Facebook is giving the US government more and more data

“Every year, Facebook gets tens of thousands of requests for data from governments worldwide, including search warrants, subpoenas, or calls to restrict certain kinds of content,” Hanna Kozlowska writes for Quartz. “According to a new report released by the company on Dec. 18, these requests are increasing.”

“In the US, the requests rose by 26% from the last six months of 2016 to the first six months of 2017, while globally, requests increased by about 21%,” Kozlowska writes. “Since 2013, when the company first started providing data on government requests, the US number has been steadily rising—it has roughly tripled in a period of four years.”

“Facebook has also been more forthcoming. In the first six months of 2013, it granted the government — which includes the police — 79% of requests (‘some data was produced’ in these cases, the company says); in the first six months of 2017, that share rose to 85%,” Kozlowska writes. “Facebook also says that 57% of the requests they got from US law enforcement included a non-disclosure order that bans the company from telling the user that their data was requested. This type of secret request was up by a whopping 50% from the last six months of 2016, but it’s unclear why.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those who value their privacy certainly don’t use Facebook for anything they’d like to keep private, or at all.

Only fools upload their lives to Facebook and Google while mailing other firms their DNA.

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  1. Well, that’s where the Russians have been doing business for years. They plant fake news that sows doubt in voters minds of voters. Trump calls this story fake news. But the US intel say otherwise.

    Anyone who receives their news form Facebook is a dangerous fool. Anyone you receives their news from Trump, right-wing talking heads and Fox news is an enemy of the state.

  2. Quick poll… did anyone ever notice the “Russian Pro Trump” Facebook ads? Or, more importantly, base their vote on that? If Facebook had any influence on voters at all, Hillary would have won by a landslide because Liberals outpost conservatives by a YUUUUGE margin and now we all know that Facebook has been caught manipulating the algorithms to bury conservative posts.

    1. I take that back, Facebook did influence the election in that it gave liberals a platform to loudly and regularly condescend and insult those idiotic, racist, homophobe, deplorable, intolerant, redneck inbreeds. Liberals did more to elect Trump than Trump did.

    2. Exactly. The majority of posts I see are left leaning. Rarely see any conservative posts.
      FB filters everything. They will even filter out half or more of your friends posts.
      I’m really considering going back to email for family news and pics.

  3. I’ve never signed up for Facebook so consider myself one of the lucky ones. The lack of trust was a big thing for me when many friends and family tried getting me to sign up on many occasions.

  4. Jumped off the FB train years ago, stopped using Google and block their analytics, block all social networking trackers, got a VPN, and turn on JavaScript only when I need it. Probably not completely private but every little step towards it counts…

  5. The biggest customers of the data mining companies is not private enterprise- it is various agencies of government.

    There are laws on the books that forbid the FBI, for example, from collecting certain types of data without a court order. Some of those types can be bought from private companies that for the most part collect data on you without your consent.

    Here is but one example of a company most of you have never heard of Acxiom based in Conway, Arkansas. Here is a short video touting what they can do for companies- just think about how much data they have on you.

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