“A recent KGI Securities note said Apple is planning to launch a cheaper 13-inch MacBook Air during the second quarter of this year,” Todd Haselton writes for CNBC. “It makes perfect sense for Apple to make this move, and I’d buy one in a heartbeat.”

“Apple currently only offers a $999 MacBook Air that, despite upgrades to its processor, hasn’t changed drastically in years. It still has the same low-resolution display, for example,” Haselton writes. “Apple’s next most affordable MacBook is the $1,299 model, which has a sharper but smaller 12-inch display, only has a single USB-C port and is a bit more cramped to use.”

“If Apple launches a notebook somewhere in the $799 to $999 range, maybe keeps some of the legacy hardware including the SD slot and additional USB ports that are still found on the current MacBook Air, I’d be all in,” Haselton writes. “Apple used to offer an affordable option with its 11.6-inch MacBook Air, but it killed that off in 2016.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For us, when it comes to road Macs, size and weight are everything. If Apple brought back the 11-inch MBA with a Retina display, we’d be quite torn between that an the 12-inch MacBook. Alas, we doubt that would happen, so we’re likely to stick the with the MacBook even if a 13-inch MBA with a Retina display arrives. Still, we can’t wait to compare them to see for sure which one would be best-suited for our backpacks!

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