What Apple’s $100 billion buyback plan says about President Trump’s tax cuts

“The Republican tax cuts are paying off bigtime for Apple shareholders,” Yuval Rosenberg writes for The Fiscal Times.

“The iPhone maker on Tuesday reported stronger-than-expected earnings for the first three months of the year — but its operating results were overshadowed by the bonanza it announced for shareholders: Apple said it would buy back an additional $100 billion worth of stock from its investors and increase its dividend payout by 16 percent,” Rosenberg writes. “The $100 billion program is reportedly the largest ever. It’s about the size of Ecuador’s GDP, or enough cash to buy companies like Lockheed Martin, Goldman Sachs or Starbucks.”

“Senate Democrats have been tracking buyback announcements since the Republican tax law was passed, and Apple’s is far and away the largest, accounting for more than a quarter of the $390 billion total so far. (Cisco’s $25 billion increase in its repurchase program, announced in February, is second on the list),” Rosenberg writes. “But for now the tax cut winners are clear: ‘Apple Inc lavished cash on its shareholders like no company in history in the first three months of the year and it intends to keep doing so, making the iPhone maker’s investors the clearest winners yet from last year’s sweeping U.S. corporate tax cuts,’ Reuters’ [Noel] Randewich wrote.”

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  1. With risk there is often reward. I don’t know how long I can take all of the pussy grabbing racism. It’s leading to tax cuts, improved economy, corporate investment in America, huge improvements in the black economic sector, vastly improved relations between North Korea and the world, renewed respect for Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, Assad finally getting the bitch slapping he deserves, and so on. I mean what might happen if the assholes in Washington and the media would let the administration actually get to work instead of doing NOTHING except obstructing day in and day out.

      1. https://fee.org/articles/why-is-the-eu-celebrating-karl-marxs-birthday/

        ‘When legal bloodhounds and baying critics fail to take out Trump, what’s next? The Resistance wants Trump’s head — on the chopping block.
        On the domestic and foreign fronts, the Trump administration has prompted economic growth and restored U.S. deterrence. Polls show increased consumer confidence, and in some, Trump himself has gained ground. Yet good news is bad news to the Resistance and its strange continued efforts to stop an elected president in a way it failed to do in the 2016 election.”

        More at link.

          1. BOB, you must be Nancy Pelosi in your real life! Your obsession with “anything Russian” is getting more amusing by the day to an ever growing American population laughing at people like you. Get over your Hillary defeat and put it behind you and kiss the ring of the man who owned your political party in late 2016 and will again in 2020 given your current crop of political candidates to be!

          2. Several of the highest figures in the Trump campaign met with someone whom they believed (correctly) to be an agent of the Russian Government for the express purpose of accepting help from that foreign government to influence an American election. A few days later, material hacked from Democratic Party servers by other agents of the Russian Government was released with the obvious intent (and effect) of influencing that same American election exactly as promised in connection with the meeting.

            None of that is fake news. All the participants agree to the truth of those facts, although they differ on other details.

            If that isn’t collusion with a foreign power, what would be?

        1. Aw…bless. Only communism kills people, nothing to do with despotic corruption and evil manipulation of course, just communism. I mean America troops and ideology killed no one, just ask the Vietnamese…yup, they killed everyone in that conflict.
          How nice to have such a simpleton view of the world.
          I wouldn’t venture beyond your safe little US bubble, there’s a red under every bed here in commie Europe just waiting to get you.
          Thank goodness there is one place in the world, with the historical political sophistication to enable the celebration of one of the world’s greatest thinkers, whatever the outcome of subsequent events.

    1. You are right on. The reason for obstructions like all of the goofy “sexual scandals” is that the last thing the Dems want to be is politically honest. If they were, they would say things like “We want to reverse the tax cuts. We want open borders.” Instead, the game is like what Obama did, which was a bunch of nonsense rhetoric and then get in and try to half Europeanize the country.

    2. Republicans control the whole store:
      SCOTUS 5-4
      Both Houses of Congress
      White House

      So what is the excuse?

      The only obstruction going on is that of justice by the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  2. What is “The Fiscal Times”?!? Never heard of them before.

    The $100B buyback has NOTHING to do with the tax cuts, but everything to do with tax reform. That money was earned long before the cuts were implemented. Apple has been waiting for tax reform to repatriate those funds.

    1. Uh — the tax cuts were PART of tax reform. It was one package. And it was sold as creating middle-class jobs.

      But — gee — it turns out corporations are using the one-time windfall to reward themselves and their stockholders. What a shock.

      1. Uhm, thanks. I understand, but the article implies that the buyback has everything to do with the tax cuts. Maybe you should write to them and remind them about tax reform, since they seem to have forgotten.

        This isn’t a one-time windfall, that’s why it’s REFORM. It’s an on-going correction of a tax policy that no other developed country was using. That money is income. Income belongs to the company and its shareholders. That’s the profit after expenses. It’s what is left over for shareholders or investment, why shouldn’t it go to shareholders?

    2. In addition, buybacks are a net neutral activity for shareholders. Apple is simply converting cash on hand into stock value by slightly increasing my share in the corporation. Trump did not do me any favors with the tax law. The only effect was to reduce the amount of tax owned on the overseas earnings. But that was not for me…it was for him and the Republicans. Because that one-time tax revenue was used to offset some of the cost of enacting the lower tax rates included in the tax law. The one-time tax windfall may make year one look a little better. But wait until the rising deficit kicks in again. Reagan — Bush — Trump: tax cuts –> rising deficits and national debt –> economic crash about seven years in (assuming Trump lasts that long)

  3. I love how this is all because of the tax cut. Article completely and purposefully ignores that apple just finished a 100BN buy back before the tax cut. But let’s not let facts get in the way of a nice communist false narrative. If this country really wanted to get at the root of collusion, it would investigate how teaching communist dogma and brainwashing the public that it’s “bad to return gains to investors” because apparently investors should just give all their money up to the communist motherland, maybe they’d actually find something worth looking at. F Yuval Rosenberg, he can go circle **** Marx Engel and Lenin.

  4. Trump is the greatest president in my fifty years. He’s just getting started. He’ll clean the swamp

    The democrats and deep state and silly media seem to think if trump gets impeached Hillary becomes president. So stupid.

    Giuliani will clean the swamp.

    The Apple buy back was said by Cook to be due to tax cuts.

    Money trickles down. Ever hear of trickle up? Duh.

    1. Lots of things trickle down…urine for instance. Isn’t it grand to be part of the trickled-down upon? You make it sound like I should be grateful that yet another Republican economic mess will hit us in a bout six years.

  5. Those tax cuts are a long fuse debt bomb and the Fox News/Breitbart/NewsMax/Daily Caller crowd will be pointing fingers elsewhere when the bill comes due.

    Corporate Tax cuts are permanent.
    Wealthy Tax cuts are permanent.
    Tax cuts for working class and Middle Class are temporary and the debt is already starting to pile up. Do a little research and see how much extra debt Trumpov is causing the Treasury to sell.

    1. There won’t be as much debt if we have the balls to start slashing big govt—they’re the biggest money wasters on the planet. And BTW a strong economy/less taxes LOWERS the deficit—not raises. Only a lib could think paying less taxes is a bad thing..

      1. Believe it or not, there are still a few of us fiscal conservatives who believe in paying for what you use instead of passing the buck to the next generation. Yes spending is a concern but fundamentally the USA has to at some point start paying down the accumulated debt. Neither party has tried to do so since Slick Willy was president. Now that one party owns DC, I’d like to know why the budgets keep growing, military adventures never end, highly profitable corporations get gifts—and the deficit is balooning.

        Cute factoid: in the first year of the Trump presidency, growth was slower than it was in the first year under Obama.

        I’d like to see why this administration has time to tweet incessantly and watch TV and golf every other day but they cannot and will not cut expenses.

        Face it, the Retards are as incompetent as the Dumbocrats.

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