U.S. consumer confidence shows Americans upbeat on jobs, economy

“A four-month high in U.S. consumer confidence reflects Americans’ sunnier views on both their current situation and outlook, a positive sign for the economy, data from the New York-based Conference Board showed Tuesday,” Scott Lanman reports for Bloomberg. “With unemployment near a 16-year low and U.S. stocks reaching record highs, consumers remain upbeat, which should continue to support the household spending that accounts for about 70 percent of U.S. gross domestic product.”

“‘Overall, consumers foresee the current economic expansion continuing well into the second half of this year,’ Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at the Conference Board, said in a statement,” Lanman reports. “Share of respondents citing ‘good’ business conditions rose to the highest level since early 2001; the proportion expecting them to improve over the next six months also increased.”

“Labor differential, measuring share of those saying jobs are plentiful minus the share saying they’re hard to get, widened to 16.1 percentage points, the most since August 2001,” Lanman reports. “Buying plans up for autos and homes, down for major appliances.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bad news for South Korean dishwasher makers. Good news for everyone else, including Apple (especially with next-gen iPhones, the new HomePod, and expected new Apple TV on the way)!


    1. MAGA!

      The disconnect between real Americans and the ensconced elite in LA, Manhattan, San Fran, and Washington D.C. has never been wider.

      1. The problem is who gets to call themselves real. After all, if we look at the situation today, barely one third of America actually likes their current president (lower percentage than any US president at this point in his presidency since they started measuring it). And if we look at his signature policies, support for those is even lower.

        There are apparently various kinds of Americans out there, and I’m not sure any one of them is entitled to claim that they are the real deal, and others aren’t. Especially if they are the minority.

        1. Would you call billionaire politicians elite?

          One thing i have noticed is that no matter what they say, billionaires seldom if ever lift a finger to do a damn thing for the average working class citizen. The reason they are billionaires is because they focused all their lifetime effort into extraction of the most amount of money and resources from those around them.

          Go ahead and point to the remorseful charitable actions some robber barons took as they faced death and suddenly realized they can’t take their ill gotten gains with them to the grave if you think that excuses the slimy greedy behaviour that characterizes the majority of these bastards’ lives. It doesn’t make amends for the massive disparity in wage, opportunity, education, and health that you have allowed to build up.

          You Americans should wake up and see how your two corrupt political parties and now you self proclaimed independent minded president has duped you. They are all working for their own enrichment, not for the good of the common man. It boggles the mind why you keep voting as you do.

        2. All politicians in Washington are K Steet whores.

          You’re not going to agree, but the Don doesn’t need them. He seems different and maybe now later life he is giving back by working for the people. He already achieved everything else (fame, fortune, family).

          Just food for thought …

    2. What do you expect?

      And why are you so proud of the twisted way in which Trump used the Scout Jamboree to push his political agenda? It reminded me of a certain historical figure from the 1930s-40s attempting to indoctrinate the children.

      Trump started by stating that it would not be appropriate to discuss politics at this event…then he did. A lot. Hypocrisy? Yep. But Trump cannot let go of his grudges or resist taking advantage of a public forum. And he certainly cannot resist his craving for applause and approval. He sees the approval of 40,000 people as providing him a mandate to do whatever he pleases.

      You may be proud of Trump, but he has actually turned out to be far worse than my worst expectations. I actually thought that the office might help refine the man a bit. But there is no redemption for Trump.

  1. iAm unequivocally better off today than iWAS over the past 10 years. Our business is witnessing significant revenue increases and new hires.
    The era of the cancerous (OBlah Blah) entitlements is coming to an end. NOTHING! Comes for FREE! Get a job. Get an education or Get the Fck out of my country.

    iPropose drug testing for any and ALL welfare recipients or people receiving public assistance. Get off the METH and H. Big Pharma and persciption happy doctors are the root cause of the drug crisis in America.

    Also. How is it that my girlfriend and I can not be jointly covered on her group health plan at her DDS. (we have been together for over 10 years and live @ the same residence) BUT! any LGBT partners CAN BE jointly covered on the same group health plan at her DDS…WTF!?

    So….. “EXACTLY” what group is being discriminated against? Total BullShite.

      1. Yes, it takes quite a lot of work to extract 1/6th of the country’s economy from an Anti-American intertwined cancer of forced payments, even more crippling dependency, and the intentional destruction of the insurance industry by the feckless Democrats.

        1. So tell us just how Trump intends to fix it then. And what is it, that he’s going to fix it with? I don’t know. The media – left, centre, right and extreme fringe – certainly haven’t a clue. The Republican Party? They’re not saying anything at all. It’s bombast and bluster. It’s vapourware
          And…you really think Trump’s shit smells sweeter??!!
          Get a grip.

    1. Any reasonable person sees that the Affordable Care Act needs improvement. What many reasonable people (including virtually everybody directly involved in the healthcare delivery system) fail to see is how any of the proposed Republican replacements would be any better… except for young healthy men whose premiums will go down (if they bother to buy insurance). Out of pocket expenses — premiums + deductables + copays — for everybody else will go up.

      For millions of Americans (20 to 33 million, depending on which Republican plan passes), the higher costs will simply price them out of the insurance market completely. What happened to the election-winning Trump promises that everybody will get better care for less money? Previous broken promises by other administrations do not excuse the blatant dishonesty.

      It won’t even save the public any money. Rather than receiving cost-effective preventative care or early diagnosis and treatment, the medical condition of the uninsured masses will instead deteriorate. Eventually, they will require extremely expensive inpatient care in hospitals that will pass that cost along to their paying patients. That will further damage the medical services sector that includes roughly 20% of our national economy, which will then impact the other 80%.

      If you disagree, I will be glad to hear rational arguments about how TrumpCare will be better than the ACA for people who actually need medical services. Please give facts, though, not just personal insults.

      1. botvinnik and his ilk have no credible responses to your post because the facts support you.

        Trump promised better, better, better – cover everyone, lower premiums, no pre-existing condition hurdles, etc. Oh, and it would somehow cost less. Since then, he has said “yes” to whatever health care proposal the GOP Congress has thrown on the table. Meanwhile, he has done his best to undermine the ACA/Obamacare by suspending enforcement of the mandate, sowing uncertainty over the subsidies, etc. If the ACA implodes, it is Trump and the GOP Congress who will bear the blame. You cannot take power and then pass the responsibility on to someone else.

        And the hypocrisy of the GOP approach is incredible. Secret meetings. Little or no public disclosure of the bill content. No Democratic participation allowed. Heck, even most of the GOP were excluded. And then they blame Democrats for “obstruction” because they won’t vote for whatever crap the GOP shovels out of committee.

        And let’s be perfectly clear on the GOP’s objectives. Most of them do not give a crap about the impact to health care on those 22 to 30 million people, except to the extent that it might impact their job security. No, the true GOP objective is to roll back taxes – the vast majority of which will benefit the truly wealthy – while also undermining the long term commitment to the health and welfare of ordinary U.S. citizens. The GOP is attempting to use their mantra of “Repeal and Replace” as a cover for gutting Medicare. But none of them have the freaking guts to admit that, despite frequent claims of “transparency.”

        Do we truly want to roll back the social programs that are designed to help the less fortunate? Or can we agree to work together to seek improvement and find a better way?

    2. Perhaps you should hold your biased political tongue until comparative objective measures can be made at the end of Trumps term. Right now he’s still coasting on the economy that he inherited, perhaps with a small bump from all the campaign promises. In 2 years or so we will see if Trump actually accomplished anything and if it improved your life in any meaningful way. My bet is that the Trump administration will continue to be in disarray as it is now and your personal prosperity will be no different overall than it was for the last 8 years. Unelected corporations have infinitely more power than any one person sitting in elected office, since you Yanks implemented checks and balances on your federal government but put no effective limits on multinational corporations.

  2. Consumer confidence my eye. Home ownership is at a 50 year low, home sales are decreasing year over year as the mortgages are at an all time LTV high. Meaning, people don’t have money to put down on a home. But, hey, interest rates are super low… whatever the hell that means. Not healthy at all.

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