Back to the iPhone future: Lessons from a decade of Apple influence in medicine

Beth Mole writes for Ars Technica, “In early 2008 — on the brink of the second generation iPhone’s release — emergency medicine doctor Michael Omori unabashedly gushed over the digital upheaval he saw at the medical community’s fingertips: Swipes on slim devices leafed pages of hefty medical books too cumbersome to tote on rounds. Thumb taps quickly summoned archived data into emergency rooms. And light pecks conjured 3D anatomy guides and pill identification tools at the bedside.”

“In a breathless letter to his colleagues in the Journal of Emergencies, Trauma and Shock, Omori scrolled through all this potential,” Mole writes. “The letter ended succinctly: ‘The future is now! Join the iPhone revolution.'”

“Ten years into that future, the revolution is still going strong, Omori tells Ars. In their decade of sinking into white coat pockets, iPhones have become embedded in medical education and practices,” Mole writes. “Doug Fridsma, president and CEO of the American Medical Informatics Association… sees the next phase of the iPhone revolution as being in the hands of patents. ‘The phone I think has now become not just an extension of the doctor but an extension of the patient,’ he told Ars. He likens the shift to that of automobiles — horseless vehicles — at the turn of the twentieth century.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A true revolutionary:

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