First week with Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular): Connectivity makes for a truly smart watch

“I’ve been using Apple Watch since the first version shipped. I’ve grown so accustomed to using one that some of the things you might like about owning one yourself have become so much part of my daily life that I neglect to mention them here,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “That’s the thing about Apple Watch — it weaves itself so intimately inside your daily experience that you begin to use it unconsciously. Just like a watch. I use the device’s health, Activity, heart and fitness tracking features. I use it for Apple Pay, Maps, Siri questions, Messages, and (of course) for checking the time.”

“Apple’s flagship feature in this model is cellular connectivity,” Evans writes. “This means you’ll get that important call, message or notification even when you leave your iPhone at home. And while Apple says it doesn’t see its smartwatch as a replacement for your smartphone, the form factor will deliver all that some users need… You’ll get only one hour’s talk time on a single charge, so it’s unlikely most of us can rely solely on the Apple Watch just yet… Everything I’ve done with the device tells me that most people will find the watch happily lasts a full day, even with a couple of short LTE calls.”

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular). The freedom to go with just your Apple Watch.
Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular). The freedom to go with just your Apple Watch.

“For me, the inclusion of a cellular connection within Apple Watch raises the bar in what the device is capable of,” Evans writes. “I’d argue that this connection makes the watch a truly smart watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a game-changer, but, as Evans and many others have pointed out, it’s still a bit too much to be charging some $10 extra per month for the amount of data most people will be consuming via their Apple Watches.

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    1. “it’s still a bit too much to be charging some $10 extra per month for the amount of data most people will be consuming via their Apple Watches.”

      I agree. Charging by device used, vs aggregate amount of data used, is highway robbery.

      The nice thing about competition is that, as more and more cellular Apple Watches enter the wild, carriers will compete for the iPhone AND Apple Watch customer, thus sparking aggregate data use plans and lower fees.

      It can’t happen soon enough.

      1. I wonder sometimes why AT&T, for example, charges $10 for every device (other than phones) that use cellular data. If they charged for the usage of a particular device, I might be getting higher charges, since I use my iPad extensively for data while away from wifi. Maybe the $10 is for the admin of keeping up with the separate device.

  1. The series 3 cellular is an amazing device. Can’t wait to see what series 4+ brings to the table.
    If anyone was ever on the fence on this device, series 3 pushes you over. It’s like the real true beginning of the Apple Watch experience.

  2. I will switch to an Apple Watch and drop my phone as soon as possible. I’m hoping number 4 is the magic number. I’m sorry, I’ve been wanting a Dick Tracy watch since I was 5 years old.

    This upgrade makes me excited, I can’t wait for the next upgrade.

    1. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to drop your phone. The two devices are for different things. Sure there is some overlap, but that’s akin to saying “I’m getting a pool installed, I won’t be using my bathtub anymore.”

  3. I’ve been surprised at how good the battery life is in the Series 3, compared to the original (seems twice as good), but as my use increases due to increased functionality, I’m sure I’ll use up whatever battery is available.

  4. I’m still unable to get ATT to properly authorize mine and get it up and running.

    This is after 4 days of ownership and two separate calls to their AppleWatch tech support center (whatever that means). I’ve wiped, rebooted, re-paired (which takes ages) and actually spent about 3 hours on 2 separate calls with 2 different support people with no success. Tried on and off wifi, LTE only and they keep saying that everything looks fine on their end, but it ain’t happening over here.

    ATT says everything should work from their end and yet I keep getting this error message:

    “We’ve hit a snag.

    We can’t enable device syncing on this watch because it isn’t active yet. Ask the account owner to call us at 800.331.0500 and ask for Apple Watch Tech Support (EDS4007)”

    I’ve yet to stumble upon the correct troubleshooting thread and just wondered what the hive mind here thinks. Definitely not a typical experience for me with Apple hardware.

    Additionally, though way down the list of urgency, the AppleWatch (purchased directly from Apple online) displays “Advertisement” at the bottom of the watch where my calendar notifications usually are. Tapping it brings up “iPhone Advertisement” and remote-like “play” and “FF” buttons.

    Has anyone seen this?…

      1. Yeah, I’ll probably have to do that, just don’t like going there. Always feels like WestWorld without coffee. Too many friendly cyborgs. I was even considering the ATT store which is more mellow and the strain of working for a multinational is not masked with smiles and a script. 😉

  5. Jobs would never have allowed the scumbag carriers to charge 10 bucks for this, never. Pipeline Timmy is too weak to insist on NO CHARGE OR YOU DONT GET THE PRODUCT.

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