Looks like Apple is bringing nearly all of its $250 billion foreign cash back home to America

“Apple just announced on Wednesday it will bring back hundreds of billions of dollars from overseas to fund investment in the U.S.,” Tae Kim reports for CNBC. “‘Apple, already the largest US taxpayer, anticipates repatriation tax payments of approximately $38 billion as required by recent changes to the tax law. A payment of that size would likely be the largest of its kind ever made,’ the company said in the release.”

“Using the new 15.5 percent repatriation tax rate, the $38 billion tax payment disclosed by Apple means they are planning a $245 billion repatriation,” Kim reports. “The tax overhaul, which President Donald Trump signed into law last month, also lowered the corporate tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent.”

“After the repatriation tax payment, the company will have $207 billion left over from the move it can use for investments, acquisitions, stock buybacks or larger dividends. Apple said it plans more than $30 billion in capital expenditures in the U.S. during the next five years,” Kim reports. “Apple had $252.3 billion in overseas cash as of the end of September quarter, according to SEC filings, so that means the company is bringing back nearly all of its foreign cash.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Do not overlook Apple’s quintupling of their Advanced Manufacturing Fund from $1 billion to $5 billion, either!

Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund supports innovation among American manufacturers and helps others establish a presence in the US. It is already backing projects with leading manufacturers in Kentucky (Corning, $200 million) and Texas (Finisar, $390 million).

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  1. Go ahead…. hypocrites and mediocre pseudo elitists…… bash Trump !

    “Great spiritits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”
    Albert Einstein

    Bring out the machine guns.. lets have a 400+ down vote … 😂

    You pseudos, intolerant hypocrites will spin truth, resort to disinformation, resort to polluting opinion pools and use deceit all to guard your dogmatic views and prejudice !

    1. Hell yeah brother!

      Trust me posts that receive tons of downvotes are from 1-2 retards that are deleting their cookies so they can downvote multiple times. What a sad life.

    1. Give it time. The bad thing is something called deficit that the Repubtards have ranted against for decades. Oh, and cuts in education, etc., etc. etc. Don’y gloat too quickly. Apple is only one corporation. See you in five years and lets talk then.

          1. Maybe we can try to disagree without name calling. People complain about Trump’s language but then turn around and call him and his supporters equally and sometimes worse names. If you are socially conservative or socially progressive lets try to keep it social. This puts some people in a strange position. I hate Trumps cocky attitude but agree with some of his policies. Many hate his policies but (by there actions support) speak with the same potty mouth. Grow up Trump your hurting the message. Its really not about you. Focus on the bigger ideas and take the high road. And its ok to disagree with him on some issues and still support some of his other ideas. I think most will agree AAPL bringing home 250 billion, in theory, could be a really good thing. Don’t hate the message because of the messenger. And don’t blindly agree with everything he says. I think Tim Cook would agree. Think different!

            ps sorry for the typos

    1. by such a flurry of money tickling their noses, but ending up in the pockets of those “in the game” (legal, or course), there will be a counselor available in the double-wide. There will be milk, cookies and cots for those feeling especially covetous, vindictive & angry. The room will be free of pictures of the president as well…we have your well-being in mind!

  2. “the $38 billion tax payment disclosed by Apple means they are planning a $245 billion repatriation,”

    Not necessarily.

    The tax bill requires companies to pay a one-time tax on foreign-held earnings whether they intend to bring them back to the United States or not.

  3. For the tax repatriation, we will see how that works out. I hope it is a good thing. But the tax cuts being a good thing? Anyone who says that is just looking at his own greed. You are in massive debt and basically he is increasing the debt to do that for you and of course to buy your love and votes. I have so many American friends that are so embarrassed by your president and rightfully so. A child that spews hate, lies and who prefers white immigrants over colored is disturbed.
    You should be ashamed, not proud. The world is too stunned to laugh at him. Saddened too.
    Go ahead and flame me. Polls show that 68% of you agree with me. The bulk of his base are mostly uneducated idiots.

    1. I suspect you live in Europe? Where all but 1 of the EU socialist contingent countries is bankrupt? So why am I not surprised that a liberal socialist has anything but liberal American friends who hate Trump? And why am I likewise not surprised that any European socialist knows nothing about the economy?

    2. 99% of the polls also showed that HRC was going to be our next president. Polls showed that 76% of Americans didn’t want Obamacare when Obama signed it into law. And polls show that less than 15% approve of what congress is doing in our country. Should I go on? What’s your point?

      1. Actually, jdoc, most of the national polls showed that HRC was going to win a plurality of the popular vote… which she did. There were no reliable state-level polls in key states that would have showed the likelihood that Mr. Trump would win a narrow majority of the electoral vote. It was hardly a landslide—his 57% made it the 13th closest election out of 58 since 1787, and closer than all but two of the last 10.

        I might also point out that the wildly unpopular Congress consists of two houses with a majority of Mr. Trump’s own party.

            1. 🐂💩 grande!!!

              Not ONE word of praise for Republicans or President EVER is a typical Marxist Democrat EXTREME POSITION.

              No one and no party is 100% wrong!

              You got that, Libtard? Nuff said …

        1. See. Here we have someone who states facts. A measured response. Not someone who just denigrates others because they are uneducated, syncophantic, blind followers who display cognitive dissonance everytime their fearless leader tweets his facts.

        2. hrc did NOT really win any kind of popular vote as the democratic partly cheats at every single election with dead people or illegal aliens. Go back and read those news articles and videos showing obama encouraging illegal aliens to vote promising them no consequences. At the poll place where I went to vote, I noticed at least 10 illegal voters whose record showed that they opted for an absentee vote and then showed up trying to vote again. That’s within the 30 minutes I was there in line to vote at 7:00 in the morning. The poll people told them that they’re allowed to have a provisional vote so that only one of their two votes will be counted It’s California, so you KNOW those illegal votes go to hrc. You’ll also know that those votes will be counted TWICE because that’s what democrats do. They use dead people’s names to cast their votes and illegal aliens to vote as well. Not only that, they also vote TWICE. I bet they also allowed people to vote for other people using fake IDs.

            1. That is a very disrespectful characterization of hard working President Trump. Did you learn that from your parents? I think not.

              Now pay attention.

              Voter fraud happens EVERY election. Dead people vote. Illegals vote. Same people vote more than once in several states. Felons vote.

              So your question as to why the administration has not uncovered voter fraud, well, the answer is very simple.

              Blue states refuse to be honest and cooperate. That’s IT.

              Anything else I can help you with? …

        3. The Congressional districts are so gerrymandered to favor Republicans that if the votes that elected Doug Jones to the Senate were cast for House seats in Alabama, it would have elected 1 Democrat and the rest Republicans. That is how rigged it is.

      2. Re Jdoc:
        Hillary was known to be in deep trouble before she stole the nomination of the Democratic Party- she had and has very high negatives and not just among Republicans.

        I knew she was toast the weekend before the election after talking to a few people located in critical states. There was little enthusiasm for Hillary and she underperformed recent Democratic results by millions of votes and Trump drew about the usual number of voters compared to recent Republicans.

        I remember my Brother telling me about how there were many Trump signs and few Hillary signs in South Florida- the traditional center of Democratic voters. The Panhandle and northern Florida tends to be like most of the South and South Florida tends to be very Democratic excepting the Cubans.

        Trump did not win so much as Hillary lost. Hillary is not on the ballot this year, but all House seats and 1/3rd of the Senate is.

    3. not with tax cut, but by not cutting spending. Maybe illogical to you b/c of the govt-as-nipple, you’re likely used to, but taxes should be low…to match spending and visa-versa. He’s implementing one part of the ideal, but missing the 2nd. Therefore, to me, it’s bittersweet.
      Also, are you really any different from the person you castigate with your last sentence? It’s a presumption that’s erroneously wide-spread. As well, uneducated doesn’t necessarily mean idiot and educated doesn’t necessarily mean smart.

      1. I actually agree with you on most of what you say. I was just quoting demographic stats breaking down his base (re: Uneducated). The tax break part I do not. Taxes in the states are not all that high compared to the rest of the world. Having said that you are in debt so what you need is proper spending and budget cuts to get your fiscal house in order.
        The idiot comment is based on what most people find incredulous on how ANYONE could support a Stalinesque, womanizing, lying, racist. The world is turning against one of the greatest countries in the world. Trump cannot even go to one of the cities of one your closest allies in Europe,(London) He is not wanted anywhere. He wants to tear young kids away from their immigrant parents, he calls Mexicans rapists and to wants build a wall to keep them out. He wants to pull in white people from Norway and keep blacks out. All he can do is sit on his crapper in the morning grunting out tweets that call people names like a petulance child.
        What else can you call his base?

    4. “The bulk of his base are mostly uneducated idiots.”

      I had a doctorate before you were born, you ignorant punk. The Great American Renaissance is at your feet and you’re too goddamned blue-pilled to see it.

      You will be left behind with the echoes of a million Stalinist chants that repeat the centuries of tyranny.

      1. Re botvinnik:
        What is your Doctorate in?

        As to politics, people who have higher incomes and more education tend to be more to the political left. The only exception to that are Evangelicals and Orthodox Catholics, but Church attendance and belief are in steady decline.

        The voting base of the GOP is in decline as the Baby Boom Generation (I am one from the younger end) will not be the largest component of the electorate in 2020. The Millennials will outnumber Boomers as eligible voters and are moving in the age group where they will become more involved in politics and become more reliable voters- they do not like Republicans and are the least religious generation in American history.


        Each and every day the shift is becoming more pronounced and eventually even Texas and Georgia will be Blue.

    5. Actually, Trump already got the votes, and he’s not getting much love.

      While the US debt is high, as a percentage of GDP, it’s considered acceptable, otherwise interest rates would be sky-high. The idea is that lowering taxes, would stimulate growth, raising GDP, and making the debt ratio to GDP less. Whether they’re right or wrong, we’ll have to wait and see.

      1. You are right in that we will have to see. Problem is, this ignores history. It has been tried a number of times and shown it does not work. Companies do not have an epiphany when there is a bit more cash in their pockets and say, hey let us hire more people. That should help the economy. There was a public meeting in the IS of CEOs discussing that very topic. Most said that no, they had to plans to expand.
        I hope for everyone’s sake that it works this time but chances are ……

    6. The @GOP knows the scam is up and Senior Repugnicans are announcing their retirement including a long list of Committee Chairs.
      Not a Democrat, but will be happy to see an election that makes Paul Ryan Minority Leader unless he also chooses not to run- which is widely rumored.


      If the Democrats gain control of the House Trump will be castrated as all spending and tax bills originate in the House.

        1. Your orange-haired god was an experiment…. and one that is clearly failing (2 in 3 people disapprove of him). You are just to dense to see it. 2018 will provide further evidence of what started in 2017, that people are currently having a ‘What have I done?’ moment. You may very well lose both congress and the senate. That ought to clip the wings off your best buddy, stopping him from flying around, screeching and sh*tting over everything and everyone.

            1. When FDR took over from Hoover we were in the Great Depression. When JFK took over from Eisenhower we were in a Recession. When Carter took over from Ford we were in a Recession with Stagflation. When Clinton took over from Bush we were in a Recession. When Obama took over from Bush II we were in a damn near depression.
              Exactly where is that Republican prosperity?

            2. FDR didn’t end the Great Depression after nine years as president, Japanese bombers did.

              “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to be libtards.”

            3. Gee, what a surprise you missed the biggest one.

              When Dubya took over from Clinton the dot.com FAKE economy bubble burst that Clinton enjoyed prosperity for many years. Oh, did you miss it?

              The recession that started in just the last few months of the Dubya administration had NOTHING to do with Bush policies.

              The sub-prime mortgage crisis was the culprit introduced by Dodd-Frank legislation and signed into law under President Clinton.

              It took years to play out and no blame to Dubya, EXCEPT, he should have seen it coming and proposed a remedy long before the Wall Street meltdown. He got the blame from the media and Democrats, simply unfair.

              As an independent, please don’t go the selective condemnation route. We get enough of that DAILY from TXuser.

              I expect better from you … 😎

    7. “But the tax cuts being a good thing? Anyone who says that is just looking at his own greed.”

      Hey Buster, how is keeping MORE of your hard earned money greed?!?!?!

      You wanna talk greed, how about my local school district raising my taxes to award themselves a 4% pay increase this year.

      You wanna talk greed, how about my city in financially distressed status raising my taxes this year to pay for city worker pay increases.

      You wanna talk greed, how about my county raising my taxes this year because of years of financial mismanagement by the Democrats in charge for decades.

      Just one more point regarding your point about low approval numbers. Would these be the same polls that predicted for months Hillary would win in a landslide, hmmm?

      You’re a partisan lightweight and beyond parroting dumb talking points — you don’t have a critical thinking bone in your body …

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