Apple: No need to panic

“Over the past few years, I’ve become accustomed to a seasonal downturn in Apple’s share price that roughly correlates with the seasonal downturn in iPhone sales,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “The weakest period for iPhone sales typically is in the April-September time frame.”

“My opinion, and it’s only an opinion, is that this is driven by negative coverage of Apple, and especially about iPhone, during the same time frame,” Hibben writes. “Coming off the December quarter iPhone sales peak, there’s a tendency in the media to play up the sequential decline as being more meaningful than it really is. This continues into calendar Q3 as consumers understandably start to hold back making new iPhone purchases in the runup to the September iPhone launch.”

“It’s during this time that the noise level of media coverage reaches its peak. Speculation becomes rife in the absence of facts regarding the new iPhone models,” Hibben writes. “Invariably, the speculation is negative.”

MacDailyNews Take: We refer to this, internally, as “Back up the Truck” season.

“The media focused on TSMC’s supposed negative guidance, as exemplified in Bloomberg’s ‘Chipmakers’ Rout Widens After TSMC Ignites Smartphone Fears,'” Hibben writes. “TSMC’s sales outlook was depicted as ‘disappointing.’ The cut in its full-year revenue forecast from 10%-15% y/y growth to about 10% y/y growth was depicted as due to ‘weakness in demand for iPhones.’ The article states: ‘As the main manufacturer of Apple’s processors, its tepid revenue forecast also revived fears that the iPhone X may already be losing momentum a quarter after its release.'”

“But note that the forecast cut was only in the amount of year-over-year growth. TSMC wasn’t trying to say that revenue would decline, or even that growth would be less than last year. The 10% growth forecast was still better than the guidance that TSMC offered this time last year of 5%-10% revenue growth for the year,” Hibben writes. “In fact, TSMC achieved 9% y/y growth for 2017. TSMC’s guidance for Q2 also was better than last year, when it forecast only a 3% y/y increase, which is what was eventually achieved. So, in the context of last year’s guidance and results, TSMC’s guidance of 10% y/y revenue growth is actually better than last year.”

“The fact that Bloomberg was so anxious to portray TSMC’s guidance as a negative, and then lay this at the feet of iPhone X, should be deeply disturbing to any objective observer,” Hibben writes. “There simply was no basis for the inference that has been widely made that TSMC’s results and guidance foretell a steep decline in iPhone sales.”

Much more in the full article – highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Again as we wrote last month:

We won’t know for sure until we see this quarter’s (Apple’s fiscal Q218) results in May, since iPhone sales actually did increase YOY when you compare apples to apples, as opposed to comparing the 13-week 2017 holiday quarter to a 14-week 2016 holiday quarter and calling it a “decline,” when it wasn’t.

This is what we know for sure:

iPhone X was the best-selling smartphone in the world in the December quarter according to Canalys, and it has been our top selling phone every week since it launched. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus rounded out the top three iPhones in the quarter. In fact, revenue for our newly launched iPhones was the highest of any lineup in our history, driving total Apple revenue above our guidance range… The iPhone X was the most popular and that’s particularly noteworthy given that we didn’t start shipping until early November, and we’re constrained for a while. The team did a great job of getting into supply demand balance there in December. But since the launch of iPhone X, it has been the most popular iPhone every week, every week sales. And that is even through today, actually through January… We feel fantastic, particularly as it pertains to iPhone X. — Apple CEO Tim Cook, February 1, 2018

Profit from the ill-, mis-, and uninformed.

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  1. wall street aapl analysts are deeply flawed in character and forthrightness (ie a$$holes), they make it up then sell it to their institutions via public news, serious financial damage to many small investors

    1. Wall Street is loaded with self-serving a-holes who would sell their mothers if there was a profit in it. Why any investor isn’t already painfully aware of that I’ll never know. Same as working with banks on their financial programs which historically promise the moon and deliver at most a small pebble but more often a grain of sand.

      1. one still can’t dismiss, the sometimes more than subtle wandering that emanates from Apple. An article yesterday took a 20/20 view of what Apple no longer was, but forgetting the iPh and some products of “old” (tech timeline), the article made me wonder what Apple “is?” I don’t mean in terms of wealth, stock price or rich history The last real notable Apple “product” is the new campus building. I guess the Air Buds could be added. What else? Again, forget the $billions$. What’s notable about Apple anymore?

        1. It was the Mac Pro debacle that made me realize that the Apple I had counted on for so long no longer existed. Just a bunch of bumbling buffoons running the show in their isolated bubbles and over-entitled sense of misguided design, users be damned! The look more important than function or slimness more important than battery life. (Why CAN’T these things last a lot longer than 8-10 hours by making the MBP a little thicker?)

          It took a long while to shed myself of being a true believer because there’s nothing left to believe in anymore. When Steve Jobs left he took Apple with him much like Johnny Carson took the Tonight Show with him. The institutions they ran existed successfully because of them and not because of a name like “Tonight Show” or “Apple.” Apple now is run by imposters and poseurs. It might as well just be another company called a fruity name. Cook can invoke Job’s name all he likes to get the desired emotional response but he is not Jobs and all that entails. That much is clear by now.

          It actually is quite freeing and a sense of relief, probably much like how ex-$cientologist feel when are finally free to think for themselves, once you mentally disconnect. I will still use Macs (in a more limited capacity) and Apple products but my enthusiasm for all things Apple has suffered a terminal setback and has opened wide the door to competitors products that DO serve my purposes.

          1. Peterblood71, your post explains your recent behavior. There is a long free fall between “true believer” and “pragmatic realist.” You undoubtedly have a lot of disillusionment and disappointment to work through, and it shows.

            I have always been an Apple advocate, but from the standpoint of a pragmatic realist. I appreciated S.J.’s genius and vision, but recognized that it was fallible. I also knew that Apple was never going to stay the same through its period of rapid growth. But I believe that the company retains its core values and will find its way back to general greatness again. This is not the first downward cycle for Apple – it has had many. And the company always seems to rise from those periods of declines sharper and more focuses than ever.

            History is not necessarily a reliable predictor of the future. It works until it doesn’t. But I do not subscribe to the current wave of “Apple is doomed” articles and posts. You are free to believe whatever you want, and you are free to feel offended by refutations of your ideas.

            I admit that I am not as excited about new Apple products anymore. A significant part of that, I think, is that the S.J. showmanship is gone. I miss the “next big thing” surprises and S.J.’s enthusiasm about the “magical” nature of Apple’s new products. But you cannot keep people in a frenzy forever. I prefer to think that this is a rest period until the next big thing is revealed.

            I do encourage you to vote with your dollar. Buy products from Apple competitors, if they appeal to you. Perhaps that will serve to inform Apple that it needs to pick up its game. Revenue and profits, after all, are at the core of every corporation, even Apple. But don’t be surprised if the grass is not greener on the other side of the walled garden. And don’t act surprised when you and your data become the product of Google and Amazon and others — because you already know better, even before you choose to indulge your disappointment by overtly rebelling against Apple.

            1. Thanks. Well I don’t plan to move from the iOS world for the more secure reasons you stated. It’s in the professional arena the realization that the Apple aesthetic (again see Aesop’s Scorpion & The Frog – “it’s in their nature” whether it dooms them or not) will never again allow the form and function that best suits the high end pro market. That has been ceded to the PC Workstation. I was working on such a system over the weekend and there were no problems and haven’t been on this friends PC Workstation.

              But yes once a bond has been broken and an element of trust (timely updates we want to buy) it does free up your thinking. So the desirable machines Apple THINKS it’s making turn out to be a deterrent instead, forcing users to “think different” and move on.

        2. Years ago I put forth a hypotheses , where I got roundly criticized , about Cook. I said from studying his comments and actions his concerns weren’t really Apple products but to make Apple into a ‘new’ type of corporation which was based on being ‘a front runner in all kinds of social issues like being Green , Diversity, Equal rights ETC’.

          The ‘new’ corporation Apple was T.C’s REAL ‘PRODCT’. He was going to make Apple lead the way and be a shinning example for other corporations to follow. That would be his LEGACY, he knew standing next to Jobs his legacy couldn’t be ‘ (commercial) product innovation like Macs or iPhones ‘.

          The ‘for sale’ stuff like Macs etc were just secondary. For example we’ve got the most advanced cutting edged recycling robots at Apple and a 2013 Mac being sold as ‘current’ in 2018 on it’s webpage . And it’s not just the Mac Pro , the Mini, the MB Air , the 32 GB MBP are all neglected. (Note that Macs are Apple’s SECOND LARGEST Hardware Money Maker).

          The other day I saw an Apple Product Red ad on TV , but we’ve got hardly any Mac ads for years. (I’m not an anti gay person, I’m just point out Cook’s priorities).

          Tim Cook has said many times the only two inspiration photos on his wall are Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, both SOCIAL ACTIVISTS. He’s on the Board of the Kennedy Foundation.

          WallStreet Journal 2013:

          “Write it off as a smokescreen to cover sliding profit and margins if you want, but Tim Cook’s belief in the culture of Apple came across loud and clear during Monday’s conference call with analysts and reporters. Speaking about Apple as a “force for good in the world beyond our products” Cook claimed that, “Whether it’s improving working conditions or the environment, standing up for human rights, helping eliminate AIDS, or reinventing education, Apple is making substantial contributions to society.”

          Some readers right now I know are standing up and cheering.

          Personally I agree with many of the issues Cook fights for like PRIVACY, but I think he’s spent TOO MUCH attention with it and lost FOCUS on PRODUCTS, apparently he can’t seem to do BOTH (which is my preference) at the same time.

          Jobs famously had a conversation with Ive. Ive was angry that Jobs had ripped into Ive’s team for failing at something , Ive argued that they deserved a break because they had worked so hard (on the failure). Jobs scolded him and said managers shouldn’t want to be ‘loved’ as it’s unfair to the corporations and doesn’t create great products . Jobs didn’t care if people thought he was an ‘asshole’ if he could make great products.

          But Tim Cook says : “I hope people remember me as a good and decent man. And if they do, then that’s success.”

          Tim Cook is like Kublai Khan, who followed Genghiz . Kublai sort of knew he couldn’t surpass Genghiz as Blood Soaked World Conquerer and probably didn’t want to anyways (ruling China was way too comfortable) , so he went to become famous RE-BUILDING vs Smashing…

          as Colridge said of him : “In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
          A stately pleasure-dome decree… “

          1. as the question asker, the reply “fits” and the historical ref (Khan) is an interesting parallel.
            Also, if someone asked me how I wanted to be remembered, I’d probably answer more like TC, that SJ. With that said, the “victor” in me sees Cook as forsaking the “win,” unless “get-along” is defined as a win.

            1. i didn’t add that Kublai’s (few) attempts at world conquests like the Invasion of Japan and attacks on South East Asia didn’t exactly pan out….

              maybe his focus wasn’t there

              and for those who might have missed what I said: I would personally prefer if Cook could do BOTH, be socially responsible AND make the best cutting edge products ( but he seems to be struggling with this …)

          2. please my down voters note;

            the irony and truth is that:

            if Apple fails due to failure in Products like Macs, Siri, Homekit, education market stuff etc….

            then Apple as ‘shining social corporate example’ ALSO fails because who wants to follow the example of a losing company….
            Tim Cook only has a soapbox if Apple is big winner commercially, right now he’s riding on Job’s legacy (80-90 percent of Apple earnings are from Job’s products) and neglecting a whole bunch of it….

            and it’s not just macs (some defenders say Macs are passé) but core iOS things like Siri….

            1. Yes, people admire Cook’s social justice initiatives because Jobs made Apple’s products delightful and profitable which gives his utterances and the corporation clout. But I also want that MacPro, not only for me, but also for spotlighting Apple’s prowess which gives it a bragging right on the PR level.

              And I am concerned that Apple is sliding much too far down into the common denominator product level.

          3. here’s Jony himself on the incident i described about being loved (or more accurately ‘liked’ )

            Jony Ive:

            “I remember having a conversation with [Steve] and I was asking why it could have been perceived that in his critique of a piece of work he was a little harsh. We’d been working on this [project] and we’d put our heart and soul into this, and I was saying, ‘Couldn’t we … moderate the things we said?’
            And he said, ‘Why?’ and I said, ‘ Because I care about the team.’ And he said this brutally, brilliantly insightful thing, which was, ’No Jony, you’re just really vain.’ He said, ‘You just want people to like you, and I’m surprised at you because I thought you really held the work up as the most important, not how you believed you were perceived by other people.’
            I was terribly cross, because I knew he was right.”

            1. Jonny Ive vain? Noooooo!

              Thank you for correctly summarizing that anecdote about Jobs and Ive. Jobs didn’t care what people thought about him personally and he never held up Apple as some model of corporate goodness. He simply led by doing — by example.

    1. I wish Ford would keep making cars. Nostalgia does not motivate companies to try selling products that not enough people are buying. Ford makes money on SUVs and trucks, so that is where they are devoting their resources (Mustang excepted). Apple sold the first digital cameras and graphics printers in the consumer market, but they long ago moved on. Ford sold the first mass-market passenger cars, but they have moved on. If you loved your Taurus and your AirPort Extreme, you are disappointed, but the companies go on.

    2. I’m still using my 2TB Time Capsule (4th Gen.) that I bought in 2011. I believe this was my fourth wireless router from Apple that I’ve purchased, due to wanting to upgrade, not because of failure.

      I was thinking of getting a new one for future use while still available, but then I thought the hell with Apple. If I have to go to a third party device I might as well not give them any more money because of these actions. I spent $2,700 on a new iMac back in July but I’m having doubts about the way this company is going. It’s a damn shame since I’ve been a loyal customer since 1998.

  2. Maybe Cook has been trying to leave his “legacy” under the strong influence of Jobs. He knew he would be compared with Jobs and he was no Jobs. So, he took Jobs’ “Post PC” mantra literally, and decided that he would pursue this to mark his name in the history. Post PC was probably only understood by Jobs at the time, who must have a long and complicated roadmap and thoughts to get there. But Cook took it literally with a very simple idea, and the first thing he thought about was the convergence of iOS and Mac. Well, fine, I am open minded and if it’s executed well and prudently, and give us something remarkable in the end, that’s all that matters. But his approach was to concentrate on iOS devices and simply neglected (or almost dropped) Mac’s. I could very well be wrong about this speculation, but Cook at least admitted recently that the convergence was not what the market wanted, not in the near future anyway. Maybe it’s a little too late to realize it, or he is simply trying to duck the chorus of severe and quite legitimate criticisms levelled against him. If the convergence of the two platforms was what he was aiming in his mind, there are so many things to be done before beginning to neglect the Mac platform, which he was not doing at at all. You cannot converge the two when iWork Suite for example is not even competently compatible with M$ Office.
    Let’s see if anything might begin to change. If not, after this confession/concession, we can safely say Cook was lying, and we suffer.

    1. Jobs said he’d milk the Mac for all it’s worth and move on to the next big thing.

      Willfully letting the Mac product line atrophy with neglect and subsequently causing consumer demand for your machines to dampen is hardly milking the Mac.

  3. @Davew et al, everybody needs to relax.
    Fact: Apple just delivered the largest quarterly profit of ANY COMPANY IN THE WORLD IN HISTORY.

    Because Apple is so big, it is going to get harder to continue the percentage rate of growth of the world’s largest, most successful company in the world.

    You really don’t realize how ridiculous you sound calling Cook incompetent in all your colorful ways. There are many things I wish Cook wouldn’t do, but let us all come back to earth for a breather please.

    1. @pedro

      Remember when Sony was “the” name in electronics?
      Remember Nokia?
      Remember RIM?

      Now look at how they operated and you’ll see seriously strong parallels to Apple.

      1. It’s obvious to me that Cook’s limited imagination can only think of these business ideas:

        1) since Steve’s iOS/iPhone walled garden makes so much money for so little effort, Cook wants replicate it on the ATV and watch and iPad. Ecause managing apps is what everyone wants to do everywhere right?
        2) since google, amazon, snap, facebook, microsoft, etc are pushing cloud subscription, then Apple must do so too. Except being a premium brand, Apple will charge more and outsource the actual service.
        3) In order to avoid doing the hard work of making products more valuable to the user in a highly competitive market, Apple will reduce function and push fashion to the low-power users. They won’t know what they are missing.
        4) games and emojis are easy moneymakers. So more of that and kill off all the professional software with neglect.
        5) never be first to market. It costs too much money and requires lots of smart engineering. So much cheaper to see what someone else has done, refine it, and then spend billions pushing the Apple branded version 2 years later. Then price stuff like the Homepod above everything else.
        6) can’t displace internet providers so must follow Netflix into original content in order to support yet one more subscription that cord cutters would have to deal with. Doesn’t matter how convoluted it is to the consumer.
        7) tracking and adverts are big business. So Apple will do it low key and claim they don’t sell personal data while setting up iAd, iBeacon, Apple Pay, and other technologies that businesses use. Just don’t tell the consumer about that.

  4. How ridiculous we sound?

    You sound ridiculous trying to mitigate issues by the ‘profit argument’, neglecting the fact that iPhone makes the bulk of those profits and was created under Jobs, 80-90% of Apple’s profits today are from Job’s projects)

    Ane even for the iPhone, a SIGNIFICANT part of iPhone SIRI has been neglected.

    SIRI , worst ranked A.I, early lead lost
    A.I they say the most important future tech out there and will way bigger than the PC revolution.

    (you ask us to relax but STICKING HEAD in SAND like a dumb cartoon ostrich serves nothing) so you think THESE besides SIRI are OK?:

    HomeKit, overtaken by others, abandoned by big home developers, Due to SIRI issues losing steam in all kinds of connectivity devices.

    Education Market lost, allowing Chromebooks to go from Zero to 70% with Msft. making up most of the rest. (This was years of Apple asleep).

    Apple TV. Besides the missing content. It was supposed to be the NEXT BIG GAMING and APP PLATFORM…

    The Macs.
    We have a 2013 built Mac being sold today in 2018 on Apple’s Webpage. The update of the MacPro has taken longer than the construction of the New Campus ! Others almost as bad, Mini once an Amazon bestseller, neutered and neglected , Macbook Air (. What happened to Jobs ‘Product line clarity’, the Air supposed to be the lightest Mac has MORE PORTS than the Macbook ? probably due to being neglected for so long… ) ), where is the power GPU, 32 GB MBP (PC laptops had them for a long time) etc

    Note: Macs are Apple’s second largest hardware money maker, makes more than iPad, more than Beats, AirPods, Watch, TV combined.

    Last year Apple was caught so SURPRISED that neglected Macs were so underpowered they could NOT even be used to write APPLE SOFTWARE or develop APPLE PRODUCTS , so that they had to desperately SELL EXTERNAL GPU BOXES to developers. if not for eGPUs and rushing out iMac Pro Apple would be using Windows or Linux boxes in its new 5 billion dollar campus…

    The Mess of the Mac App store. Numerous complaints from developers.

    Macs, Zero Attempt to gain marketshare during Win 8 fiasco years. Practically Mac ads at all.

    The Mess which is iTunes.

    Sloppy launches:

    iPad Pro most significant iPad for years was launched without the KEY PENCIL. No stock for months.
    The HomePod missing Christmas, launched with key components disabled, not complete.
    The Apple Watch originally launched with NO STOCK in stores on Launch Day, a fiasco that was not explained to the public so that people went to the advertised launch stores which had zero stock.

    Takes weeks or months for some items to be delivered due to supply chain issues.

    Tech developed like 3D touch neglected .

    Apple Software practically no improvement. Go compare Apple software like Apple Notes vs rivals like Msft OneNote.


    I’ve not even talked about the fact we after years don’t even have a serious NEW PLATFORM to follow the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad. The Watch was started under Jobs.

    and since you talk about PROFITS which only matter to investors , I would like to point out that as an investor aapl has the worst P.E of it’s peers. If it had the P.E of Alphabet or Msft, the stock would be way over 200 now.
    And those profits like I said are mostly form Job’s products.

    All those issues above plus more and the stock underperforming not only its tech peers like Amazon but the market in general.

    and we’re ridiculous to point things out?

    as an investor I believe that the quarter would be better than the analysts predicts but I complain so that perhaps somebody in Apple (they’ve got 100,000 staff) would pay attention and fix the issues going forward.

    1. above reply to Pedro.

      Note it’s the same Pedro attitude of ‘we’re making money, everything’s OK’ that almost killed Apple when Jobs was exiled. Apple was making tons of cash when Jobs was pushed out, he came back 10 years later to Apple on verge of disaster.

      Not saying Cook and team as bad as those old CEOs of Apple but problems need to be addressed.

    2. “Note: Macs are Apple’s second largest hardware money maker, makes more than iPad, more than Beats, AirPods, Watch, TV combined.”

      This. Wall Street has nothing to do with the problems at Apple.

      The fanatical desire to move everyone to phones and iPads is killing this company.

      The day of reckoning is fast approaching.

    3. My comments were directed at all the hyperbole about Cook being incompetent. He may not be taking the company in the direction that we all want (me included). He IS using the Apple megaphone for too many social issues, most of them having nothing to do with improving Apple success (his job and what we are paying him for), both in the market and in future innovation.

      We all want Apple to become and remain the leader in desktop computing so as to strengthen Apple’s ecosystem to attract and keep users. We also want them to be the best at EVERYTHING they attempt. They aren’t right now.

      He has developed and strengthened the Apple ecosystem and needs to do a lot more.

      He is running the largest, most successful and most profitable company in the world. He was hand picked by Jobs to continue Apple’s success and has done so. The larger Apple gets, the more others will strive to beat them. Also, the more they will be vulnerable.

      To call him incompetent IS ridiculous. Name someone, anyone who could have done better. We can’t because we have no idea what it takes to make or keep a company this size afloat, much less perfect all the time.

      1. Cook is the engineer on the big train engine that’s holding the throttle at the position that Steve liked.

        Problem is that the train is running out of track.

      2. “He was hand picked by Jobs to continue Apple’s success and has done so.”

        He is a caretaker CEO and the iPhone gravy train was setup by Steve and drives most of the profit. What he has NOT “done so” the list is much longer and @Davewrite said it best so no need to repeat.

        Cook is negligent in so many areas he needs to GO, pronto! …

      3. What/Who is your solution? Are you saying that Jobs made a mistake? Do any of you think that Forestal could have done better? Who??

        Apple was created by a true genius. He was not perfect, but he was unique. The whole world has changed because of his vision. Did any of you believe that his concept would not be adopted and emulated with variations by the whole world of competition against Apple? Jobs success was because he envisioned and drove a change in the paradigm. That vision started in his mind long before he was able to implement it. Technology literally had to catch up with his concepts. Now that he is dead, that vision has to be carried out now by mere mortals.

        Cook is not Steve Jobs. No doubt. But an emerging Steve Jobs is not yet in sight.

        1. Many of the problems Apple has doesn’t require Jobsian Seer Like Genius ability.

          it doesn’t take a genius to update the Macs.
          it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Macs for years had inadequate GPUs (I and others wrote dozens of posts on it).

          It doesn’t take a genius to realize YEARS ago the Education market was in trouble when schools started changing to chrome books .

          It doesn’t take a genius to put SIRI vs RIVALS side by side are realize: hey we got a problem , a long time ago.. STEVE JOBS ISN’T WORKING WITH AMAZON OR GOOGLE TODAY ON THEIR SUPERIOR A.I…

          it doesn’t take a genius to bother putting announcements out to the general public that no Apple Watches would be available in stores on launch day to correct their erroneous pervious advertising .
          (they were just too lazy or unfocused to do it)

          It doesn’t take a genius to actually really teach people how to use 3D touch and have clear cut interface to show when it’s available… Now it appears 3D touch might be dying as no one really knows how to use it.

          It doesn’t take a genius to make a true Msft OneNote rival instead of sucky apple Notes. MICROSOFT DOESN’T HAVE STEVE JOBS EITHER…

          it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the Apple TV remote shape sucks…

          etc. etc etc etc


          If you can’t be Steve Jobs at least reasonably do you jobs.


          all that said for others reading this, I want to reiterate I’m still an aapl investor and I think the analysts are too negative on iPhone numbers etc, , I just wanted to point out problems so Apple can solve them.

          1. Agree with everything you said. 5 buttons would do the same job the inaccurate Apple TV remote pad does. Over engineered for not apparent reason except they could.

            I have asked 3 times now who could do a better job running Apple. It is easy to call someone incompetent an point out all the problems without acknowledging all that has gone right.

            Please name someone who would have done better and could get Apple back on track.

  5. Wow, this is a huge tide of dissent from probably the purest of the pure fanboys and investors.

    The answers are so simple. So obvious. The upper brass fat-cats must be making their wives happy with vacations and furnishing nice homes.

    I only hope that someone in the higher levels of Apple Management actually read any of this MDN, but Alas,, probably not.

    1. “Wow, this is a huge tide of dissent from probably the purest of the pure fanboys and investors.”

      Correct. It has been building for years under Cook. Just read a couple posts in the last 24 hours and see more products, updates are delayed or a $9 cable eliminated and in the future an extra purchase (if reports pan out).

      I don’t believe Apple management fat cats take these comments all that seriously over the years or they would have fixed the damn problems by now. The BODs needs to grow a pair and take action …

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