“Apple goes to extreme lengths to keep its products shrouded in mystery until their release, as we learned earlier this week. But the leaks continue to trickle out,” Brett Williams writes for Mashable.

“Case in point: the upcoming iPhone 8, which has been the subject of a massive parade of rumors as everyone speculates on what’s coming next with the anniversary version of Apple’s flagship,” Williams writes. “UK e-retailer MobileFun sent us some images of their newest iPhone 8 cases, which they claim will be a perfect fit for the finalized design of the device.”

“The Olixar cases show off a version of the upcoming flagship that’s become familiar to those of us riding the iPhone 8 hype-train,” Williams writes. “There’s a nearly bezel-free edge-to-edge display on the front with no physical home button, and a new vertically oriented dual lens camera on the back.”

Olixar's purported "iPhone 8" case

Olixar’s purported “iPhone 8” case

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MacDailyNews Take: What we have here is an iPhone case-maker’s rendering based on dummy unit mockups (which are based on rumors and/or pilfered parts smuggled out of iPhone assemblers’ factories). Also, we doubt that Apple would execute the display in such a way as to draw attention to a black cutout containing the FaceTime camera, earpiece, etc. More likely, the thin top of the display on either side would remain off limits to anything but the deepest OLED black into which such a cutout would simply disappear. Also, why would Apple cram battery, carrier, Wi-Fi, signal strength into that area as it only works in portrait mode. What happens to those areas on either side of that cutout when the iPhone is in landscape mode?