“Earlier this week a Bloomberg report suggested Apple was working on – or at least considering – a curved screen iPhone,” Napier Lopez writes for TNW. “Unlike Samsung’s phones, which curve down on the sides, this theoretical iPhone would curve inwards, like a banana.”

“This is a great idea,” Lopez writes. “Apple would be far from the first to use such a curve, but since the tech has fallen out of favor in smartphones, it’s a good time to bring it back.”

“A curved screen is less likely to scratch and more likely to survive a bad drop than a flat screen,” Lopez writes. “A banana-shaped iPhone would also help ensure you won’t drop your phone in the first place. The curve would fit the contours of your hand better, for one.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As is readily apparent with any iPhone Plus, the flatness is notable. A slight curve would fit better in pants pockets, too!

Also as we wrote earlier today, “Meaningful screen curvatures (to fit your face) would also first come from Apple, as opposed to gimmicky “look what we can do for no good reason” curved screens from the iPhone knockoff peddlers.”

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