Apple’s 3D Face ID will recognize user’s face within millionths of a second

“Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is unlikely to have a curved edge display despite rampant speculation that the new device may adopt the design with its organic light-emitting diode panels having a flexible nature,” Shin Ji-hye reports for The Korea Herald.

“‘Apple is highly unlikely to follow the same design of its rival’s. Instead of the curved edge display, it will have a flat screen with bezel-less on the top and bottom alongside the two sides,’ a source familiar with the matter told The Korea Herald,” Shin reports. “As to why Apple adopted plastic OLED even though it will not make the device curved or with an edge, the source said, OLED can make the device thinner and lighter compared to liquid crystal display panels that Apple has long adopted for its former iPhone models.”

“Apart from OLED panels, iPhone 8 is also predicted to sport several new features such as advanced facial recognition scanner and 3-D sensors supporting augmented reality applications,” Shin reports. “The new facial recognition scanner with 3-D sensors can deeply sense a user’s face in the millionths of a second. Also, 3-D sensors are said to be adopted for the front and rear of the device to realize AR applications, which integrate 3-D virtual images with user’s environment in real time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Curved edges are a gimmick. Apple doesn’t do features in search of a purpose.

Apple’s infrared 3D facial recognition will work – very well – and it’ll be secure – very secure – or Apple wouldn’t do it.

Apple’s leaked HomePod firmware shows iPhone 8 likely to abandon Touch ID in favor of ‘Pearl ID’ facial recognition – August 3, 2017

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  1. Curved edges look weird imho and it doesn’t add any usability value. Nobody folds a a printed photo around the edge of the table, why would anybody want that on a display?

  2. When I view photos or videos on my iPhone I want to see the ENTIRE image without having parts of it curve around the edges. A minimal bezel all the way around would be just perfect to frame my viewing.

  3. How quickly and ‘deeply’ the device can scan a user’s face is not the issue. It’s how accurately it can recognize a user’s face in 3-D!

    Will I be able to break into The Trump’s iPhone with a curved mask of his face over mine?

    Meanwhile, rumors rumors *yawn* rumors… 💤

  4. A curved edge also has issues with reflections. Not a good idea at all. Just another Samsung gimmick and totally useless, like the curved tv screens.

    Apple doesn’t need useless gimmicks to sell phones.

  5. If the facial recognition proves to reliably work, then the new iPhone (whatever it may be called) sounds great – but I won’t be in line to buy when they first come out. Will want to have plenty of evidence that the new technology works before I will consider buying.

    Love my Jet black iPhone 7 Plus, so am in no rush to upgrade…but a bigger display in smaller iPhone does sound attractive

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