Apple reportedly to debut less expensive HomePod and MacBook Air this year

“A new report today shares the forecast that Apple will be making even more moves to offer some of its products at more affordable prices this year,” Michael Potuck reports for 9to5Mac. “The new products to allegedly receive even lower price tags include both MacBook Air and a new HomePod.”

“As reported by Economic Daily (via Macotakara), Apple is expected to offer some of its major products at even lower price points this year. This seems to be a strategy that Apple has been more aggressively employing over the last year or so,” Potuck reports. “Today’s report from Economic Daily says that Apple will release a refreshed MacBook Air in the $799-$899 price range which will boost the company’s MacBook sales between 10%-15%. This is based on projections from KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo as well as some new comments from Qiu Yubin of WitsView Research.”

“While HomePod is still fresh on the market and receiving a mix of positive and critical reviews, this report claims industry sources have said ‘there will be a cheap version of HomePod in the second half of the market,'” Potuck reports. “Whether that means a price drop on the current model or introducing a more affordable smart speaker remains to be seen.”

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  1. Once AirPlay 2 is released Apple will see a flood of HomePod orders for a second HomePod (count me in that total). Adding HomePod minis for the kitchen, bedrooms, and home office would likely follow.

  2. This makes no sense. Homepod is *not* a competitor in Echo / Alexa space. When this became crystal clear, Apple focused their marketing on the idea that this is a high-end (overpriced) consumer audio device.

    A cheapened/shrunk/dumbed down version of it takes even that away from it.

    1. Just another story to attempt to slow HomePod sales by saying a cheaper one is coming, similar to the usual spate of “the next iPhone will be better and cheaper so don’t buy now” stories that follow a new iPhone introduction.

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