President Trump says Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised 3 ‘big, beautiful’ manufacturing plants in the U.S.

“President Donald Trump on Tuesday said in an interview that Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook has committed to build three big manufacturing plants in the U.S., a surprising statement that would help fulfill his administration’s economic goal of reviving American manufacturing,” Tripp Mickle and Peter Nicholas report for The Wall Street Journal. “Mr. Trump, in a 45-minute interview with The Wall Street Journal, said Mr. Cook promised him Apple would build ‘three big plants, beautiful plants.’ Mr. Trump didn’t elaborate on where those plants would be located or when they would be built.”

“‘I spoke to [Mr. Cook], he’s promised me three big plants — big, big, big,’ Mr. Trump said as part of a discussion about business-tax reform and business investment. ‘I said you know, Tim, unless you start building your plants in this country, I won’t consider my administration an economic success. He called me, and he said they are going forward,'” Mickle and Nicholas report. “Mr. Trump’s comments were some of the first he has made regarding Apple manufacturing since assuming the presidency and revives pressure on the world’s largest company by market value to move manufacturing operations from Asia to the U.S.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook (right)  and Peter Thiel (center) with then President-elect Donald Trump during a meeting with technology industry leaders at Trump Tower in New York, NY on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016. (Photo: Jabin Botsford | The Washington Post | Getty Images)
Apple CEO Tim Cook (right) and Peter Thiel (center) with then President-elect Donald Trump during a meeting with technology industry leaders at Trump Tower in New York, NY on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016. (Photo: Jabin Botsford | The Washington Post | Getty Images)
“Apple faced criticism from Mr. Trump last year on the campaign trail for outsourcing the production of its iPhones and other devices to factories in China. After Mr. Trump won the election, he said in TIME Magazine that he told Mr. Cook that he wanted ‘Apple to build a great plant, your biggest and your best, even if it’s only a foot bigger than some place in China,'” Mickle and Nicholas report. “In May, Apple said it planned to create a $1 billion fund to invest in U.S. companies that do advanced manufacturing. ‘We’re looking at this thing deeply,’ Mr. Cook said at the time during an appearance on CNBC. ‘How do we grow our employee base? How do we grow our investor base? How do we employ [in] manufacturing?'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Via Hon Hai (Foxconn), the Softbank fund, and/or other contract manufacturers like Flex (Austin, TX) and Quanta (Fremont, CA)?

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  1. Why do people listen to the Liar-In-Chief? Oh right because all you guys love seeing him and Repubs gut the social safety nets that the US has put up for 75 years.

    If this was true you’d think Cook and Apple would have put this out quickly. We’ll see what they have to say.

    1. Trump also promised Carrier and Ford factory workers continued employment in the USA. Unfortunately the jobs went to Mexico anyway.

      Super job wasting money on the useless wall and increased border guards. Don’t we all feel safer now that Pres Donny is on top of it? Or is he? Hard to tell when he’s golfing at his own resorts every weekend being waited on by people with immigration papers. Fact.

      1. What fact? You’re unattributed opinion?

        Yes, we feel much safer now. I do know the numbers of illegal crossings under President Trump are down well over 50%.

        Do you know the facts or just spouting partisan BS? …

      2. Don’t confuse the issue with facts, Realist. They have become irrelevant.

        The Defense Department announced a six-month review of transgender members of the military earlier this month. They said it would take at least that long to assemble and analyse actual facts, as distinct from either liberal or conservative opinions. The study had not even properly gotten underway before the President announced a total ban this morning on transgender individuals serving in any capacity. The ban was announced on Twitter, apparently with no prior notice to the Pentagon. You might debate the outcome, but the process shows complete contempt for evidence-based decision making.

        That is a fact, just as is the reality that Trump Resorts has applied for many visas so they can hire foreign workers, or the reality that most Trump and Ivanka merchandise is manufactured overseas, or the reality that the renowned Carrier jobs went to Mexico anyway, or the reality that almost all of the financing for Trump Enterprises has come from foreign banks. “America First,” unless that conflicts with “Trump First.”

        This is an Administration driven by the gut feelings of a man who has for 70 years shown complete contempt for facts when they conflict with his opinions. For example, the fact that it would be easier for Apple to negotiate a good deal for itself if the Federal Government wasn’t publicizing its private negotiations.

  2. I like how Trump calls the plants “beautiful” even though he does not yet know how they will look.

    About the plants: most probably they are not going to be Apple’s plants, they will be Foxconn’s plants, working for Apple.

    1. I have no doubt that you and your fellow “Yes, We Can’t’ers” prefer the “beautiful” empty shells of factories from Pennsylvania to Ohio to Michigan.

      You’re an idiot.

    1. A fake magazine cover is your response? Sad, sad, sad.

      You are seriously running out of material.



      By Christmas, the core of the party will have begun the process of abandonment. They fear 2018 more than they fear Trump. As soon as the Koch figure out Trump can’t get their agenda passed, they will cease funding Republicans who back Trump. Money talks, Trump BS walks.

      1. So sorry to read you are ignoring all the positive economic numbers under President Trump since he took office. I guess in a sense, although I’m up to speed, you are going to the same dry media well that locked you in and only reports FAKE NEWS.

        Take solace in the fact you’re not the only Democrat clueless fool taken in on MDN …

      1. Try to understand what really happened, OK?

        The Senate voted by just one vote to start debating some bill that no one [yes no one] knows what it will say (and that vote was cast as a tie breaker by the VP so they couldn’t even get all the Republicans to vote for it). Why does no one know what it will say? Because the full bill has not been drafted.

        It’s a LONG, LONG way from even getting to any kind of vote.

        Try to keep up on what’s REALLY happening, OK?

          1. My mother and grandmother told me that when I grew up I would understand why our leaders decided to do what they did, even though it upset some people and harmed others.

            My father and uncles deflected my questions, telling me I wouldn’t understand.

            That’s when I began to understand.

            1. You’re actually responding politely to this unhinged loser?

              Must be another example of the protective female instinct substituting for logic and fairness …

            2. Instincts don’t substitute for logic. Logic defends instincts. That’s human nature.

              My grandmother counseled me that there are no losers (she called them unfortunates). All could be saved through grace, she insisted. The force of her personality imprinted itself upon me. My father muttered about losers (he called them bums) but he had less personality, and consequently I tend to take after her, more than him.

            3. You had good caring teachers. My grandmother was more like you dad. I’m just not worthy and don’t suffer fools lightly. But I like your dad already… 😉

      1. If I remember well, Obamacare was taken to townhalls across the country, and Democrats attempted to include Republicans in the process. The bill has been modified and watered down from its original form in order to compromise with those Republicans, to make it more acceptable. At the time, Republicans were in no mood for lawmaking.

        Had Obamacare been pushed through in its original form, it would have been actually much more looking like the NHS (in the UK, or in Canada). Of course, Republicans would have hated it even more (although I can’t imagine how much more).

        Obamacare was shared with constituents, tweaked, modified and adjusted, before it was adopted.

        When Trumpcare (Ryancare?) was rammed through the Senate, nobody outside the chamber had a chance to read through any of it.

        Both ways of passing laws are OK; I’m just not sure if taking 22 months to review, revise and pass a law is all that bad.

      2. I just took a look at the history of ACA and how long it took, and your 22 months figure doesn’t appear correct.

        Obama was inaugurated in January 2009, and the ACA was signed into law in march of 2010. The work on the bill didn’t start until February.

        Moreover, there was a bipartisan group of senators that had 31 meetings to discuss the details of the bill, and the whole draft was essentially sent to townhalls around the country during the August recess.

        In the end, it was adopted by a very strong majority in the senate (all 60 Democrats voted for it).

        The concern today with the Trumpcare is that Republicans can’t even get all of their own to vote in favour of just discussing the possible future draft of a new health care bill (never mind the actual bill).

        When we look at the two presidencies, and where we are on the timeline, in the Obama presidency, the bill has, by the end of July, already taken shape and was about to get on the road, to be discussed by the constituents in the townhalls. Meanwhile, in the Trump timeline, the first version of bill (that nobody saw until it was already voted on) failed to pass and has, for all intents and purposes, been abandoned. There is no modified version of the bill yet. The only thing that exists is the will of the senate to actually, at some future point, discuss any new health bill that may come up for discussion. And even that will was only officially sanctioned because a very sick senator flew from Arizona to cast his vote, and even that vote wasn’t enough, so the vice-president had to tip the scales…

      1. Thank you for showing your true ugly stereotype colors.

        So the people in the three geographic regions you mention are sub human hayseeds and not worthy of any consideration or thinking in your neighborhood. How very understanding and human condition loving liberal you are.

        Please keep it up at least until the 2020 presidential election …

        1. I live in Appalachia. Seen the subhuman living. The state legislatures in those states are to focused on cultural issues than preparing their citizens for the needs of the new 21 st century economy. Before that, I lived in the first world state of Minnesota. Day and night difference.

        2. Its shocking to see the low star votes on your comment !
          Its very telling of the attitude of the dogmatized losers ..
          This group is acting like ignorant fools of the dark ages.
          Wow… truly speechless..
          And the same group consider themselves wise and openminded.. ( what a Joke )
          To not know one does not know it is a horrible thing .

            1. better said”
              ‘It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” … Ronald Reagan

            2. I like that.. ( loved Ronald And i loved Bill too)
              but… i rather not package all liberals in this group of Dogmatized Fools…
              Even tough observing some behaviors have increasingly made it very hard for me to resist that.
              I am nonpartisan …
              Nevertheless … what i see going on now is nausatingly stupid and childish…. and is making me wonder and reasses some views.
              First casualty> Mainstream media … bye forever manipulative fools. Keep on shooting yourselves in your own feet…

  3. Looks like ANOTHER win for Trump and the economy. Of course, people of the resistance wouldn’t know what’s happening because all they tune into is news that supports their own confirmation bias, because with the giant brains they have on their shoulders, there’s no need to acknowledge the truth about the good things Trump has done. They know better. They are smarter than Tump, who they call a “dummy” that somehow lucked into the presidency. They are the ones acting like a child, pointing fingers and whining and crying, but apparently they are the *smart* people. It’s sad. I am one of the voters the Democratic Party lost this past year, and they are doing nothing to get us back. Good luck trying to tear America down!!

    1. And what is this winning? Appalachia is still shit. Rustbelt and southern states have yet to progress to the level of blue states that have transitioned well into the new 21 st century economy.

    1. I think it’s fun, I know you and I BOTH enjoyed 8 years of Obashing 😉 I say let ’em have it. Keeps them distracted from doing anything.

      Unless you’re one of the “new age special snowflake don’t say bad word that may trigger me” conservatives. Consjw for the win!

    2. Agree completely.

      I encourage debate on the merit of issues from both sides. Solutions to solving problems and not obsession with denigrating orange hair and hand size …

      However, the sore losers have

      1. This is something I like about you, Goeb. You encourage all sides to contribute, but hold all to the same high standard. Keep it up; we need balance now more than ever.

        “Be yourself, and allow others to do the same, and clarity will be achieved: either war will ensue, or some accommodation will be reached. In any case, much unwarranted anxiety can be avoided. That is a definite social good.” — H. G. Wells

      2. Its shocking to see the low star votes on your comment !
        Its very telling of the attitude of the dogmatized losers ..
        This group is acting like ignorant fools of the dark ages.
        Wow… truly speechless..
        And the same group consider themselves wise and openminded.. ( what a Joke )
        To not know one does not know it is a horrible thing .

        1. Funny, isn’t it?

          No, pitiful is probably more accurate. Beyond being shocked with the desperate dim bulbs out there. Now out of power because of the PEOPLE (what irony), they always champion, except when it does not go their way and later called every ugly name in the book.

          Besides, @herself wrote an excellent accurate account of how nerds have manipulated the voting in WordPress.

          I pay as much attention to FAKE VOTES as I do to FAKE NEWS.

          “And the same group consider themselves wise and openminded.. ( what a Joke )”

          Amen, brother … 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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