New leak reveals significant iPhone design changes as Apple looks to correct notch design abomination

“While it was by far the most attention-grabbing (and expensive) smartphone of 2017, Apple iPhone X also came with a serious design compromise,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes. “Now a new leak within Apple’s own supply chain reports the company’s number one priority is to fix it.”

“The consistently reliable ET News says industry insiders have revealed Apple is working with LG Innotek to significantly reduce the size of the so-called ‘notch’ on the iPhone X,” Kelly writes. “ET News states this will be done by combining the front-facing camera with Face ID, allowing the notch to be cut away.”

“Unfortunately, ET News only added to the credibility of its report by adding a disappointing caveat: its insider says that although Face ID will be added to more Apple products during 2018, the smaller notch is not expected to be ready until 2019,” Kelly writes. “Ultimately the sooner this advancement happens the better because, despite claims the iPhone X notch ‘disappears’ with time (not for me), it remains the most polarizing aspect of what is otherwise an extremely impressive smartphone.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll live with the notch (really a “flap” that obscures a portion of iPhone X’s display) until it can be eliminated.

Until then, you can have our notchtastic™ iPhone X units when you pry them from our cold, dead hands.

Apple to invest in LG Innotek’s 3-D sensing modules ahead of next-gen TrueDepth iPads with Face ID – January 9, 2018

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. That is a laughable compromise, if that picture is the ‘solution” It looks weighted and off balance.

    Call that solution the “Drop Shadow”
    You know, some things just cannot be, like my x wife and rational thought.

    “They can put a man on the Moon” they say…BUT….,
    I sometimes think it must have not really been that hard to put a man on the moon as the notch baffles scientists, Well, lets not tell Elon Musk.

    1. There is no pleasing some people…

      Apple, just extend the notch across the display to either side to create a small forehead. Then restate the diagonal size of the display and move on. If you give the haters a smaller notch then they will just continue crying like puling infants.

      For the sanity of the rational people in this world, please ditch the notch and shut those people up!

    1. You know that it’s not good to say a negative is what distinguishes our phone from the competitors? Sometimes absurdity illustrates best…”hey, the boil-like bumps on my phone help me instantaneously know it’s my iPh and not a Note 8. Way to go Jony…your thinking goes way beyond making calls!”

  2. MDN plus a lot of other folks need to quit staring at the notch…it has all but disappeared for me after the first week of use….I was surprised though that another company, Vivo, I think, figured out the fingerprint sensor under the screen …

  3. Hi! Mr Pedantic here again.

    The focus of my wrath today is MDN. The reason they are being singled out? Hyperbolic headline.

    The author did not, quite correctly, use the word “abomination”. Either the headline writer doesn’t understand the word or intended to be inflammatory. I would hope an editor has some knowledge of correct language usage, or at least a dictionary, leaving the alternative – this headline is pushing an in-house agenda.

    Strangely, MDN’s take indicates they are happy with their iPhone X. They do not find it loathsome or abhorrent. Abomination is a strong word, and its extremely difficult to imagine any piece of entertainment technology ever being worthy of that description.

    Words. They have meanings.

    Don’t even get me started on “meme”.

    Mr Pedantic

    1. True, Mr. Pendantic. The word “abomination” does not appear in the article.

      However, the article did describe the iPhone X as “…by far the most attention-grabbing (and expensive) smartphone of 2017…” I have difficulty understanding how ~$70 more than the Samsung flagship at $929 is “by far the most expensive.” That is only 7.5% more in cost for a 100% better smartphone.

  4. I too love the notch. I like the fact that it helps orient the phone, but I kind of dig the look. It’s not just another me too phone, even though Apple is the one others are me tooing.

  5. After a month with the X, the notch is basically a non-issue. The only thing I don’t like is that doesn’t allow for more status incons like VPN, Bluetooth, etc. to be shown. It has never obscured content for me, maybe if I used it horizontally more I would care but don’t. A “problem” to solve is to return the next gen iPhone to at least the width of the Plus series. As nice as the X screen is, it’s narrower than the Plus making it harder to read text.

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