Elgato Cam Link repurposes DSLRs and camcorders, making them high-quality webcams

“Elgato offers a wide variety of products, but has been recently focused on offering gamers some love with its capture products like the HD60S, Green Screen, and now Cam Link,” Timi Cantisano reports for Neowin. “Cam Link provides a simple and easy to use tool that can transform most DSLRs, camcorders, or action cameras so that they can be used seamlessly to shoot video on your PC or Mac.”

“It utilizes an HDMI port and channels content to the computer through USB, providing excellent quality up to 1080p at 60fps,” Cantisano reports. “Since it is going directly to the computer, it records straight to the hard drive, avoiding the issue of running out of space on a relatively lower capacity internal memory card. ”

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  1. This is a perfect tool for Facebook Live broadcasts. At my organisation, we occasionally do short live interviews with important people. Having to do them with an iPad or an iPhone looks unprofessional, and the resulting quality isn’t exactly spectacular. With this device, I can use proper, professional camera, with a proper microphone, and more importantly, I can then use OBS (or ElGato’s own streaming software) for live streaming, graphic overlays (lower thirds, etc) and make it look like a proper broadcast.

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