Apple’s Q118 earnings: What a difference a week makes!

“Not only was Apple’s holiday quarter of 2017 a hard compare to previous year’s numbers because of three flagship models, but the year-ago quarter had an extra sales week,” Mike Wuerthele and Malcolm Owen report for AppleInsider. “Apple’s first fiscal quarter of 2018 was a blockbuster. Apple broke its revenue record it posted a year ago, and posted revenue of $88.3 billion dollars. The results were built on the foundation of 77.3 million iPhones sold in the quarter — led by the iPhone X.”

“The only thing that it may have disappointed on was that 77.3 million iPhone sales volume,” Wuerthele and Owen report. “But in the 14-week quarter a year ago, Apple generated $5.60 billion in revenue per week, with it topping $6.79 billion a week in the most recent holiday quarter.”

“In the U.S., companies report on a quarterly basis, so we periodically get a quarter that’s one week longer than the previous one, with the resultant mathematical oddities and bad compares,” Wuerthele and Owen report. “Coupling with what Apple is predicting for this quarter, combined with looking at the holiday’s sales data on a quarterly or weekly basis just takes a different angle of approach to what Apple has said all along —that there is no wavering in the strength of the iPhone X because of a hypothetical weak demand, as poorly predicted by Nikkei and other prognosticators.”

Read more, and check out the graphs, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Gotta love those 14-week quarters!

Intern Keg Commanders: It’s the official start of Super Bowl weekend, so prepare to be very busy over the next few days!

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  1. This chart says it all..
    10% drop in past few weeks.. for astounding growth this quarter.. once apples are compared to Apples not oranges.

    Revenue would have been 95 billion as compared to 78 billion last year.
    Yet Apple is knocked down..
    Even their guidance is way ahead of last year.

    Pure manipulation.. just mind boggling this can happen so easly and zero accountability .

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          2. “Nothing liberal about liberals
            Nothing democratic about democrats
            Nothing progressive about naive pseudo intellectuslism .
            Nothing compassionate about freeloading and ungratful expectations of handouts.”

            Original and well said, Jimbo. Sums it all up neatly.

            I know you won’t let the DUMB DOWN vote bastards affect your fine posts … 👏🏻✌👍🏻✊👊🏻

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    1. You know, you spend so much time cheerleading that you don’t bother to learn what’s going on. I’ll lay it out for you: You are posting past performance for a period with a major iPhone launch and insisting that the market should follow with a gold rush of buyers for Apple stock. That’s not how investors work. They took their profits from the last quarter a long time ago. Investors look forward, not backwards. They are listening to Apple, which lowered expectations for the future quarter, has no iPhone ready to launch, or any other firm product news for the near future. That will all change when Apple holds its next press event with new product announcements.

      Got it? The more a fanboy jumps up and down demanding AAPL to shoot to the moon, the more you show your lack of fundamental investing. Read more, type less would be the correct takeaway for you.

      1. Cheerleading? .. buddy what rock have u lived under ..
        I say it as i see it.. no religious agenda here!

        Now.. facts:

        guidance 9 billion above last year for March Q ….YoY..
        9 billion not million.. not too shabby right !?

        9 billion budy.. not 9 million !

        Recorded (apples to oranges comparison 13 vs 14 week mismatch ) yoy revinue Growth in Holiday Q :
        Not too shabby for a company the size of Apple….yet printing 21 billion in profits in one 1 Q . dont u agree!?

        Yet !!! the real truth of sell through and growth:
        yoy revinue in equivalent time period of 14 weeks 95 billion .. 21% growth !

        One does not measure world records in absolute time on tracks of different lengths ..

        Guidance :,9 billion above last year for March

        Not a fanboy buddy… im just not one who is paid to manipulate forums.

        1. Yojimbo007, you need to read what “clue” posted above. In investing, it is not “what have you done for me lately?” Instead, it is “what are you going to do for me next year?” Past performance is an indicator and serves to provide confidence if it is consistent. But the return on investment is driven by what happens going forward. The past is already known and factored into the stock price.

          Wall Street has been skittish about Apple for years as the company has continued to grow wel beyond the expectations of most experts. As a result, they are always looking for a reason to jump ship and lock in profits, fearing the end of Apple’s rise is nigh. But consider the long term trend of AAPL and you will see that these short term dips of fear and uncertainty have been eclipsed by the long term success of Apple. As long as Apple continues to perform, the long term trend will hold.

          Why are you so upset about a 10% drop in AAPL? Are you leveraged on options and in over your head?

  2. The pure fact of the matter is even though Apple makes decent profit in a quarter, Apple shareholders lose money. If Apple’s main problem is with how many iPhones they can sell, then Apple needs to look for a product or service that will draw Wall Street’s focus from iPhone sales.

    With Apple stock, shareholders can only count on the dividends and Apple will likely be rather stingy with the next dividend increase despite the tax windfall. Apple seems to be the only major tech stock with such a low P/E. Apple needs to find a way to increase it to get it closer to other major tech stocks. I’m not talking about doubling Apple’s P/E but even adding three or four points should be doable.

    I just feel Apple’s share price decline is going to take a long time to recover. I wasn’t part of the group who was expecting Apple to become a trillion dollar company. I just hoped for Apple to get to $180 a share this year and even that hope is long gone. Apple was just a few dollars a share behind Facebook a while back and now there is a $30 difference with Facebook going into overdrive while Apple threw on the brakes and shifted into reverse. Tim Cook just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t seem to know what it takes for Apple to be valuable to investors.

    1. When was the last time Amazon posted any dividends to the share holders. When did Amazon consistently report a yearly net profit of more than $4 billion? When has Amazon returned ANY value to investors?

      Your investment in Apple stock is really not with Apple. It’s a crap shoot with Wall Street and the value the other traders of stocks of the moment are thinking.

      AAPL is a stock to buy and hold, taking dividends, to be pleased when it drops so you can buy more, and pleased when it goes up for your long term holdings.

      1. Yup.. been loyal for a life time..
        But intrest rates crawling up (for good reason too .. Economy kicking ass ) .. i hope in March Apple will surprise their share holders and potential new buyers by keeping up🤞🤞🖖

        1. Interest rates are climbing because they have been extremely low since the early 2000s and remained so even as the economy has been growing steadily since 2009 and employment has reached historical lows in modern history. On top of that, the GOP recently threw a large and unwise tax cut into the mix funded by additional deficit spending.

          It is no wonder that interest rates are rising faster than before. The only wonder is why the GOP felt that a tax cut was necessary. The answer? The GOP had to pay off its wealthy donors and score some type of political victory after the many failures of the first year of Trump’s administration.

  3. Folks, Wall Street DowJones lives on “expectations “…And right now the greatest expectation is the interest rates going up due concerns with higher inflation in a heated economy…So bonds become a very attractive investment again, hence this “profit taken” taking your money out of the stocks market and putting into the bonds market…
    And if you want to stay with stocks , stay with the ones that pay good dividends, etc…like Apple!!!
    Still long…Apple in the $200 or more by years end!
    It happens before and will happen again…and again…

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