Apple gives employees $2,500 bonuses after President Trump signed the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

“Apple Inc. told employees Wednesday that it’s issuing a bonus of $2,500 worth of restricted stock units, following the introduction of the new U.S. tax law, according to people familiar with the matter,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg.

“The iPhone maker will begin issuing stock grants to most employees worldwide in the coming months, said the people, who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly,” Gurman reports. “Apple confirmed the bonuses in response to a Bloomberg inquiry Wednesday.”

“Apple workers below a senior-level known as director will be eligible to receive stock units,” Gurman reports. “The company has more than 120,000 employees, including those at its retail stores.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Apple employees!

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      1. This is a STOCK GRANT. It has absolutely nothing to do with the cash Apple is bringing into the U.S. It has absolutely nothing to do with the lower tax rate. Apple is disbursing some of the stock it’s been buying back over the *past* several years to employees.

        Apple could have done this stock grant a year ago or two years ago and it would have had the EXACT same effect on Apple’s cash, cash flow, and profits as it will in the coming months.

        Further, these appear to be restricted stock grants. If the employees don’t stay with Apple for a minimum period after the grant then the grant does not vest with the employee, and the employee gets nothing. Restricted stock grants are a typical way a company keeps employees. (Full disclosure: I’ve had such restricted stock grants twice in my career at two different companies. In both cases I had no intention of leaving the company, but the company was worried that I was thinking about it. It was a way for the company to make sure I’d be around for another 5+ years.)

        Anyone saying otherwise has no idea how the system really works.

        1. -RSU’s_has nothing to do with cash bringing into the US as a result of tax repat? I guess it’s merely coincidental?
          -I guess AAPL doesn’t define such things as an expense on the balance sheet?
          -It’s a vaporous “gimme” w/o real financial implications?
          -APPL has no idea what # of employees are likely to cash in RSU’s and doesn’t budget accordingly?
          -CFO, Mr. Maestri sees this as funny money and makes no judgment if it’s an expense that can be afforded (multiple definitions for this word per business purposes)?
          An influx of $$ doesn’t enable/increase the likelihood that a company would consider/budget for something such as RSU, or any other expense?

          I don’t think you know how the system works. This is considered a real expense on a balance sheet (accrual method) and determined just like any real expense. So what about the reasons for RSU’s (retention)…it’s still an expense that’s budgeted.

      1. Do not think of this as a cash bonus. That is the wrong way to view this.

        Restricted stock grants cost the company nothing other than the administrative costs to do this–probably less than $50 per employee. The employee gets to sell the stock at some future date after the vesting period is complete. Until that time, the employee just gets to sit and know that he/she has that stock coming to them someday, but not today.

        If Apple had declared that it was giving each and every employee $2,500 in cash that would have been a very different story, but Apple did not.

        1. If Apple had given cash instead of RSUs, that cash amount would have been subject to windfall taxation at the rate of 39.6% in the US.

          You would’ve complained NO MATTER WHAT. Who pissed on your cornflakes?

        1. Not true. Liberals believe that health and opportunities for future generations are as important as short term financial gains that are, thanks to decades of lobbyist influence, disproportionately allocated to connected swamp creatures first, and to the working class only if the CEO decides to share part of his tens of millions of stock options he takes every year regardless of corporate performance. Did the Trump tax plan reduce payroll taxes? Same reduction in tax rates for individuals and corporations? Simplification in tax code? Eliminated loopholes? As all the details play out, we shall see if trickledown leads to long term prosperity or jus another short term adrenaline shot that adds to debt. The more you people attack others for being prudent and thinking long term, the more out if touch with reality y’all look.

          Stop putting out such slanderous lies. Isn’t that what trumpbo accuses everyone of doing?

      1. Sure. In your closed minded world, paved streets, mail service, military protection, clean air and clean water all just magically appear for free. Got it.

        Give this new deficit level some time to work and all the greedy righies will be complaining that infrastructure is falling apart. The republican nut jobs will be voting short term continuing resolutions on a monthly basis to keep the lights on. But the greedheads here will claim it’s because of Obama that Trump had to dig a new debt hole. It is just too hard admitting that generations of deficit spending under both corrupt parties has created a monster financial problem. No, here on Drudge Daily News, we must divide the nation and attack with nonsensical arguments like what party put the man on the moon. When is Trump going to balance the budget again? Or are we just all giddy that your children get to pay for the Greed Generation’s wasteful spending and poorly distributed tax cut?

        1. The failed Great Society, decades of dependence on government handouts, inefficient government workers, government waste, crony capitalism, duplication of efforts among government agencies, government corruption, fraud, mismanagement, poor bookkeeping, nonessential programs and grants, embezzlement, graft, subsidies – these are a few of the costs taxpayers are gouged to support. Eliminate these and we have enough funds for the military, infrastructure, and legitimate social needs.

          1. So when is your House leader going to bring a bill to do any of thise things to the floor? When is your president going to outline concrete proposals? From the UK, we see your infighting is even more dysfunctional than our parliamentary ineptitude. You can’t honestly expect anyone to believe that republicans didn’t have 9 years to cut spending. Congress holds the purse strings, and the pork is as bad as any time in your short stormy history.

  1. Dear stupid Apple employees who supported Hillary Merkel 9-1 because you’re brainwashed by U.S. colleges populated by communist professors, the mainstream media and immersed in a vat of wrongheaded Kalifornia groupthink:

    Enjoy the $2,500 in RSUs that you just got thanks to the GOP and President Trump.

    Think for yourselves next time. Think Different.

          1. Wow. Talk about misplaced criticism and clueless interpretation of a post from “Think.”

            The POINT is streets of some cities are now open sewers blessed by sanctuary city Democrat mayors.

            The bottom line point is the Libtards that approve of this public health crisis should buy scoopers and clean up the mess THEY created.

            Got it? Good …

          1. I stayed next door in Exton during my college days and took the daily train past Bryn Mawr to Philly.

            I can’t remember the name of a happening coffeehouse in Bryn Mawr where I attended several primo concerts back then on weekends after class featuring Tom Waits, Dan Fogelberg, Janis Ian to name a few.

            Good times …

            1. GoeB, did you mindlessly attack me about my comment about rocket launchers? If so, you read my comment wrong. I too belong to the NRA as you ought to know. What nuke fantasy? My friend, you may be fighting on too many fronts to keep track of the snipers. Slow down, have an aperitif with me and contemplate what is good in the world; sloth and venality will always be with us.

            2. Absolutely not my intent to attack you, Herself. You’re at the top of the list of favorites. 😊

              Possibly, I offered information in a clumsy worded fashion after barley water which is my cup of tea.

              OK, I’ll pass the honey if you pass the rye … ✌🏻

            3. In addition, just noticed my comment you just replied to was about staying next door in Exton in my college years.

              I don’t see any references to nukes or the NRA in that post. Possibly at times we both have a sniper accounting challenge? 😉

              I will be responding to applecynic in a few minutes specifically talking about nukes and the NRA …

    1. So, in your mind, this one ‘accomplishment’ of a few one-time bonuses to some employees across a handful of companies (many of which are also laying off staff, btw), makes up for the complete shitshow the Trump Presidency has been so far by every other metric?

      Nice glimpse into the addled, deluded mind of a trumpanzee

      1. Go further down the comments and I posted a link to a page that is keeping a tally of companies giving bonuses. It is well beyond 40 companies and many of them are for 10,000 and more employees.
        Your “few one-time bonuses to some employees” is a blatant lie, i.e., Fake News.
        Go back top your Android phone and play in the street.

        1. Think? …more like Shallow Hal since :
          40 companies is
          2.2% of companies with >10,000 employees.
          0.27% of companies with >1000 employees.
          0.017% of companies with >10 employees.
          +/- since the latest figures are hard to find.
          So only 2% of large employers are giving out (deductible) bonuses.
          It’s a deluge! It’s raining cash in Trumpland!

            1. On the contrary, I was responding to “Your “few one-time bonuses to some employees” is a blatant lie, i.e., Fake News.”
              In what world is 2% not (a) statistically irrelevant? (b) a blatant lie or, (c) Fake News.
              I guess ‘you’ see what you want to see, despite the evidence.

        1. You do know that putting a man on the moon and defeating the Nazis were accomplished by Democratic presidents.
          The Panama Canal was the project of Theodore Roosevelt, a rebel president from the old Republican party, the party of Lincoln. Not todays Republican party of the Confederate States.

          Yea, America will be back, starting with the blood bath of next year’s midterm elections.
          Until then, the world will be laughing at Trump, and, as a result, the United States

            1. Kennedy initiated that space program. You’ve got enough political ammo without having to denigrate him. So what if Kennedy was a Democrat? He was a hell of a cold warrior, and you’ve paid tribute to him yourself in the past. If there is one difference between you and me, botvinnik, besides gender, it is the willingness to give credit where it is due.

            2. Analysis and decision-making based on emotion is inherent in one who vacillates on principles. Instead of making decisions on what is, which is pragmatism; decisions are made on how it makes you feel, which is a one-way ticket down the rabbit hole, Alice.

            3. Mr. Fake History (that’s you botvinnik in case you didn’t realize that.
              The moon rase was the product of Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, but you already knew that. Didn’t you?
              All Nixon gets credit for was being so pissed that Kennedy was getting all the credit that he canceled the program. A move that saved the country almost nothing because the hardware was already built. He did manage to shortchange the country of their investment in NASA. But if you want to claim Nixon as one of your heroes, go right ahead.
              (BTW – I liked Eisenhower, he was a good president. My only complaint was that taxes were too high on the rich during his presidency)

            4. I did not claim Nixon as “one of my heroes.” I simply corrected you on who was president during first moon landing and that Ike created NASA.

              You’re welcome.

            5. Who said anything about who was president?
              All I said was “accomplished by Democratic presidents”
              Nixon was responsible for the dismantling of NASA.

              Confession – I did misspell the word “race” in that last message Thank you for not pointing that out.

          1. You don’t realize what you just posted.

            Yes, Trump IS a “reality star.” But no longer with the liberal dim bulb celebrity crowd in Hollywood that at one time embraced him for decades.

            He IS now a NEW reality star with the American people he represents from ALL parties.

            MAGA, baby! 👍🏻🇺🇸

            1. With his election as US president, Donald Trump became the greatest reality tv personality of all time. He had already won many fluttery hearts as the tough-as-nails star of The Apprentice, a far better program than the narcissistic Keeping Up With the Kardashians. His muscular treatise The Art of the Deal is still as popular as Dale Carnegie’s insipid How to Win Friends and Influence People. His back-porch approach to governing has scandalised Washington pundits and social moralists, always a good thing; they should drop dead. His attitudes about women and minorities have galvanised much opposition, even though his attitudes are the same as those of every man of privilege in these United States for generations. In this he has ignited a cultural rethinking of gender, race and class standards, for which he ought to be thanked. None of the cultural change that lies ahead of us would have been possible with Yet Another Nice Guy.

            2. Right. Body parts is something I always strive to not comment on.

              Unlike some Libtards that constantly comment on President Trump’s hair in the most denigrating terms. Thought they all loudly celebrated alternative dress such as nose rings, neck tattoos and green hair?

              Never understand their blatant HYPOCRISY …

    2. Dear stupid First 2014, Trump raided the US Treasury and gave your money to his friends. There is no amount of money (your money, not his) that he will spend in order to look good for a day.
      Enjoy the stock market bubble when it comes.
      You are as dumb as the people who claim there is no climate change because is was cold outside yesterday.

    3. Apple did the same thing last year. This has nothing to do with tRump. Even if his economic policies prove to be positive (nobody knows yet), he’s still a terrible president and person.

    4. Apple did the same thing last year (granted $2,500 in RSU to all employees). I didn’t see you telling Apple Employees to thank President Obama back then. This has nothing to do with tRump. Even if his economic policies prove to be positive (yet to be seen, other than “confidence”), he’s still a terrible president, person and worth mentioning – he’s a Christian (fake albeit) fascist.



    Why not $10,000 in stock? What the hell, it’s not real money. See this was real crap. How about giving enough shares to employees such that the dividend paid out to them is 2,500 dollars.

    1. Soi much attitude, but so few brain cells.

      Given that Apple’s quarterly dividend is $0.63 per share, to get a dividend payment of $2500, you would need to own about 4000 shares of AAPL.

      So by your logic, every employee should get $716,400 worth of stock at today’s closing price.

      Maybe Apple should throw in a Lambo or a Ferrari, too.

  3. Hmmm, seems everyone here was saying the Greedy Corporate Companies will do nothing with Trump’s tax cuts except keep them for themselves.
    Ha Ha.
    Here is the list of over 40 companies so far and this is not chump change bonuses. We’re talking $300 to $3,000 bonuses for thousands of employees.

        1. All I did was to point out what it worked out to be. You stupid son of two jackasses. Hell yeah, I would not take that .34 cent. Why would I? Damn you are dumb hell. You don’t know when you are getting played. You pay taxes on that 1000 which means you get even less.

            1. He will soon be responsible for the everything Bubble Collapse!!! Stocks, Housing, Auto Loans, Credit Cards, Bonds, Everything is in Bubble about 10 times worse then 2007!!!

              Major Hedge funds, investment firms, Banks are already ringing alarm bells

      1. You are right, Bob. The Feds should have given every US citizen a $100,000 tax break. Write your Democrat congressman now and demand more money not be taken from your paycheck.

            1. I don’t oppose a means of legally owning weapons, but if the NRA had their way, we would be able to buy and develop nukes!

              Clearly the 2nd breaks down somewhere, and thus can’t be fundamental.

            2. There you go again with Planet Libtardia hyperbole assumptions.

              As a lifetime member of the NRA and a hunter since I was 12 — I certainly don’t appreciate reckless comments designed to denigrate a faithful organization defending the Second Amendment and the U.S. Constitution.

              The NRA would NEVER SUPPORT your nuke fantasy. Get a grip …

            3. So you acknowledge that there are limits right?

              It’s not libtardia to ensure that people that bear arms know what the eff they’re doing and are not off their rocker. If a cowboy could be required to get a license to ride a horse (drive a car), I thing a law abiding gentleman hunter would have no objection. And yes, if you’re packing, I want to know what toys you have and how many.

              In my life I have never seen the NRA be willing to give an inch, whether it’s assault weapons or hand grenades. Prove me wrong, show me one instance where the NRA, on their own incentive, suggested limiting weapons.

              I fully know that this will require a Constitutional Amendment. So it’s not going to happen. If only you had the same zeal for all the Amendments…

            4. “It’s not libtardia to ensure that people that bear arms know what the eff they’re doing and are not off their rocker.”

              That is called common sense. I worry MUCH MORE about what a criminal is doing with a gun and MUCH LESS about law abiding citizens or NRA members.

              Guns are totally outlawed in France, no? Any mass shootings that come to mind over a cartoon?

              “If a cowboy could be required to get a license to ride a horse (drive a car),”

              Ridiculous hypothetical that time passed by hundreds of years ago. Does not apply to modern life.

              “I thing a law abiding gentleman hunter would have no objection. ”
              I thing I am a law abiding gentleman, so exactly what am I not supposed to object to?

              Unless, you’re bringing up the same leftist argument formed in the 1990s when President Clinton passed the Assault Weapons ban that has since expired.

              At the time of passing of the bill CNN, USA TODAY, NYT and other leftist news organizations were frothing at the mouth at the idea to license guns same as cars.

              Well, it has not happened despite high profile editorials in USAT and NYT for years. Why?

              Simple. Right to bear arms is a constitutional right upheld by the Supreme Court that recently struck down handgun bans in Wash D.C.

              So, tell me after I buy the newest fully loaded Jeep RENEGADE does my signing of the auto loan become a constitutional right?

              Of course not, and that is the difference in this discredited argument. Buying a car is not a RIGHT protected by the Constitution. Gun ownership is a RIGHT!

              “And yes, if you’re packing, I want to know what toys you have and how many.”

              And NO, what I own and carry is NONE OF YOUR FSCKING BUSINESS!!!


              “In my life I have never seen the NRA be willing to give an inch, whether it’s assault weapons or hand grenades. Prove me wrong, show me one instance where the NRA, on their own incentive, suggested limiting weapons.”

              Well, assault weapons was a liberal label that stuck in the media mentioned above in the 1990s. It was ill conceived and mislabeled common hunting weapons.

              The NRA at the time paid for a full page ad in USA TODAY inviting President Clinton to a gun range in Northern Virginia to point out the Libtard misunderstanding of weapons. Clinton declined. The lamestream media declined and the CLUELESS LAW passed. Gee, what a surprise.

              “I fully know that this will require a Constitutional Amendment.”

              A constitutional amendment for WHAT, exactly?

              “If only you had the same zeal for all the Amendments …”

              Look in your mirror …

            5. First off Geo, let’s start where we sort of agree…

              I DO allow room for people to bear arms. I do acknowledge that as it stands now, it’s a right. I also acknowledge that I seek to turn that right into a privilege, just like driving. And further I acknowledge that it’s not going to happen, not even close.

              We also agree that we don’t want bad people to have guns, yet the NRA opposes background checks, and you know what? They’re right! The fault lies with the imperfect, non-fundamental 2nd Amendment.

              The NRA also opposed ANY limitation, and they’re right! At least on Constitutional grounds.

              But don’t even think of telling me that it’s none of my business if your packing, because then I just will assume that you are, and so will the cops…

              So Smith& Wesson, allowed, AK47? Rocket Launcher? Gubbermit Repellent? Nuke? Where is the line? Where does the 2nd break? You know, so we can protect law abiding citizens, including legal licensed gun owners, and disable criminals better.

            6. First off AC, your last paragraph is mindless Planet Libtardia talking points and reveals ignorance for the Second Amendment and the NRA, pity.

              “We also agree that we don’t want bad people to have guns”

              Yes, indeed. At the top of the list is illegal aliens in MS-13 Latino drug gangs in sanctuary cities the Democrats support terrorizing neighborhoods and killing people.

              Show me evidence the NRA opposes background checks and not keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. Obvious you are not aware of an NRA initiative called “Project Exile.”

              “But don’t even think of telling me that it’s none of my business if your packing,”

              Sit down and pay close attention my friend. IT IS NONE OF YOUR FSCKING BUSINESS! Are we clear?

              Truth be told I pack everyday, everywhere I go that is lawful. So no assumptions from any quarter will change that fact.

              Guns are God Good in law abiding hands when NOT abused by criminals and illegals …

            7. I repeat, show me where the 2nd breaks down, or do we have the right to bear nukes?

              Project Exile had nothing to do with preventing guns in criminal hands, it had to do with how they were punished if using guns to commit a crime.

              And yes, I would like to turn your right, and mine, into a privilege. I won’t be successful, but I would like that.

            8. The Second Amendment stands on its own. Straw man hypotheticals involving nukes to kitchen knives does not deserve a serious response.

              “Project Exile had nothing to do with preventing guns in criminal hands”

              No? Then why did crimes with guns decrease in Project Exile areas? It is a powerful deterrent, so yes, it sometimes helps to prevent crimes with guns.

              And yes, I would like to turn your right, and mine, into a privilege. I won’t be successful, but I would like that.”

              Well, at times I’d like to turn your First Amendment right to post anti-gun garbage, into a privilege. And I won’t be successful either, but in your case I would like that too … 😉

            9. BTW… after 10 minutes or so, I thought about it. Out of respect, let me tell you why I would take away 2nd Amendment Rights and turn them into privileges. For one, it would better define the 2nd Amendment and any limitations, but most importantly it would require the registration of all firearms. You know, in case you decide to build an armory and book a room in Vegas. I think society should have the right to know, just to make sure… Especially law enforcement.

            10. You’ve still not answered the question regarding the 2nd, what weapons should not be allowed, or should all be allowed?

              Does it protect cyberweapons? Nukes? AK-47? Tanks? What, if anything, should be forbidden?

            11. Wrong. I posted this reply above and here again:

              “The Second Amendment stands on its own. Straw man hypotheticals involving nukes to kitchen knives does not deserve a serious response.”

              To go further, does not deserve the DIGNITY of a response. The laws regarding weapons are in place, therefore SETTLED. You may not like my answer, but there it is.

              Interesting, you still have not answered my questions to produce proof where the NRA opposes background checks and keeping guns in the hands of criminals and felons.

              Don’t bother, it does not exist …

            12. Brady Bill…? Opposed by NRA.
              The hypothetical is intentionally extreme in the case of nukes that’s how you stress test a concept. I also mentioned alternative weapons not as extreme.

            13. For the THIRD TIME and hoping it sinks in — I don’t stress test and engage in ridiculous extreme hypotheticals. I’m not interested in theories, only the facts and the law. Please take your Libtard Games ELSEWHERE, I’m not interested, hello?

              Brady Bill was ill conceived in some ways and very emotional rushed legislation which is never good. Since the passing, two major Supreme Court rulings related to reaffirming the Second Amedment as the “right to bear arms” and striking down hand gun bans in major cities like Washington D.C., rightfully changed the whole equation to ill conceived legislation.

              “Project Exile” will do more good than a 1,000 Brady Bills …

            14. Fair enough.

              Sorry, I just don’t care to engage in the theories meme and prefer facts. Boring me, I know.

              But I like you as well and do appreciate your wit, wisdom and snarky commentary.

              Keep it up …

        1. Re Fred the Head:
          I don’t have a “Democrat” Congressman- I have a knuckle dragging NeoCon Republican who voted for this ill advised tax policy.

          I agree taxes are too high on many, but the GOP Tax Scam is not going to make things better- it will add Trillions in Debt to the National Account and give us little of anything for it. We need a top to bottom overhaul of our tax system, but the current crop in Washington cannot be trusted to do it.

      2. and he apparently left the hospital too soon.

        Looking at the infusion on the individual level is absurd. I know you want some, so it would be natural for you to see it as unfair. Better yet, take a look at this infusion and others on a whole. What was the result of the entire tax repat/break across all companies?

        I would ask you a simple question…would you like a $1000 today that you didn’t have yesterday? I’m going to guess, because of your ingrate break-down above, it wouldn’t please you. Do you bring your disgruntled self to your employers every day?

        1. Well just remember that Rethuglicans today are doing the exact same thing and none of them has a clue how much or how little a tax break, if any, they will receive. All are good at reposting Trump talking points, not a one of them can point to reductions in spending or progress in balancing the budget or explanation of how another $1.4 trillion in debt makes America stronger. They are in rapture that their party finally did something, but they are willfully ignorant as to how this will play out long term.

          By the way, since all you righties hate gay executives so much, why didn’t you criticize Cook for sitting on hundreds of billions for almost a decade? He could have doled out rewards to Apple employees at any time. If repatriation is such a hurdle, well Apple could easily sidestep that by granting Apple employees rewards like more benefits or vacation that is not taxed. All expense paid cruise trips to see apple’s mega vault in barbados would be very popular. But no, you have convinced yourselves that only Trump did anything here. Cook is just incidental.

    1. One of the main reasons I voted for him. For 40 years I would ask, “Is this what we have to choose from? Career politicians?”

      Even if nothing gets done, just the amount of interference he is causing in the Swamp to all those freeloaders that just wanted to keep the status quo is worth it.

      Bashing the News Media is just icing on the cake.

        1. I understand the reasoning, which is sound; the assumptions upon which the reasoning rests are, as always, open to scrutiny. One assumption is that career politicians are bad, that they form a swamp where nothing ever changes to benefit us, because they are only out for themselves and their campaign contributors. A corollary assumption is that votes are essentially bought by those campaign contributions, through the agency of telemarketing and advertising, it being thoroughly understood that people are emotionally affected by messages delivered through them.

          The problem with that assumption is not that it is false, but that it is true.. an overall indictment of Congress and the special interests who fund their campaigns and expect payback. It applies to everyone running for office and every corporation looking for an advantage. So then, why is the assumption problematic?—because it encourages amateurs and discourages experts. It prefers to take big risks hoping for big payoffs. It thinks blowing up the system will have a better result than going along with it.

          That’s another way of describing revolution. Get rid of King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Antoine Lavoisier, it doesn’t matter, as long as heads roll and we rabble get our turn. But in the end, as The Who sang, “Meet the new boss.. same as the old boss.”

      1. The pure emotion of bashing the media and sticking it to the establishment is something my father tried to convey to me about the 1960s. Now I am beginning to understand, but the politics are all weird..

  4. Apple needs to be as generous with their shareholders with higher dividends. They will probably just give share holders additional five cents per share of dividends…they can afford to double dividends from 67 cents to $1.34 per share easily. Just my thoughts.

    1. I hope millions of Libtards change their genders into infertile pseudo-male and pseudo-female mammals. They won’t be able to procreate and will doom themselves to extinction.

        1. With the current deviant trend promoted by Libtards l expect my dreams to be fulfilled by the people promoting this insanity. Truly, it gives me great pleasure to see my enemies self destruct under their own perverted ideology.

    2. I can’t agree with that weak canard. Granted, libtards are dumb, but they occupy a shelf near the end of the political spectrum. Others, who are in the majority of people, occupy more defensible positions along this spectrum, and go about their business a bit more quietly than the fussbudgets here and on cable news and thus preserve their good name. As for the French, they do vote with their hearts more than their minds and that is why they are now led by Emmanuel Macron, a man as audacious as Donald Trump and with a higher approval rating. Also, how dumb can the French be when they make do with a vocabulary of 100,000 words when English speakers need 900,000 to make their point? The French, like the Italians, augment their personal communications with a rich language of physical gestures. Americans, particularly New Yorkers like Donald Trump, have only a handful of gestures, the majority of which convey insults. Finally, the French conducted their own revolution in 1789, and later gave us the Statue of Liberty, in admiration of our democratic triumph over the greatest of all overlords at the time, the British Empire.

      1. De Gaulle withdrew France from NATO’s military command in 1966 and ordered all US troops to leave…Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, enquired “Does your order include the bodies of American soldiers in France’s cemeteries?”

        Best of luck on the muslim trash you’ve allowed to invade your country, no American soldiers will save your asses this time, Pierre.

  5. Dumbasses just don’t understand that the only reason people are doing this is for PR they’ve had this money the entire time they’re only doing it now and drumpf is taking credit for it , idiots the lot of you.

      1. Because perfect PR timing.

        Basic logic: did these 2% of corporations that announced unique one time employee bonuses receive a a wave of cash in the last few weeks since Trump signed the bill? I think not. They are sitting on piles of cash. They could have given greater worker wages, profit sharing, or benefits for years but chose not to do so. Trickle down only works when everyone shares in opportunity and prosperity, not when 500 ceos get to pick and choose whether to pocket the money or play PR games. Stay tuned. Botty, go ahead and tell us how many companies are paying a bonus above what they always do. Facts matter. Botty and company unfortunately deal in selfish platitudes, not complete facts

    1. Dick Cheney assisted in this with Don Drumpf. You know Tim doesn’t like Don, but he wanted to be “in” on this one, so for his higher goals, he compromised. Really, he just gave in because Don is such an egomaniac and likes to do things his own way.

      What in the world is this World (in our heads) coming to, Dave? Did you get hit in the head by the same thing that hit BOB? Got to be careful out there, things are flying everywhere.

  6. That donald trump = liar, guy, that lied his way into the White House and has Russian asses pump up his image up on the net, botvinnik, is one, will hopefully spend the rest of his healthy life in a super max prison for being a traitor.
    Period exclamation mark.

    1. tickets to a local “bomb shelter” I’d like to gift to you. It’s real nice and quiet, with good music and great for resting.
      Reply with your address and I’ll send ’em over.

    2. If Pence stayed clear of all those lies, hell, he may make one hell of a President. If not, Ryan is up for president. He knows the Russians are our enemies. Plus the man looks like a president. If it gets to Ryan, Ryan has some explaining to do.

  7. … the Russians are our enemies. Even Romney knew it, and tried to point it out to that idiot Obama, who was too stupid (or duplicitous) to understand it. Oh wait, that’s right – it was Obama – the guy you voted for – who was ACTUALLY in cahoots with the Russians … you know, like when he slipped up and got caught telling his pal Medvedev that he’d “have more flexibility” after the election.


    1. Hillary is directly responsible for the Uranium One scam, her crap husband took million dollar payouts for speeches in Russia, and you are a Democuck.

      Hillary got her ass handed to her by Trump buddy – deal with it.

  8. It is astonishing how little it takes to sell your soul…

    I like more money in my pocket just as anyone else, but at what cost?

    It blows my mind how a few dollars will make you all roll on your backs and bare your bellies.

    Have you no shame?

      1. This is what passes for long term economic analysis is botty’s upside down world.

        You are elated that Trump just authorized a tax bill written in the dark of night by corporate lobbyists for their own enrichment. You think that the planned PR trickle down tokens from those corporations are somehow going to buoy the working classes into prosperity while corporate executives grant themselves hundreds of millions in bonuses from the piles of cash they generated over the last decade. You obviously haven’t read the long term analyses.

        enjoy the party while your Roaring 20’s Revival lasts, botty.

          1. I talked to you before about that red-headed stepchild crack. 🤨 Or was it GoeB? Yes, it was GoeB, I remember now. He was gracious about it; the way you kind of used to be before you became giddy at Donald Trump’s triumph, proof that you could once again say anything you felt like and get away with it. I have enough humanity and imagination to put myself in your size 13 shoes and imagine the warm, swelling sensation of gloating, something like a masseuse’s insinuating fingers, basking in a cradle of long-desired sweet revenge, dwelling on the ramifications of Trump’s smashing of the State, chortling at the discomfiture of liberal spokesmen, and sometimes involuntarily laughing out loud contemplating Democrat tomfoolery whilst cooking a celebratory bacon omelette, doctors’ advice be damned.

            Democrats, as you insist, are seemingly doomed. But beware the Bernie on the horizon..

  9. Fox News Squashed A Story About Trump’s Alleged Affair With A Former Porn Star
    A new report says that Fox News killed a story about President Donald Trump’s affair with ex-porn star Stormy Daniels.


    1. Politicians pay off bimbos all the time, I am sure. The real story here is that a news organisation suppressed the story. Why? Because they are only posing as a news organisation, is my uneducated guess. They have been blatant in their support of Trump and their opposition to anyone against him. Is it any wonder than Trump spends most of his time listening to Fox News? If I were a public figure, I’d prefer to hear about myself in glowing terms, and I would tend to tune in those programs and avoid the ones criticising me. I totally empathise with Donald. On the other hand I am not a Great Leader.

    1. The guys behind MDN approve because it supports their cause. It’s no longer simply about Apple and the difference it can make in people’s lives. It’s about how Apple can make a difference in the investment portfolios of the guys behind MDN.

      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    1. That’s what Apple is doing. Most of the other corporations are giving cash right to the bank account. I have two associates who work at Nationwide Insurance and they had this dropped into their lap. $1,000 each. Nice post Christmas bonus. That’s why I am celebrating. A massive amount of corporate companies giving back to the employees. Seemed to hear from the libs that this would Never, EVER happen. Well it did.

  10. Piper Jaffray:

    “We believe much of this investment spend by Apple was likely to occur regardless of the more favorable taxation of repatriated offshore cash, but totaling up the contribution and sharing the outcome is a strong PR move.”

    I agree. While all people, liberal and conservative, agree in principle on tax reform, liberals have been saying that itis the federal government that should have reduced working class taxes by ~$1200 rather than waiting for the good PR opportunity for a CEO to dip into funds that he has been sitting on for years. Fiscally conservative people have been saying for decades now to cut federal spending first, corporations have no shortage of cash. But the Breibart conservatives have taken over this site, so the juvenile short term attention span will play out as it always has before. After the PR moves die down, it will be very interesting to see how all the gloating neo-republicans spin the hangover. I assume they will do what both corrupt parties always do: blame failure on the other party. Difference this time is Trump and three peopleat mdn think Trump is the only political group in the swamp.

    Don’t think the USA hasn’t done this corporate tax rate cut before. The right wingers gloated all through the 1920s, enjoying their wealth and low taxation to the max. History will repeat itself in the upcoming few years if the outlandish Trump growth projections are unsustainable, or if Trump doesn’t balance the budget, or if the PR driven working class one-time bonuses from 40 out of 500 huge multinational corporations evaporate next year for any reason.

    Nobody is saying tax cuts don’t juice the economy. What fiscally conservative people want to know is what happens long term. We know already Trump’s record on that. Bankruptcy after bankruptcy. Is that how we plan to run the national budget now?

    1. I see a difference. The rich opportunists of the roaring twenties who’d lost everything in the stock market crash of 1929 threw themselves out of windows. Today, people don’t kill themselves out of a sense of failure or shame. There is no shame any more. There is a sense of entitlement that is sickening.

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