Apple’s leaked HomePod firmware reveals Apple TV with 4K UHD, 10-bit HDR and Dolby Vision

“Apple’s own firmware for the upcoming HomePod speaker has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving for enthusiasts, this time revealing that a next-generation Apple TV will boast support for 4K video, as well as high dynamic range in both 10-bit and Dolby Vision formats,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Developer Guilherme Rambo once again dove deep into the HomePod firmware to find reference to a ‘4kHDR’ display mode,” Hughes reports. “Digging even further, he found references to display modes for ‘HDR10’ and ‘Dolby.'”

“In addition, AppleInsider reader Marc Bach also pointed out on Twitter that HLG, also known as Hybrid Log-Gamma, is another supported HDR mode. The royalty-free HDR standard was developed by the BBC and NHK,” Hughes reports. “The references would seem to confirm that the next-generation Apple TV will not only include support for ultra-high-definition 4K content, but also three popular HDR modes for better contrast and colors.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Better late than never!

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  1. Better late…sure. But they will absolutely need to offer people with existing iTunes libraries the opportunity to upgrade their existing movies to 4k as they become available without having to pay full price for a higher resolution. They did it for music when they ditched DRM, but they did not do it when they went to HD from SD. If they are unable or unwilling to offer an upgrade to 4k, they will have egg all over the place.

    Whether they do it for a 1x upgrade, or $1 a movie, or something, that would be great. If they required another $20 purchase for 4k, they can go to hell and deserve the heaps of criticism they will get for not only being late to the party, but for providing a service hardly worthy of continued investment (iTunes purchases). It would mark the last movie I’d ever buy from Apple.

    Hate to not be an optimist here, but Apple has disappointed around Apple TV several times now. Lets hope they don’t screw up the next transition too. If we are allowed to upgrade, even if for a modest fee, I would be happy to give them more money on top of the gobs I already have.

    1. It will be up to Eddie Cue to work out that deal with content providers. Don’t think Apple can unilaterally supply alternate versions of video files without cooperation from the studios. DRM on music was different because it was simply the removal of an added on piece of security code; the music file underneath wasn’t altered. Going from HD to 4K movies is different, and studios have always charged consumers for upgraded content. Personally, I don’t think Apple will freight the bill for upgrading movie file content, nor do I think Cue will get studios to do it either.

    2. First, it’s not really all that late. While others have had 4K video for a while, all the specs coming together and being baked into hardware necessary for Apple’s entire ecosystem has just recently been finalized. A lot of that 4K hardware (and content) released by others to date will be obsolete and incompatible with upcoming standards.

      As far as the upgrade policy, don’t expect any upgrade discounts.

      The reason is that 4K movies will be new SKUs from the studios. We’ve experienced this before. SD -> HD was a new SKU and thus no upgrade pricing. 720p to 1080p wasn’t a new SKU, thus free upgrades with no involvement from the studios.

      Apple won’t be alone here with the upgrade policy. It’s going to be entirely dictated by the studios. New source masters will always mean full retail pricing for upgrades, whether it’s a 4K, HDR, director’s cut, unrated version, etc…

    3. So when you bought an album did you get a free CD years later? Or when your car got a new interior did they retrofit your old one?

      Didn’t think so

      This isn’t Apple – it’s the studios…

  2. Pretty sure that the early movies I bought are much better resolution now than when I bought them for the first Apple TV. They should though be able to offer an upgrade to 4K for a small fee rather than full price.

    1. Nope, see my other comment. If you went from SD to 720p, the studios released a new source file, and thus full retail pricing for upgrades. From 720p to 1080p, the source file was the same, and thus free upgrades. Going from 1080p to 4K, new source files will be submitted and we can expect that the studios will require full retail pricing for upgrades.

      It sucks, but something worth considering if you’re thinking about buying 1080p movies right now.

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            1. I see your simple mind is still fixated on something almost half a century ago. Why am I not surprised that a simple mind would be.

              How’s those random shifts at the coal mine working out for you?

      1. No one sees a dramatic difference in 4K specifically because the pixel density at the ideal viewing distance (something beyond your understanding) is higher than the human eye can resolve.

        As I pointed out, bot, its HDR that’s the useful innovation.

        I’ll keep my eyes and my politics over your black hole of ignorance, thank you.

        1. the only “density” is between your ears if you can’t see the vast improvement between HD1080 and 4K….

          ..ask yourself this, Vacillating Weasel, if “no one sees a dramatic difference” then why is everyone converting and demanding 4K video?

            1. Yep… confronted with reality bottwipe reverts to true to form. His brain gets taxed and he gets sleepy.

              Maybe I should treat you like the whiny butch occupying the white house. Put bottwipe in each sentence to help you keep focus.

          1. Here I am thinking and providing evidence or documentation of what I state.

            What are you doing? Mindless insults without any reference to the information I provide.

            Why do you bother? Note how rarely I bother to respond to you any more.

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  3. Please, please, pretty please fix the $tupid netflix and youtube apps. they are waaaay better in rook and even android TV than they are in apple TV.
    I remember when I just got my 3gen apple Tv, the first youtube app, I was able to pause something to see a quick hands switch in Penn and Teller fool us, or some details in the pictures that everyone missed in some scene, but in the new app, when ever you pause something in youtube, it puts the $tupid menu for other videos or something else right in the middle of the screen.

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