Apple Watch saves life of New York man

“Another day, another report of the Apple Watch saving the life of its wearer, this time a man from New York who suffered from an erupted ulcer,” Aaron Mamiit reports for Tech Times.

“New York resident William Monzidelis, 32 years old, was working at the bowling alley that was their family business in early April when he suddenly started feeling dizzy. He went to the bathroom, where he discovered that he was bleeding. The Apple Watch that he was wearing at the time then told him to seek medical attention,” Mamiit reports. “Nancy, William’s mother, told him that he ‘looked like a ghost’ when he emerged from the bathroom. He took the Apple Watch alert seriously, along with his symptoms, and asked his mother to drive him to the hospital.”

“Once they arrived at the hospital, William had lost 80 percent of his blood, and was discovered to have suffered from an erupted ulcer. He lost so much blood that he needed a transfusion before he could undergo surgery,” Mamiit reports. “The doctors believe that William may not have survived if not for the Apple Watch notification. There was a possibility that he ignored the symptoms because he was previously healthy, which would have placed him in danger of death due to blood loss.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, yeah, saved another life, but Joseph M. Schmo from Hoboken almost managed to get his Android watch to pay for a bag of Fritos yesterday. Almost.

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  1. Another example of the Apple watch being a pretty darn good invention. I remember Jay Morrison’s (anyone remember him) first initial evaluation of the device. He called it clunky and even without seeing it.

    This device is going to have a big impact as time goes on.

    1. Yes the Apple Watch health abilities will only get better. Built in blood glucose reading capability alone would be a massive game changer for so many (with sales to boot).

      What I want to know is how did the Apple Watch sense a problem – elevated heart rate?

      1. I gather is was the heart activity monitor function that went into “seek medical attention” mode. By the time he reached the hospital he had lost 80% of his blood and his blood pressure would have dropped while the heart rate would have increased like crazy.

        That built in blood glucose monitor would be a real game changer and I am very optimistic that this will come to fruition one day.

        I know people have a lot of criticism for Tim Cook, some of it deserved but the Apple Watch is his baby and I think it will be a nice piece of enduring technology, a lot better than the google oogle glasses.

        Have a good one peterblood71,

  2. uuuhhh Love the Apple Watch but hopefully ANYONE who “goes to the bathroom and notices they are bleeding” presumably from blood in his urine or from his rectum would seek medical attention ASAP no matter what the Apple Watch said. I do LOVE my Apple Watch but I don’t think reasonable people need any prodding in these situitions.

  3. “He went to the bathroom, where he discovered that he was bleeding. The Apple Watch that he was wearing at the time then told him to seek medical attention,” ..William’s mother, told him that he ‘looked like a ghost’ when he emerged from the bathroom””

    The guy was dizzy and discovered he was bleeding (doesn’t say from where) and very pale, but he needs a $400 watch to tell him to get medical attention immediately?

    Any other person without an iWatch would have just gone to a clinic or hospital immediately.

  4. Why anyone under these circumstances wouldn’t seek medical attention is beyond me.
    Oh, wait, it isn’t – it’s the USofA with it’s f’ed up health-care system where people don’t go to the ER because they fear being broke more than being dead.

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