Bank of America predicts Apple market value to surge to $1.1 trillion

“Apple shares will thrive this year due to tax reform, according to one Wall Street firm,” Tae Kim reports for CNBC.

“Bank of America Merrill Lynch reiterated its buy rating and raised its price target to $220 from $180 for Apple shares, which is 25 percent above Tuesday’s closing price. It is also the highest target among major investment banks that cover Apple,” Kim reports. “The $220 forecast represents a $1.1 trillion market valuation for the company.”

We remain bullish on potential for cash repatriation, lower tax rates, and the potential for positive estimate revisions heading into 2019. A smoother iPhone cycle (no boom-bust) should drive increased stability in earnings, commanding a higher multiple. Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Wamsi Mohan

Kim reports, “Only Drexel Hamilton has a higher price target for Apple at $235.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: 2018 should be a banner year for Apple if they execute with even a modicum of competence (i.e. regularly update products, ship them when promised, make no major PR gaffes à la batterygate, and get their software quality issues under control).


        1. Re yojimbo007:
          Republicans have a majority in both houses of Congress, hold the White House and a majority of seats on the Supreme Court.

          In light of those facts, exactly how are Dems pushing things too far?

        2. “In light of those facts, exactly how are Dems pushing things too far?”

          Those facts are irrelevant, DG.

          In power or out of power the Democrats believe they OWN Washington and the lamestream media carries their water daily.

          If only the Republicans were granted the same tactical advantage Trump and team with bipartisan backing would SERIOUSLY fix the SWAMP MESS …

        3. DavGreg;

          Not just Washington …. the lib approach alltogether.
          How?……Through their attitude, rant and manipulated narratives, spins, and propaganda.

          They lost the election and have no idea how to handle it civily… they resort to deceit, prejudice and occasionally violance and anarchy.
          Trump won fair and square….. …there is another election coming. In the meanwhile Trump is the president..get behind your president. Stop the anarchist “he is not my president”crap.

          Or is it that democracy is only good when Dems/libs win?

          Lib’s behaivior has been less the ungraceful .

          I am not a dem or a rep. ( i loved Reagan and loved Bill C)
          But slowly throughout Obamas elitist reign and since Trump’s Election dems have lost my respect..
          And they and only they brought this about through their disgraceful behavior.

          Libs and their elitist, better than thou, dogmatic attitude…..imo are the main reason for the devision in this country.

          It seems there is nothing liberal or democratic about the intolerant dems and libs.. as they have managed to demonstrate on their own.
          The bigest misnomer !

      1. putting a program in place that required approx 1/6th of the economy and it was based on the ignorance of the populace (on record–spoken by one of the architects), fraudulent/incorrect price forcasting and a lessor product…just to name a few negatives. There are more and they’re not trivial.
        In addition, Mr Obama layered his administration with vaporous and now belly-up enviro/green programs that were fraudulent from the start. All admins have a dose of the quid pro quo stunts, but Mr. O was especially talented and successful…since you, John, talk about his train.

      2. Obama did NOTHING to build the economy, CLUELESS!

        I guess you missed all his lectures making excuses for his economic ineptitude by saying the years of over 3% GDP growth are over followed by Americans MUST adjust to a lower standing of living.

        Remember NOW?

        Dumbass Democrat …

      3. Dear John,

        One area where Obama completely and dramatically failed: tax reform. Saying that he got this train started is 180 degrees incorrect. He headed the train in the wrong direction. I dislike Trump — a buffoon– but he is occasionally correct. Current events prove that tax reform stimulates activity. Obama appointed a bipartisan commission (Simpson- Bowles) that gave him clear and strong direction. Obama ignored that commission (fail) and instead inflicted Obamacare, dividing the country in two (fail again). All the while Obama was saying “doing everything humanely possible to get the economy going”. Obama hurt people — a lot of people. Obama was outwardly a “nice guy”. His policies were dumb. Dumb. Dumb. That is why America has moved-on. Move-on, John.

      4. That’s the funniest comment I have read in years. I’m still laughing. Thank you, so much. I never realized how much Libtard delusion could provide so much comic relief. Keep it coming. You’re great!

  1. If Apple does eventually reach that $1T market cap, I hope it has the decency to hold that mark for at least a year. It would be sad to see it reach that peak and then fall like a stone as many are predicting. Once Apple claims that repatriated cash it should be able to use that money to hold that market cap for quite some time. I’m still not happy with Apple’s near-total dependency on iPhone sales, so I hope Apple finds some other way to boost revenue with that repatriated cash. More than that $1T market cap, I’m looking forward to increased dividends which I’ve grown used to receiving to pay for my living expenses.

    What is so unusual is how suddenly there are a half-dozen companies being given $1T market cap status as though it was now the easiest thing in the world for a company to do.

  2. Thank you Tim Cook and team. Congratulations to Apple’s employees, you guys deserve the incentive of $2,500. You guys are working hard and making it happen to the greatest company, created employments. Bring money home, $350 Billions to help the US economy. Wow, such an achievement!. Also Thank you to President Trump keeps his promises cutting taxes and “Making America Great Again”. Thank you to all the people of AMERICA the greatest country on earth.

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