New leak reveals best look yet at Apple’s next-gen ‘iPhone 8’

“Apple’s most hotly anticipated new iPhone this year has appeared in a wide variety of leaks and rumors,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “The most recent sets of pictures and renders practically show the same design, suggesting that Apple has finalized things as it approaches the manufacturing phase. But the iPhone 8’s secrets are far from being revealed, as these leaks do not tell the whole story. For example, what colors will the iPhone 8 come in?”

“So far, the leaks and renders have shown a Jet Black-like iPhone featuring a stainless steel-like metal frame,” Smith writes. “The iPhone 8 will have a glass rear shell, which means black paint will not chip off as was the case with the metal iPhone 7. But will Apple make an iPhone 8 that’s completely black, or will the edges be polished steel?”

Smith writes, “A set of images posted on Twitter by OnLeaks, a constant source of reliable mobile leaks, shows a black iPhone 8 that seems to feature a metal chassis that’s also black.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With the display off, it looks nearly identical to our Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus units, except for the dual lens array having been shifted 90-degrees.

iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black
iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black

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  1. It’s unfortunate to see the home button go, just for the sake of standing out. The “wings” on the front surrounding the earpiece make it unique (at least among the bezeless phones I’ve seen) but I’m sure that will be copied soon enough.

  2. The removal of the chrome around the camera assembly, is better than before. However I hardly would call any of this edge to edge. I mean are current iPhones edge to edge, on the side? What makes this edge to edge? To me it means with out borders, with out a 1mm line around the outside. It means metal to metal display and no black borders at all…

    So I like the phone, just not what people think it is… It’s putting too much credit on punting the ball down the field.

    How about this, call it “Full Front” screen or “Full Face” or let’s get marketing involved.

    “Full Pane Display” It can have borders, but its more than before.

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