Apple’s huge growth opportunity: Android upgraders

“Although many investors like to focus on some of the new market opportunities that Apple has ahead of it, such as Apple Watch and its services business, there’s still plenty of opportunity for the company to grow its largest and most important business: iPhone,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool.

“A new report from Strategy Analytics (via GizmoChina) claims that during the second calendar quarter of the year, Samsung shipped 10.2 million Galaxy S8 smartphones and 9 million Galaxy S8+ smartphones, for a total of 19.2 million phones,” Eassa writes. “Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus maintained sizable leads over their Samsung-made counterparts, shipping 16.9 million and 15.1 million units, per the report.”

“I strongly suspect that Apple has an opportunity to eat into Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S-series smartphone shipments beginning with this year’s iPhone models — and beyond,” Eassa writes. “Over the last two generations — that is, during the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 generations — Apple has fielded phones that, if we’re being honest, looked nearly identical to the iPhone 6-series that launched in 2014… With this year’s premium OLED iPhone, Apple has a real opportunity to pull over the kinds of customers that value aesthetics, as the device is rumored to adopt a glass back as well as a nearly bezel-free full-face OLED design.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone who complains about current iPhone aesthetics hasn’t seen or held a Jet Black iPhone 7/Plus or, frankly, any color iPhone SE.

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  1. It’s unlikely there will be many Android smartphone users upgrading to iPhones except maybe in the U.S. All the other emerging country consumers are all-in for Android smartphones costing $100. Apple has nothing for those users which leaves Apple out of 90% of the smartphone market. Apple is being left in the dust when it comes to market share percentage even if they do manage to sell a couple of million more iPhones somehow. Almost no one cares about quality or privacy when they can get a $100 smartphone and all the free Google Services they can manage. The smartphone market is hopelessly lost for Apple as Android OS becomes more unreachable by the day. Each time I think of that unreachable 98% Android smartphone market share in India, it makes my stomach churn as I know it will only go up higher.

    Besides, the high-end iPhone will be produced in such limited quantities that even if there were more people who wanted to switch, they couldn’t because there will be no high-end iPhones available for months.

    1. As is often the case, your post is extremely negative. Perhaps you do not realize that Apple recently began making significant investments into the Indian market and has been working with the Indian government to assemble and sell iPhones.

      We all understand that Apple will be starting off in India with a very small marketshare relative to Android. Unlike you, however, I anticipate that Apple’s marketshare in India will grow, not disappear. Apple may never be the dominant platform in terms of marketshare in any country outside the U.S. But marketshare percentages on the order of 10% to 30% across the world will keep the company growing and highly profitable for a long time to come.

      The production of the new high-end iPhone will rapidly increase and it will make its mark starting in Apple’s first fiscal quarter (Oct-Dec) and extending well into calendar year 2018.

      Mac7, you should be iCal’ed for your negative posts. I doubt that you have a strong track record when it comes to the accuracy of your doom and gloom predictions.

      1. NOT. Thus my Apple fanaticism and loathing of parasitic activist stockholders such as Icahn Associates Corp., Goldman Sachs, ad nauseam.

        Short term thinking = long term disaster.

        Do Be: A customer server
        Don’t Be: A customer rapist

  2. If Apple had a brain they would run ads like the I’m A Mac (I’m A PC) that explain with gentle humor the huge advantages like security and ecosystem. Why does it do nothing? Steve Jobs approved these ads that helped grow Mac versus PC share. Is there any marketing intelligence at all at Apple?

  3. Unfortuately, there is no survey data to back this assumption. The writer states the aesthetics of the new iPhone will win some high-end Samsung customers, but, in my opinion, the S8 is still more sleek looking than the rumored new iPhone. I doubt Apple will see any wins because of design, but what could be a switcher driver is the advancement in AR on the new iPhone. Smooth operating AR on the new iPhone will be a noticeable and exciting feature Samsung users probably won’t see for years to come. This means some Samsung users might finally ditch their inferior phones, and upgrade to the best smart phone experience available.

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