How to upgrade from Android to a real Apple iPhone

“iPhone sales regularly exceed analysts’ expectations, and millions of people who are purchasing an Apple smartphone for the first time are switching from Android devices,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “So, if you are an Android user thinking of switching to iOS, you aren’t alone.”

“You needn’t abandon all your photos and messages when you migrate from Android to iPhone; you can easily bring them with you by using Apple’s Move to iOS app, which is available for free download on Google Play,” Evans writes. “Move to iOS will transfer the following data between platforms: Contacts; Message history; Camera photos and videos; Web bookmarks; Mail; Calendars. It will also automatically download any free apps that are on your Android device from the iOS App Store. The paid apps that it finds on your Android device will be added to your App Store Wish List if they are available there.”

“You can move files manually, though this is more time-consuming than using the Move to iOS app,” Evans writes. “However, if you are already using your iPhone and don’t want to set it up again, you may need to do this.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

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