Losing Apple’s Macs will hurt, but won’t kill Intel

“Apple is reportedly developing its own processors to replace the chips that Intel currently supplies for the iPhone maker’s Mac line of desktops and laptops,” Daniel Howley writes for Yahoo Finance. “And according to Bloomberg, the changeover might happen as soon as 2020.”

“As you’d expect, Intel’s shares took a major hit following the news, falling 6% at market close on Monday,” Howley writes. “It’s certainly a blow to Intel, but it may not be as big of a deal as the sell-off would suggest.”

“That’s because Apple is only Intel’s fifth largest customer behind giants like Dell, HP and Lenovo, and according to Mercury Research’s Dean McCarron, makes up just $600 million in sales per quarter,” Howley writes. “As McCarron points out, Intel owns 88% of the laptop and desktop market worldwide.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It would hurt more than your average random beancounter would expect since Intel would no longer be included in the innovation leader’s personal computing designs.

Apple could come out with the next “MacBook Air” and Intel would have no earthly clue it was coming, dramatically slowing the ability of the PC dreck still using Intel’s constantly-delayed processors from knocking off Apple’s innovations.

Intel would be consigned to a bunch of Mac knockoff peddlers (HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, etcetera). There are more benefits to being a part of computing’s innovation leader than mere units sold.

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  2. PCs were oversold. The PC market will shrink to the size that it’s capabilities are required. So what?

    I will use the processor that has the maximum compatibility across an ecosystem of multiple vendors.

  3. Hey MDN, you rant about ads, well how about not having ads that block content?! Anyway, I hope Apple does use their own processors in Macs. We need two new Macs now, but I’m not buying these soldered shut RAM and SSD Macs. I know, that has naught to do with who makes chips, but I at least need to be able to change RAM and SSD.

    1. Yes closing off the Mac for what used to be easy & simple upgrades is not a good trend. Neither is converting to chips that deny another market segment – pros, scientific & business.

      I am currently sitting on the fence waiting to see what a debacle-or-dream the new Mac Pro will be and how it will be effected in the future. Apple has a lot of future stragedy ‘splainin’ to do.

      1. Get off the fence, make the jump, once all this Apple stuff is behind you, you’ll enjoy life much more. I was just reading another post yesterday on another site where someone migrated 6 years ago. They’re now running the fastest PC their money can buy, no longer constrained.

        1. I can afford to wait another couple months to see what Apple hath wrought in the Mac Pro arena. But I have alternatives and other launch codes waiting in the wings. I just wish more pro apps had already been ported to Linux.

  4. “Losing Apple’s Macs will hurt, but won’t kill Intel”, that really depends on how good Apple’s arm powered Macs become, if they end up being significantly more powerful and energy efficient than the equivalent intel laptop or dare I say significantly cheaper, then intel will be in for a bag of hurt. 6% market share might well become 25% market share then intel will really know about it. Let’s wait and see, let battle commence.

  5. If Apple changes processors and the result is slower Windows performance in Parallels emulation, I would have to dump the Mac. They should not kid themselves, access to Windows is essential for anyone using their machine for more than a toy. Steve Jobs understood what was needed. The new team: perhaps not so much.

  6. PCs, XBoxes and even Playstation 4s are x86 based. Macs are just starting to get on the desktop gaming wave. If Apple decides to change Mac CPUs to their A-series, IMO gaming companies that support the former 3 may be reluctant to spend more time and effort to port their game to a completely different architecture for a slight increase in sales.

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