 13. This (apparently) should benefit from an improved CarPlay interface, Mail improvements, and a slew of updates for photography, photo editing, and sharing.”

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  1. I would prefer to hear on a yearly basis what Apple is doing to improve MacOS, Mac computer line in general and what Apple is doing to make the most modern and powerful computers of all friggin’ time! iOS is already good enough for years now. But NOT the stepchild MacPro …

    1. Apple has about $270 billion in cash reserves, I believe. With that cash, Apple should be making the most kick-ass computers available today which would blow away the competition. In the future, there will come a time when computing can be done on a smaller, tablet-like device — where the tablet is a true desktop replacement like Cook and Ive would eventually prefer — but that time is not now.

        1. Totally true. Apple is not executing well on it’s Mac line and should be ashamed. If they were executing well you wouldn’t hear so many disgruntled and disappointed customers.

          How can Apple of all companies have allowed Macs to languish and force people to start looking elsewhere? I would call that poor management, losing focus and an inability to structure the company to make sure the complete product line gets the attention it deserves. And all that lies at the feet of Tim Cook.

          People who know me here know in the past I have been loathe to roast TC over a spit over little hiccups but the honeymoon is over. The hiccups now have gotten deafening.

          1. “How can Apple of all companies have allowed Macs to languish and force people to start looking elsewhere?”

            My guess is when you have a clueless CEO who is more attracted to bling fashion and liberal politics, never used a MacPro to create professional work one day in his life and has mistaken the iPad as the future of computing — sadly, to be expected.

            I’ve been reading your comments for many years and noticed, myself included, our evolution from Cook acceptance, then tolerance and now outright disgust.

            I mean seriously, count the small number of products Apple sells and not all are best in class OR updated regularly. It’s a cryin’ SHAME!!!

            No doubt about it, Cook needs to go, pronto. IPhone sales would be the same under even the most incompetent CEO present or replacement.

            He is a poor caretaker of Apple’s fortune and it is clear he does not care for or looks out for professional users like you and me …

            1. I don’t go with the personal attacks on Tim Cook’s likes and dislikes so much as he was a guy who never had the intense and vested interest in Macs we do. He does in the newer stuff since he joined up later but the history of Apple and where it came from clearly doesn’t resonate as much with him. Despite his lip service, deeds and actions are what are judged. When you know that you can see why things happened the way he did. You would HOPE though that the old timers there would be giving him lessons in Apple culture and reminding him of what they owe their legacy and legacy users.

              And yes he has a hard time executing well, foreseeing problems before they occur and watching out for landmines such as the recent throttling incident not informing consumers about.

            2. Well said, Peter. Not into personal attacks just telling it like it is. I think Cook is a decent good person, just in over his head and ignorant of Apple’s past and fumbling Apple’s future …

  2. Holy cow, please just fix carplay. Native apps are horrible, allow for “competitive” 3rd party apps. What I would give for G maps or Waze as my navigation app!

    1. Critical as I am of Apple at times, Apple Maps has a bad name that it really doesn’t deserve any longer, awful as it was in the beginning. At least around here, Apple Maps has been way better than Google Maps and has been for a while. It would be great to be able to add some additional apps to CarPlay though. If I could add, say, RadarScope to the screen I’d be really happy.

      1. I don’t know in the us, but in Brazil apple maps doesn’t even have turn by turn navigation. It’s totally useless and way below apple standards.
        Would really like to see Waze or google maps on carplay

    1. Emojis?!? Of course, we can expect emojis. I also expect to see updates to their really popular Clips app. I’m sure we will also get great new ways to share our current Apple Music playlists with our friends. You know, since these are all things that developers paying to attend WWDC want to see. Forget stable OS’s and great new updates to Swift. Forget great new hardware. Emojis and fufu crap for everyone!

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