Hey Siri: give me a product development road map for AI

“Infighting, rushed development, and lack of vision have damaged Apple’s Siri development, claims a new report, citing Apple employees involved in Siri’s development,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “The Information cites a dozen former Apple employees for its report.”

“We’re told that impact of these various management and strategic changes means Siri hasn’t scaled up,” Evans writes. “Apple’s cultural secrecy also hampers what the team can achieve.”

“The report can’t tell us what happens next, but the team member’s complaints that the original vision would see Siri become an App Store for AI may well provide a hint as to how Apple will further its vision for the technology,” Evans writes. “The sources (who appear very highly placed given the insights they have into historical top team meetings, including with Forstall and Jobs) seem to think the software needs to open up to more use by third-party developers (like Alexa).”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hope springs eternal. Hopefully, Apple will unveil some major AI- and Siri-related announcements at WWDC 2018 this June.

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  1. “Hopefully soon”.

    Something that is said by Apple faithful over and over since Cook took over Apple.

    Siri is horrible, and for that reason, things like Homepod are a stillborn product to me.

    1. I recently purchased and installed several smart home plugs and a socket (KooGeek). While Siri has worked well for the most part, having the Home app available as well as physical buttons on the devices (especially the socket) have made all the difference. Siri alone isn’t close to being a reliable intermediary for getting things done on iOS (it’s virtually worthless on my Mac).

  2. What makes Siri fundamentally different from Google Assistant and Alexa is that it is a device-centric personalization reinforced with having a discrete AI chip onboard. Extremely beneficial security-wise if all you have is one Apple device you use for Siri. Unless Apple finds some way to allow all user devices that have Siri to communicate with each other, the end result will be disparate instances of Siri each with a somewhat different ‘knowledge’ of a user’s preferences. Opening up 3rd party Siri ‘App’ development before some kind of user ‘knowledge’ syncing is nailed down is just asking for trouble.

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